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The Y I hit today has Freemotion Cable machines instead your standard machines for late pull down, cable rows.

First experience with them so I'm sure there's a form issue trying to mimic what I'm use to.

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Current routine is a 5 day schedule:





HIIT on a bike and deep stretching

PPL are all on machines, compound movements for the first month, maybe give it another 2 weeks as I get back into a routine.

Once base strength levels are back up, I'll lower the loads, then swap over to free weights.

I cut all accessories like face pulls, curls, lue raises, calf raises as I wanted my actual working time around 35-40 minutes.

Accessory day is where I place these now, not necessarily for growth in smaller muscle groups but because I could feel a physical difference in my body skipping out on some of those. Just tight spots I know are hit by them.

Since not seriously lifting for 18 months prior, I've had a lot of lower body issues. Going from 315 for working sets on deadlift to not being able to pull 135 without pain. I've added a lot of the lower body machines for static holds on light weights, glute kick backs, hip abductors and adductors, leg extensions and curls. Single leg into two if applicable.

I actually deadlift on this day for a few sets at 65 to focus on form and check for hot spots.

HIIT is done in about 25 minutes. 5 minute warm up with 30 second sprints followed by 2 minutes of rest and a 5 minutes cool down at the end.

I can't stress this enough for the guys who haven't learned yet, but ever day I'm running through 10-30 minutes of stretching starting with dynamic then transitioning into static at the end.

Part of EDS is hyper mobility so my stretching has always been deep but I've been focusing more on keeping a tight core while take full, deep breaths. Learning to do this properly has helped in my lifts as well. Definitely feel core activation more, since I've incorporated breathing technique in my stretching routines.

After stretching I spend 10-30 minutes popping from the hot tub to the steam room or sauna. If my schedule only allows one it's always the hot tub.

Sitting in it for 10 minutes after a long day of digging ditches does more for my body's aches and pains the next day, than stretching, sauna and steam room combined.

My working time was cut down to make the gym fit into my schedule better, even when life gets hectic. I start with pull as it has some effects on the lower back and gives me a day in-between to recover before legs. Stretching helps keep me nimble.

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m.youtube.com/watch?v=9F52Ax3176w. @lurkerhasarisen. Some motivation for you, Lurker. This little guy, in the 132 class, squatted 603, and also bench pressed 320 and pulled low 500s if my memory is correct. No drugs. Ph.D psychologist who extensively used self hypnosis to overcome mental barriers. He was 46 when he hit this squat.

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He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.

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@lurkerhasarisen I don't care a bit. I figure they voted for this insanity, let them deal with it. I've also never liked girls being on boys' teams, even at young ages. Boys need to learn how to bond with other males and those who aren't good athletes should be encouraged to improve and learn to accept that everyone is not equal when it comes to things like athletic talent, not be embarrassed by girls and put off of sports entirely. Until girls being on boys' teams is banned, I'm fine with biological males in women's sports.

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Planet Fatness


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@MentORPHEUS Planet Fitness doesn't have squat racks and they ban deadlifts

Fuck them

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Given how difficult it is to cancel a Planet Fatness membership, that woman found a way to hack the system.

I’m pretty ambivalent about the whole thing myself: women go into men’s locker rooms all the time and nobody seems to think it’s a problem. A pretty high-end gym I used to go to let this happen, even after I went to management about it on two separate occasions, and that was before everyone was expected to pretend that trannies were literally members of the opposite sex.

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Planet Fitness is the latest corporation to find their dick in the meat grinder of supporting trans rights over common sense. The problem began earlier this month when a woman in Alaska confronted a male shaving his face in the women's bathroom. Employees refused to do anything, and the company canceled her membership over her taking a photo of the (fully clothed) male in the women's room. She X'd about it, got over 10 million views after the post went viral along with the hashtag #boycottplanetfitness, and the company's stock market cap plummeted $400 million in 5 days in the aftermath.

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breakingmuscle.com/strongman-profile-bob-peoples-schools-us-on-the-deadlift/. Here's an outstanding deadlifter most have never heard of. Bob Peoples, Tennessee farmer, born in 1910. At 40, he deadlifted 725 at 181 bodyweight, which stood as a world record for quite some time. Trained alone, and used an odd technique that likely wouldn't be effective for many people. It'd be interesting to see what he could have done had he trained in an environment with other top lifters to push him.

Strongman Profile: Bob Peoples Schools Us on the Deadlift - Breaking Muscle
Bob Peoples deadlifted 725lbs at 181lbs bodyweight and at the age of forty. This was back in the 1949, on his farm, with limited training equipment, and before the deadlift became popular. Although people have pulled more than him today, he is certainly one of the greatest of all time. The interesting thing about Peoples is that his... | Breaking Muscle
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