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assassin's Blog
Published 06/01/20 by assassin [0 Comments]

Motivation is a desire that forces you to perform an action. It is a very powerful psychological force and many people strive because of the lack of it. Today I will give you my four powerful sources of motivation that are responsible for most of my actions.

My first source of motivation is the feeling of motivation itself. This exhilarating passionate feeling – when I am strongly motivated to do something and I feel so alive and assertive. I have the feeling that I serve a higher purpose and I feel important and unstoppable when I am motivated.

My second source of my motivation is to create a permanent source of easy passive income. This goal definitely serves my WILL TO POWER. I have already created permanent sources of passive income investing wisely my hard earned money and I can assure everyone that every night before I sleep I am thinking how awesome is that my money work for me in my sleep and make profits – I almost fall to nirvana with this thought every night. This gives me more determination and motivation to work hard the next day and earn more so as to invest more and have more passive income and more good feelings.

The third source of my motivation is MASTERY. Mastery in my craft serves well my inner need for competition and brutality. It gives me the opportunity to command respect to others, chase Glory and do war with competitors. I feel alive when I compete , it’s like going to war and have to destroy my opponent and I have a chance to show my worth and all that legally. Talk is cheap, in real life you know when you are the winner because money follows you. Also Mastery in my craft gives me the chance to feel how is to be confident at something. Mastery in my craft also gives me the opportunity to make a lot of money easier.

The last source of my motivation is theredpill community. The everyday struggle of fellow men trying to live up to masculine standards totally motivates me. Fellow warriors who ask me to post fizzik , pussy and bookshelves command my respect. They motivate me to embrace my masculinity and lift, flirt and read on steroids. Many times when I was out in a bar and the environment was hostile for cold approaching - when I was leaving at the end of the night I always remembered theredpill community and I whispered “ That’s FOR HONOR’S SAKE (AND FOR THEREDPILL COMMUNITY) “ and I became unstoppable and I cold approach. I also use this technique when I have a difficult awkward situation and time is up before I start kino her.

I drink for you my brother's in arms and fellow traveler companions!

God save THEREDPILL !!!

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