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Take ownership of your women
Published 07/15/16 by Archwinger [3 Comments]

If you want to have sex with women, you have to make sex appealing to them. Because women have a lot of choices and only so much time and energy they can give to you.

Like all humans, every woman you encounter only has 24 hours in the day to spend, and only a certain amount of physical and emotional energy to devote to any particular task. For example, you wouldn’t expect a high-powered career woman to have much time to be a good mother, keep a good house, fuck her husband six times a day, or even be emotionally available to her husband for more than a few token minutes each night. You wouldn’t expect a single mother, whose first obligation is to her child(ren), to have nearly as much time and energy to devote to being a good partner as a woman who isn’t similarly burdened.

We all have our jobs, our families, our friends, our obligations, our hobbies – shit to do. And the more shit we have to do, the less time and energy we have for other shit.

This means that if you want a woman who is one hundred percent devoted to the satisfaction of your dick, you need a woman who doesn’t have any other shit to do. Obviously, this theoretical ideal doesn’t exist in the real world, but the general principle applies: The more you lean on your woman in other capacities (and the more you let her run amuck inventing other work for herself), the worse job she will do at being your woman.

If you try to be friends with your woman, that’s just less time she’ll have to be a good woman. Many married men and guys in committed relationships start to spend all of their time with their women. They lose touch with their friends. Often, their women actually insist on this, and the guys buckle, give up their friends, give up their hobbies, give up their outings, give up their alone time, and start spending every waking moment doting on their women. This is a huge mistake. Having guy friends and independent shit to do is critically important. I know that men are often touted as stoic, emotionless, angry assholes who never get lonely, but that’s bullshit. Humans are social creatures, and if you don’t have any friends, you’re going to start talking to your wife or girlfriend about what’s going on in your life and how you feel about those things. It’s only natural.

If you don’t have friends and independent interests, you’re going to start using your woman as a friend and primary social outlet, and that’s emotionally draining for her. The more you lean on her as a friend, the less time and emotional energy she’s going to have to be your woman. Your woman’s job is to be a repository for your dick, not your words and feelings. Women don’t want to be the dumping ground where you moan about your day, your troubles, and your worries. That’s what your friends are for. Or your dog. The more you use her as your friend, the less you can use her for fucking.

Many men are shitty leaders. They don’t take ownership of their shit and get their lives, and the lives of their women (and children if applicable), in order. They often use their women as secretaries and social planners. Once a relationship is in place, guys get lazy, and the women start planning the events and outings, deciding who to hang out with, what needs to be taken care of around the house or apartment, and so on. It’s become a bit of a trope for women to assign their men a honey do list, because their men are lazy, disorganized chumps who don’t take care of anything unless nagged into it. Most guys just don’t have any pride or initiative any more.

When your woman is your secretary, your social planner, your employee, or maybe even your boss, she’s too busy managing shit and keeping track of shit and taking care of shit to do a good job being your woman. If you take care of that shit instead, your woman can focus on being your woman and taking care of your dick. Women are limited. They can’t handle the stress of two roles in a day.

If you’re constantly gushing your feelings and pouring your heart out to your woman, you’re making yourself a very unfair burden. It’s your job to attend to your feelings and your happiness, not hers. Making yourself happy is your own job. If she has to tend to your feelings and make you feel better when you’re down, like a little child, then she’s your mommy. And there just isn’t enough time and energy in the world for her to be both your mommy and your woman. Her job is to tend to your dick, not your feelings.

The more you try to use women for anything other than sex, the less sex you’re going to have, and the shittier the sex will be. A woman can only relax and become truly passionate when she feels safe. Yes, that’s something a feminist would say. I know. But to an extent, it’s true. However, we at The Red Pill know what actually makes a girl feel safe, and it’s not flowers, expensive restaurants, and obtaining written permission before pecking her on the cheek. A woman feels safe when she feels owned. Led. Like she doesn’t have to worry about anything because her man has all of life’s shit under control, and the tools to handle any unexpected shit that comes his way.

She doesn’t have to be his friend – he has plenty. She doesn’t have to tend to his feelings – he knows what he wants and makes himself happy, and even brings her along sometimes. She doesn’t have to manage his life – he manages hers. A woman feels safe when she’s well-led.

It’s important to note that leadership goes beyond basic self-improvement and being a badass. You have to actually lead her. If you have the greatest and happiest life imaginable and don’t need her for anything but sex, yet you don’t lead her, she’s just going to invent a bunch of bullshit to keep herself busy, and convince herself that it’s important. That’s how badass guys somehow end up with stupid bitches who can’t put their cell phones down for two seconds, own ugly dogs that they treat like people, get drunk with their slutty friends every weekend, and work suspiciously late hours at their part time office jobs. If you don’t control your woman, she runs around doing stupid shit to feel important.

When dealing with shitty men, women are bitchy. They set boundaries and impose rules and requirements prior to sex. They find other things to do with their lives and prioritize those other things over their men.

When dealing with awesome men, women practically beg to be owned like property. They just use whatever modern egalitarian words correspond to that concept, and pretend it’s just a sexual kink, because actually admitting that you prefer being a slave to an awesome man is sacrilege in the modern world.

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Comment by Lipglossaddict on 04/08/17 07:44pm

So recognizable, I've been the mommy , the best friend , the problem solver, the planner, had to take on the man role and yes my inner bitch came out with a passion. The bedroom stuff left with a passion. I agree with the theory that a man has to create a safe environment for his woman. So she will let go of her control issues . Less to worry about and more respecting her man and wanting to please him in the bedroom 24/7. Finally I found my strong minded man. He can handle anything . My strong mind my strong will . he has a daddy patience and a mind and character I can't overpower. That makes a guy sexy as F! That there will get him all the sex/ love making he wants and need . :))

Comment by Exelmans1958 on 02/19/17 08:24pm

Excellent read.

Comment by Animalape on 08/24/16 09:25pm