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The Asshole
The Personality Trap
Published 05/24/16 by Archwinger [0 Comments]

The modern blue-pill world wants men to judge women using the same standards by which they judge other men. In short, disregard a woman’s age or appearance, unless she is unusually beautiful or grotesque. Act as though appearance is absolutely no factor for the middle 80% of women. Then, focus entirely on her intellect, her personality, and her accomplishments.

Except for her past sexual “accomplishments” which don’t count, and should not be considered at all. I guess people realize that a history of sluttiness doesn’t really count as an accomplishment for women. Though, they’ll phrase that a little differently by telling you something about equality and sex-positive debauchery being important. But the truth is that fucking guys is pretty damn easy for most girls. So easy, that women take great pains not to bore you by talking about their sexual history. You know, because it’s so boring and unimportant. Out of consideration for you, they don’t mention it. Wouldn’t want to bore you to death with a horrendously boring topic like sex. Are men even interested in that?

Essentially, the modern rules state that men are supposed to disregard the three most important factors of all when gauging whether a woman is relationship material: age, beauty, and sexual history. It’s not that other characteristics are completely unimportant. They make a woman better. But you can’t make lemonade when you have pristine sugar, fresh spring water, and all of your lemons are bloated, wrinkled, rotten, and covered with semen.

But men are supposed to hold their nose and drink the rotten sperm lemonade anyway, then comment how lucky they are to have Evian water in their lemonade instead of the store brand. Because Evian is really classy and spent a summer in France… but she was considerate enough not to bore us with stories about all of the boring stuff she did there.

Is a woman with a kick-ass, pleasant, fun personality better than a bitchy or boring woman? Hell yes. Is a smart woman who can ace college calculus better than a woman who has to move her lips when reading 50 Shades of Gray? You bet. Is a woman who cures cancer better than a woman who can’t cure her own yeast infection? Definitely.

But let me let you guys in on an unpopular secret: Women aren’t actually stupid. In fact, they’re pretty smart, at least as far as their self-interest is concerned.

Women are very, very skilled actresses, and exceptionally accomplished liars. Women know the score. They know what matters to men and what doesn’t. They know what to say and what to do based on what kind of man they’re dealing with. And they know what to say and what to do to figure out what kind of man they’re dealing with.

In fact, the paragraph just above this sentence is pretty much why The Red Pill exists.

Women want men to judge them based on their personality – whether there’s a “spark” or a sense of “chemistry” there – because this is precisely how women hide the ball. A woman’s personality is not who she is. In fact, it's the opposite. A woman's personality is her greatest tool for hiding who she really is. And she is very, very good at it.

I think every guy knew at least one: the cute, virginal, nerdy, girl-next-door that you were friends with back in the day. Maybe you liked her for something more that didn’t pan out, maybe you thought she was out of your league, maybe you didn’t want to ruin her because she didn’t seem like she was into guys or dating or sex. Whatever. But fast forward a few months, maybe a year, and you find out that she’s made her rounds. That she’s “dated” (e.g., blown) half the football team, or that she has a soft spot (e.g., her vagina) for guys who play guitar in local bands, or that she casually fucks most of the guys in her friend circle – all while maintaining the carefully constructed, cute, virginal, nerdy, good-girl persona she presents to the world.

You can’t trust the way a woman seems, because women know the score, and they know what you want to hear. Women aren't people. They're person-like. They're a collection of masks, costumes, songs, dances, and roles. Is there a real person inside of there, somewhere? Maybe. But is that real person actually who she is when she's around you? Maybe not. She casts off that role so easily as soon as she's around somebody different.

A woman’s age will tell you whether she was able to lock down and keep a man, and whether she’s the type of woman who had the discipline and inclination to do so.

A woman’s looks will tell you whether she has the discipline to eat right, work out, groom, and maintain herself.

A woman’s sexual history tells you all about her impulse control, and how she regards men, love, sex, and relationships.

So you're supposed to be a good boy and ignore all of that. You're suppose to focus entirely on a woman’s personality. Because that’s how she hides who she really is.

Whether you feel chemistry, she majored in chemistry, or she won the Nobel prize in chemistry, the real issue is whether she’s hot and how big of a slut-past she must be hiding by babbling on and on about her accomplishments.

Don’t fall into the personality trap. Trap her instead. You want her to be on her best behavior with you, putting on her best mask and her prettiest costume, singing and dancing exactly the song and dance you want to hear, pretending everything you want her to pretend. All while you dangle the carrot just out of her reach, because you know who she really is. Let her think she’s fooling you. Let her think she’s just about to win. Let her think she’s tricked you into believing she’s not a lying slut…while you use her like the slut she is.

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