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@AndrewTatesPancreas Yes it is. I know it's not a big deal but because of my anxiety / depression certain things really piss me off and get me down and this is one of them. I keep thinking over and over again what I could have done differently and wonder why I was so stupid. You're right 90% of guys would never even approach so I need to give myself credit for that and even if I had done things better there is no guarantee I would have got a good outcome but this will be stuck in my mind for a while nothing I can do about that.

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@AndrewTatesPancreas I'm still furious at myself for screwing up so badly I think it was partly self sabotage my life is so busy I didn't deal with it correctly.

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@AndrewTatesPancreas I had no choice lol I know Asia gives us a huge advantage due to supply and demand / status I guess. That's why my friend gives bad advise he is in asia so he can do dumb shit and get away with it like for example saying to a girl "what would you do if I kissed you" and "can I kiss you"

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@AndrewTatesPancreas I'm English was living in Asia for 2 years.

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@carnold03 So you're saying that waiting a week wasn't the mistake but my responce to her message was a mistake? Yes I did feel I bit weird sending it I guess I took some bad advise.

Yes you guessed right she lives in England. Dating is 1000x easier in Asia. Maybe Asian women aren't so entitled and spoilt for choice or something?

I wish I had come here for advise right off the bat then I could have resolved things.

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Did I screw up by waiting a week to contact this girl?

Met a girl in a supermarket. Wasn't super confident but got her number.

I didn't message her for a week because I was busy and I didn't want to message too soon.

I messaged this:


It's we met in last week how are you? She replied Took you a week to type this text? I then called her shortly after and she didn't answer. I then sent this:- Yeah, sorry, I've been researching the internet to find the perfect words that would totally sweep you off your feet. I made several versions, polled my peers, contacted a few professionals, and when I sent it I fucked up and sent it to the wrong person. Good news is, I found the right person and decided to just reach out normally. The bad news is, I have a date with Steve, my mechanic, on Tuesday. He's not my type, but I guess he does have a nice tooth. All joking aside I've been very busy and didn't want to reach out to until I actually had time to really connect.

Give me a call when you're free and we'll discuss our upcoming date.


Was this whole thing a screw up on my part or is she simply not interested and there is no fault with my approach? People on reddit said I must always message the same day or next day otherwise the spark is gone and they aren't interested.


It reads like you're dealing with an Anglo-bitch. The only mistake you made was treating the txt like you were engaging in some sort of formal business communication.

Consider investing into a reliable ready reference you can pick up and study to better prepare yourself for engaging the opposite sex. I'd suggest that you get yourself a copy of Doc Love's "The System: The Dating Dictionary". Doc Love, who until his passing was also known as Tom Hodges, wrote a weekly advice column that's archive is mirrored on several mens focused sites and a podcast. His media is a bit pricey, but it's a solid foundation a guy can branch out from in RP aware circles. I'd suggest you review his advice column to decide if his view on dating and relationships is aligned with what you aspire for yourself. To save yourself a search, give this scribed link a gander to find out if his book is something you'd like to add to your library.

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