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@johnjim424 43-year-old with a useless-ass bachelor's degree here, who got into the skilled trades in my late 30s.

I strongly second what @oddReference32 said.

Caveat: if you know what you want to do career-wise, and it takes a degree (usually something in STEM), college can be worth it, especially if you get scholarships (athletics or academic or whatever).

I also second what @Problematic_Browser said. Learn to be concise and direct, rather than just vomiting words. That was a bit difficult to follow, and had a lot of info that was irrelevant to the decision you have to make.


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@johnjim424 to be honest I'm in my late 40s. College is a complete scam. If I were you, I would start deciding if I were interested in hvac, plumbing, welding, or electrical work right now.

If you start working right now and one of those fields, in 4 years you'll have earned money and you'll have a skill that will make you bank for the rest of your life.

If you go to college, you're going to be saddled with debt after 4 years. For your sake, please don't buy into the college scam.

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@johnjim424 I have to tell you... This stream of consciousness isn't going to make us want to read it.

We want to help, that's what this space is for - but you have got to learn to express your ideas in a way that makes them able to be understood.



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Lost Teenager

For background, I have recently turned 18 and I am a junior in high school. Also, my parents are getting divorced currently. Ok, so I have played football since I was 6. My dad had me specialize in it and become a quarterback. We've traveled all over the united states to train with the best coaches since i was a little kid. I never really enjoyed it until I turned 14. before 14, i loved legos or video games. I was never really good until around 12 where I made the local all star team for the national middle school all star league tournament. However, I served as the backup quarterback. I also played for the second best team in the state the following year. But i was behind now 2 highly touted recruits. I just stuck it out until high school assuming it would get better. It didn't at all. My freshman year my coach took all my good players on my freshman team and gave me nothing. We didn't win any of our five games. I did make varsity though which was pretty cool. The following year the schools qb graduated so I was competing with a kid who's mom was head of the booster club. I thought i had a shot but I was given less and lower quality reps since day 1. I couldn't take it after many meetings with my coach. I told him that I would be transferring. I transferred to a new school where I was the back up QB behind a senior who ended up getting injured, and I played the rest of the season. However, the coach at that school hated my guts and would call me an idiot and a loser in front of my whole team and say how stupid I was. I was so hurt so I decided to transfer again to a big-time school because I felt like that I had a talent and they said how bad they needed a quarterback. Turns out, they just wanted my money for tuition and the schools quarterback coach hustled me outside of school for overprice training lessons that were terrible and taught me everything wrong. I decided to transfer again. I met with the coach and he said how much he needed a quarterback. The school ended up paying for half my tuition and I decided to go. I throw better than the other kid but the Coach refuses to make me the starter. The other kid had to get hurt for me to play. I played so much better and all the parents were pissed i wasn't the starter. It didn't matter though. I ended up having to sit out 2 games for an injury i was playing through and our third string freshman QB who's mom works for the school and has donated over $1 million to the program got to play. He ended up performing terribly but every time I make a small mistake after I came back from my injury he would use the kid to try to manipulate me and throw me on the bench for the smallest things. He'd also insult me in front of my whole team during practices. I kissed his ass and always asked him what I can do better. He could never give me an answer. To fast forward. I have joined rugby and have been kicking ass. I also have an awesome GF from school that brings so much to my life. However optional football qb/wr training started back up, and dread it so much. I hate being there and my Coach is teaching us how to throw the ball the wrong way based on YouTube videos he found on the Internet. The joy has been really sucked out for me and unless I get a scholarship for D1 I don't think I want to continue this into community college. But the scares me as I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life. I'm not sure if I should get a blue-collar construction job, try to go get a job on wall street, earn his trust and run my dad's company, or keep this football thing going. I don't even know if I want to go to college or even go to college in America. I kind of have been thinking about going to college in Europe. I'm just so lost and so confused and I'm 18 now and I'm scared to grow up and I can't see the light at the end of tunnel. But I love (besides football) everything that's going on in my life right now. Please let me know if you have any advice for me.

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@Lone_Ranger well to answer your question, yes, there were correct to dash. Smh women always sabotage relationships if they manage to get one, or try to hook a man out of her league through sex.

They stir some shit in hopes that you would dump them and keep your chadness, so they can continue to respect you.

For them (i think) allowing Brad access to their bodies is worse than being pumped and dumped by Chad.

Chad (in her little "insecure" mind) is supposed to dump her sorry ass. If he doesn't, then maybe he's not really Chad, let's shit-test him.

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@Lionsmane8 so right. The question that they never ask is: "Were all of those guys that smashed and dashed CORRECT in dashing? Were they right to hit and quit?" It's just so odd that doubt never seems to enter their minds.

To make it even more strange - after 15 years of guys hitting and quitting, what they decide is that they they want to find a guy that will not leave them. And to get this, they often decide 'right, no more smashing on the first date...that is what will get the men to stay'. I find this incredible. We only wanted the first bit of the equation (the smash) but not the staying around. Now they seem to think we want the second, less desirable bit (the staying around) without the smash.

Wtf are they thinking?



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Making me look at this subreddit is just cruel.

I didn't make you do anything! You chose to look!

You spending your time on these subreddits is being cruel to yourself

I haven't looked at anything on reddit in quite some time, unless someone directly linked to it here.



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@Typo-MAGAshiv You know typo, I remember this tard here who made me look up this fugly porn star to understand his post… you are way worse!

Making me look at this subreddit is just cruel. You spending your time on these subreddits is being cruel to yourself. I just wanted you to know.

  • someone who cares about you
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@Problematic_Browser depends on the calibre of men you are chatting up.


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@Lone_Ranger sigh, she's shifting blame calling men that dumped her trash. In any case they can't help it, it's instinct. Let Chad in and reject Brad.

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