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The Asshole
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If you want to get laid, become a toxic man
Published 06/24/16 by Archwinger [1 Comments]

One of the big talking points of anti-male movements is the idea of “toxic masculinity”. Essentially, this concept is an argument against gender-roles. Specifically, masculine gender roles. The idea goes that society fosters this outdated, useless, ineffective, and impossible standard of manhood – something kind of like Rambo or John Wayne – which damages both men and women.

It damages women because men who are trying to be muscular, macho, aggressive, angry, manly men are, of course, all evil misogynists that treat women badly, beat women, and rape women, because nothing says, “I’m not a loser who can’t get laid” like having to resort to rape to get laid.

It damages men because 99.9999 percent of men aren’t perfect, will never look like Greek gods, will never get laid by every single girl every single time, and so on. And for some reason, this depresses men because men are told that if they aren’t eating 5,000 pounds of steroids and getting laid six times a day, they’re worthless losers. So a bunch of men are killing themselves, suffering from mental illness, and failing at life, and the reason is because they’re being held to standards that shouldn’t exist. They need to be absolved from any kind of standard and just be allowed to be!

I mean, I know that when a man isn’t getting laid, the only reason he feels bad about that is because society tells him that "real men" get laid. If nobody told him that men are supposed to want to have sex, he probably wouldn’t even miss it, right? He could easily replace that pesky desire to get laid if it were more acceptable to physically cuddle other men. That’s what men are really missing. Emotional connections and casual non-sexual touch with dudes!

I shit you not. This is something liberal crackpots actually think.

They call it the progressive movement, but honestly, we live in the age of regressive, backward-thinking. Many men are sexless and unhappy. Society has changed such that the ways to get laid that worked in the past don’t work now. The forward thinking solution would be, “We need to teach men how to get laid.” The backward thinking solution is, “Men are told that they are only ‘real men’ if they are getting laid. We need to tell them that they are still ‘real men’ in the absence of getting laid.” – essentially, regress. Tell men who are living under the old rulebook, to their detriment, to keep doing so, even though the world has moved on without them. Don’t fix the problem. Change the definition of “man” so that there is no problem.

Shit on the sidewalk, draw a circle around your turds, and label the circle “toilet”. If someone steps in your shit, tell them that you’re offended because that sidewalk identifies as a toilet. Changing definitions rules. That’s way easier than changing yourself.

Another big talking point out there is sex-positivity. That’s code for “slut-acceptance”. Also, despite its name, sex-positivity is actually a very negative mentality about sex. Sex used to be something very special, done by committed partners to create babies and as one of the ultimate expressions of love. Sex was so special that people who did sex outside of these circumstances were shamed because they were cheapening sex, cheapening love, dishonoring their partners, and so on.

But as we all know, women refraining from having sex with as many hot guys as they can is oppressive, patriarchal slavery. So society needed a “sex-positive” solution to this problem. The “sex-positive” solution was to turn sex from something important into something very trivial and unimportant. Essentially, to reduce sex from something special and intimate into something purely recreational. That way, if people have a lot of slutty sex, it’s not like they did anything important. They were just having fun. It was “just sex”. Yup. “Just sex” sounds very sex-positive to me. Now, women fuck for just about every single reason imaginable. Except love.

We live in the age of feminism, and part of feminism means that women now have free choice and agency regarding sex. Women also now have jobs and don’t need men to support them. When those historical constraints were removed from women, women began to exercise that sexual choice, and the results were unsurprising. Women want to fuck good-looking, muscular, fun guys, and don’t care that much about commitment (until their opportunities start to dry up). Interestingly, the kinds of men these strong and independent women are fucking tend to be the “toxic” kinds of men that are so discouraged.

The former preferred female gender role espoused the idea that “real women” (e.g., women that men want to marry) don’t slut around. This, of course, couldn’t stand, because, as described above, holding any gender to any kind of standard is “toxic”.

So women are slutting around, and despite all of the fun they’re having, they feel kind of bad about themselves and have shitty self-esteem. The forward-thinking solution would be, “We need to teach women to stop being sluts and to derive self-esteem from other areas of life.” But we don’t live in a forward thinking society. We live in the backward-thinking progressive society, so we need a regressive solution: “We need to teach society to stop shaming evolved, intelligent women with higher reasoning ability for giving into their instincts and acting like animals whose sole purpose is to breed by telling everybody that turning yourself into a fuck-object is empowering!” Change the female gender role so that fuck-animals who give into their hedonistic instincts are the enlightened ones while conservative girls who honor their bodies are dim-witted, oppressed slaves.

Then, tell men to stop being the kind of men these women are fucking, because it’s “toxic” for men to want sex and to behave in a manner that causes women to have sex with them. But it's also “toxic” to shame women for fucking these very men.

It’s not just women that are shit-testing you. It’s all of Western society. Your one goal in life should be to become as “toxic” as possible. Whatever your liberal friends tell you is sexist, outdated, and damaging – do precisely that. Grow big-ass muscles. Be a badass at work and get rich as hell. Fuck, be greedy. Walk up to strangers and be social – to hell with worrying about boundaries and offending people. Touch women until they stop you. If they don’t stop you, fuck them. Then don’t call the next day because you’re busy doing man shit. Everything they tell you doesn’t apply to a “real man” any more – do exactly that. Become a toxic man.

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Comment by GayLubeOil on 06/26/16 07:51am

What's interesting about the phrase: Toxic Masculinity is that no analogous for females. Men can be bad for being men but women can't be bad for being women. Just pointing this out is enough to allow most people to see feminist bullshit for what it is.