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Yams Everyday
In Opposition to the Golden Rule/ Standing up
Published 01/06/19 by yamseveryday [1 Comments]

Do you remember your parents telling you, “treat others how you want to be treated”. This was supposed to be the Golden Rule. While it seems like a nice maxim, it’s generally not the case. This is something we were told by people who had no idea what the fuck they were talking about. Unfortunately, it carries over in even our most basic interactions. This is detrimental to beta husbands that treat their screaming wives “nicely” in hopes she’ll be nice and civil in return. They then tell their kids this is the path to be followed and the cycle repeats.

This is an aspect of the slave morality that Nietzsche discusses, given to us by our judo-christian background. They negated the values of their masters, and in turn, made being meek, humble, universally and unwaveringly kind, and able to endure suffering without protest all positive qualities. On the other hand, pride was a deadly sin, anger was nearly never justified, and those who used power were evil. The reward for your virtue would not come in this life, where things suck, but in the next life or the true world of eternal light and infinity, unlike our short finite existence.

Well, I don’t really know too much about the next world, but one can’t possibly be as sure about it as I am about this world. I am going to try to make things better here. I don’t want to follow rules they were created out of negation. I want to follow a moral code this is not imposed, but created. This is what the community is all about, rejecting the old values imposed on you and learning to discover something new and individual.

But I would be remiss to say the maxim holds no merit. Maybe the lesson here is to stop wanting to be treated so nicely. If you can free yourself from the need to always be treated nicely, you may not feel need to be overly nice to others. If you don’t need to be validated, you’ll no longer be giving validation to get validation.

You can free yourself to receive the things that will help you grow. If you want the harsh truth, you’ll give others the harsh truth. A system that may be unpleasant. If you want to be free, you won’t trap others. These are things that some men may just be unable to do.

And this goes into my latest feelings on manipulated men lately:

If you’re a doormat, you’re going to get stepped on.

I have sympathy for the state of masculinity as a whole, but for any particular man doesn’t need to be a genius to figure out that being a push over doesn't get you anywhere. Some men just do it because it is easier. Submitting to the yelling of your partner is easier than fighting. Fighting means the chance of going without companionship. This companionship is absolutely necessary because the woman is his captain and female-kind is his god. Standing up means the possibility of being alone, having to reconstruct yourself, going without sex, and not being able to rely on someone for emotional support.

The only cure for this is to stand up, grab your balls, and become tired of the abuse. In an era where men have limited resources to connect with their masculine strength, this may not be an easy task. At some point you will have to tell yourself, I am no longer going to placate to women, I am no longer going to be hung up on people's judgments, I am no longer going to fear people’s reactions of my actions, I am no longer going to be a doormat, and I am just going to live for me.

This means you can be free and independent. This gives you that genuine I don’t give a fuck attitude. It allows you to walk away from a date, not necessarily because you have other options but because you’re done being a placating doormat. You would rather be alone than with a girl who doesn't act right, and you would rather work for yourself (and maybe fail) than be under a boss that doesn't respect you. If a date is on a bad day for you, you say no. If your parents ask for an important favor that is inconvenient, you say no. If people and society try to impose their values on you, you say no.

Nietzsche, in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, says that we should undergo three metamorphoses. The spirit becomes a camel, then becomes a lion, then a child.

The camel is where all we do is carry loads, it is our job and our design. We carry the responsibility of one day providing for a wife and kids. We carry the burden of society’s expectations of us, go to school, go into debt, get a good job so you can start providing. Dress nice and say pleasant things to women so you’ll be a “good catch”. Make sure you’re dating and have a girlfriend. We carry, and enjoy, the morals and values imposed on us by others, whether it be religion, society, culture, parents, or friends.

We then turn into the lion. The lion is a nihilist. He says no to all the values that used to be imposed on him. He discovers the red pill and learns to reject the way society taught him women and relationships. He rejects the values of his religion and his schooling. He wants to be independent and free and say no to everything he once carried. The lion slays the dragon where every scale says “thou shalt” and listens a different expectation of him. Thou shalt get a wife. Thou shalt raise a family and work hard to provide. Thou shalt not get angry or be too prideful. The camel once loved the weight bared by these “thou shalt”s, but the lion is now independent and rejects these things..

Then the lion becomes a child. This is when we can finally say ‘yes’ again. We bring new values into creation. Ones made by us, for us, that allow us to be authentic. Then we are able to be open to the possibilities of the world and look at it with again with new ideas. It is again broad and magical because we have a new prospective that provides us with opportunities and meaning.

To become the child you must first become the lion. Reject the golden rule. Reject the values of others that you are expected to hold. Become strong and independent like the lion and then you will be able to find new meaning.

