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My own Red Pill Enlightenment feels incomplete without helping others along the path
Tale of two brothers: firsthand proof that Red Pill ideas work and Tradcons are peddling a costly lie.
Published 10/24/19 by MentORPHEUS [0 Comments]

These two brothers came of age during the early 80s, in an intact nuclear family complete with a stay at home Mom. However, their cohorts (thus dating pool) were the first wave of children of no-fault divorce.

Younger brother was somewhat of a natural; a bit cocky and funny, outgoing and popular. In high school it was common to open the front door and find a giggling girl or two hoping to meet him. Older brother was skinny, shy, bookish, and introverted. Never attended a dance, or even had a date till he could drive and met a girl from a distant school.

Younger brother had a couple of long term GFs in his 20s, and finally settled down and married a "decent" one and had kids and a corporate job. Older brother struggled with loneliness in his early 20s before hitting a stride in the sexual marketplace. Was a serial monogamist, till reaching a point of frustration with relationships and developing the skills to shorten the time between them. Eventually this time passed zero and he learned to spin multiple plates well before the PUAs invented the name.

Friends and family considered (with varying levels of discreetness) older brother to be unfortunate- never marrying, bringing different girls to family events over the years. Younger brother was considered the successful family man, looked up to by extended family. Their Father considered his daughter-in-law the most wonderful person for his son.

When they reached their 50s, older brother was still unmarried and childless; some considered his life less-than or an outright failure. None of these critics thought to delve into his opinion of his situation. He live the life he wanted, full of risk taking and adventure, starting a business, exploring remote places, off roading, experienced a variety of women and had his choice of several to be with when he wanted.

Younger brother... literally the afternoon his youngest child sat for their final exams for high school, his wife declared she was unhappy with him, HE needed to move out of their house while she stayed and continued hanging around with her special friend that she totally wasn't having an affair with. (Couldn't even wait a matter of days for the graduation ceremony.) The onetime "natural" younger brother was devastated, actually moved into a costly hotel room alone, had no idea what happened, what to do, or how to fix it, and doubled down on every Blue Pill remedy from appeasement to couples counseling. (To the counselor's credit, they said the wife was out of line in this situation.) Some months later, he thinks things are on the mend; they are spending time together and not fighting, but older brother knows better (affirmed when SIL dropped niece off at curb down the block and drove away sight unseen when she was picking up her car after some work.)

The brother who struggled with women in his youth learned their nature through a variety of firsthand experiences. When the Red Pill came along, he found it explained his own and family's experiences perfectly, and more importantly, offered RELIABLE PREDICTIVE POWER about how women and society would behave and perform in various circumstances.

The brother who enjoyed natural success from a young age chose the monogamy/family route. He followed the Blue Pill Tradcon script, only to be blindsided and see over 20 years of life crumpled up and tossed out at his wife's caprice.

The reason I choose now to write this basic Red Pill post is a recent influx of TRP critics and detractors. Like the Blue Pill folks that affirmed the younger brother's life, they pitch a dead Tradcon ideal, using mostly moralfagging as justification, while unironically dismissing the perspectives of seasoned men in the community from their late 20s/early 30s life experience base.

The older brother in this story doesn't engage the Red Pill community because of a cult of personalities, or brainwashing, or clinging to an untested ideology. He remains involved because its ideas and concepts have been PROVEN correct, time and time again, even when he disbelieved or wished women and society weren't the way they are.

His advice to anyone on the fence or doubting TRP's relevance and efficacy: Don't accept these (or any other ideas) uncritically; go out and TEST THEM in the real world, against competing theories and established institutions.

Something the ones using descriptors like "brainwashed" and "cult" fundamentally misunderstand about this place: Other Red Pill men have already done this work, made our own observations, learned lessons the hard way to get where we are. We don't rely on the affirmations of third parties to believe in our firsthand experiences. Anyone who follows another uncritically has completely missed the point.

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