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Flannel is awesome.

No... tartan is awesome. Flannel is the ghetto version of tartan.

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Booger-pickers on the bang-switches?... obviously not me.

I don't know, man, memory is the second thing to go, and gun safety falls under memory.

I only wear glasses to read

I have to start :( I'm officially old now.

nor is wearing flannel shirts

Flannel is awesome. U suck!

have some vcards!

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Booger-pickers on the bang-switches?... obviously not me. (Also, I only wear glasses to read and I'm a lot more studly than that guy.) And smoking is not among my vices...

... nor is wearing flannel shirts.

It's like you don't know me at all. Take some v-cards, Sonny!

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ok, @lurkerhasarisen and @DeeplyDisturbed: which one of you is that?

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This face seems very familiar.

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Any advice on how I can clean my wound with the divorce of my parents?

Have a close circle of male friends. This is where men can get support from, ever since the hunter-gatherer's hunter group.

Invest in yourself, not in your relationship. This is probably the hardest, because for men love is naturally self-sacrificial. Use the divorce of your parents as a reminder. Women are attracted to a man that takes good carw of himself, and that's what keeps the attraction going.



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@Typo-MAGAshiv agreed... this is the truth. Far better is to share with a good friend or mens group. They will never use it against you. Look.... you've shared this with some random dudes on an online forum and they're all 100% with you.

I wish I'd realised earlier that you shouldn't share vulnerabilities an self doubt with women partners. They are incapable of not using it for gaining power. It's just biology....women are physically weaker than men so they have to be more manipulative in an emotional sense in order to make up ther power deficit in a relationship.

Men can get a lot out of relationships with women. But there are limits.



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@Eurm sharing that sort of vulnerability is rarely a good idea

It can be done (I have with my wife), but it's usually better not to (I wish I hadn't).

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@Typo-MAGAshiv I think you’re completely correct. He was a truck driver and not often at home and I assume that was one of the reasons.

And because of him “thinking” it was a good friend it makes me a little skeptical with my friends too.

Do you think it would be reasonable to talk openly about this with my GF?

Maybe not directly about it tonight because of her ex. But just to make her aware it’s a sensitive area?

It is this again to beta? As you see I’m not a typical red pill guy

Thanks for all your input!

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I decided to stay at home tonight and let my GF meet her friends alone.

Now, last minute she tells me that her ex comes and even wants to drive in the same car. I told her that Its not cool driving in the same car and she can go by herself alone.

Although I still feel strange about this whole scenario. This is the first time she will see her ex after a long time and I'm not there.

What should I do?

Asking for advice

+ Btw she told me honestly she didn't know about her ex and it was last minute

That she's telling you that this is going on up front is good. She doesn't want to imperil the relationship with you in the event you find out about this unexpected turn of events later. Unless she's otherwise keeping in touch with this guy, it doesn't strike me as something to be concerned about. However, it does make me think that you need some hobbies for days like these to keep your idle mind busy.

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