It's Only a Matter of Time
Published 12/02/18 by yamseveryday [0 Comments]

Patience is a Masculine Virtue

When I look at the situation I’m in now, I’m not exactly where I want to be.

When I compare myself to a year ago, I am amazed how far I’ve come.

When I think of myself two years ago, this is not even a person I recognize.

When I think of myself a year from now, I am excited and optimistic.

When I think of myself two years from now... Well I can't fucking wait.

But I am not naively optimistic, I know that these things take time. My goal is to continue chipping away a day at a time.

It reminds me of a story my old wrestling coach used to tell me about three brick layers. A man walks by and asks each brick layer what they are doing.

The first responds, begrudgingly and condescendingly, “What does it look like? I’m fucking laying bricks.”

The second responds, pragmatically, while looking up at all the space he has to fill, “oh, I’m building a wall.”

The third responds, enthusiastically and excitedly, spreading his hands as if to visualize the immensity, “I’m building a cathedral!”

Everyday you do the right things and the things you are supposed to, you continue building your cathedral. If you look at any particular day, it might feel like you are laying bricks. The brick laying becomes tedious and you won’t see the progress immediately. Only when we keep in mind the bigger picture of what we are doing do we have the strength to continue on day by day with excitement.

It reminds me of rule four from the Book of Pook. Pook says “A man found himself in the company of lovely ladies. Alas, also in company were several men of high esteem. They were more handsome. They had more money. They had more charm. They were better in every way.

But this man knew he had the goods too, if not in such a polished way. ‘I will be patient and let the cards fall where they may.’ Notice that this was NOT inaction or an abrupt slowness. He did not let the lovely ladies’ attention get the best of him nor the success or failures of his competition.”

Pook’s younger self wonders why patience can be confidence, Pook explains that women will come and go but the focus is himself. He is what is infinite, and constantly ascending (maybe not those exact words).

Although this doesn’t exactly line up with what I’m talking about, the sentiment is the same, being able to patiently do the right thing day after day is a fundamental confidence and understanding of what is to come. He is not intimidated by the bravado or success of other men because he knows what lies within himself. He is patient as it blooms further and further out of him.

Without this sense of patience and confidence, it is easy to get caught up in the chase. Any particular girl becomes a chance to prove how far you’ve come. Any particular girl becomes a once in a life time opportunity because you aren’t certain if it will come again. Only when you have the patience to let things fall into place can you let go, feel free to fail and experiment, and not be scared or concerned if things will ever happen for you.

These opportunities only become more abundant with time. What many men forget is that while the value of a woman is INNATE, the value of a man is BUILT. Although women have the opportunity to extend this with various methods of feminine charm and household abilities, like cooking and cleaning, women lose value and expire as time goes on, while men have the opportunity to CONTINUE building their value. They do not have an expiration date because as long as they stay on the path of righteousness, they can continue to go upward. Even more so, as time goes by, more and more men quit, give up, or get complacent because they are tired of laying bricks day after day without seeing results (assuming they even started consciously laying bricks in the first place). These men look for an opportunity to check out and quit working on themselves for a life of comfort. This gives an even greater advantage to the men that understand the truly timeless immensity of what they are doing by pursuing excellence and becoming the best versions of themselves. While others check out, they only go harder.

No matter what they are reading, most men usually at least progress LINEARLY in the first half of their life. They get an education, a steady job, a promotion, and this is where Rollo says the comparative SMV (sexual market values) of men cross with those of women around 30 (the typical age of marriage. Because men are on the ascent, accumulating experience and wealth, women are on the descendent, with their looks starting to fade. Most men think their ticket has come in when women start becoming more interested and jump on this right away with a ring and a piece of paper giving away half of their shit and their future kids.

On the other hand, men like us increase EXPONENTIALLY. This is because we know what we know and what we have to work on, even if this isn't integrated into our abilities yet. We are not wondering aimless through the jungle day after day but instead have a machete, map, and a compass. We go to various places to read up on how to explore and forage and we master our skills and eventually our environments.

Take the most handsome and charismatic natural, without this information he is still worse off because he does not know what he doesn’t know. He is getting battered down by the feminine conditioning of society day by day and does not have the voice that tells him to keep harness on his masculinity energy. I would rather be in the position of a newbie looking at their first red pill subreddit post.

And so, I am happy to lay bricks because I have the bigger picture in mind. I remind myself of just how far I’ve come and with how exponentially fast I am growing I am excited for what’s to come in not only a year, but in a week or a month. Because everyday is an opportunity where I learn something new and become a slightly better man. And for that I look at my goals and say “It’s only a matter of time.”

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