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Simple technique to interrupt the online distraction – STAND UP.
Published 06/22/20 by assassin [0 Comments]

I want to share with you a technique I use IF I SUCCUMB TO AN ONLINE DISTRACTION during working - studying.

Usually when you work or study to your office in front of a pc there is an urge to browse the net or check your social media or see a youtube video.

If you succumb to this urge you will find that you wasted hours being unproductive and at the end you procrastinate your work to a later hour or worst for the next day.

When I find myself in this situation I already know the bad outcome if I don’t take drastic measures.

In my case I simply force myself to STAND UP and disrupt the process of wasting my time in front of my pc browsing the net. I STAND UP and try to cool my self off thinking of the importance of my job and the benefits I will have if I finish it.

I don’t sit back in the office until I feel that I am ready to carry on my work.

Most times I take advantage of this time to exercise and have my blood flow until I feel the need to carry on my work. Usually something like that comes after half an hour but I feel again motivated and with energy.

I know some of you right now you are procrastinating - why don’t you use my technique and force yourself to stand up until you feel again the urge to carry on your important work? Also STAND UP as many times as you need to, if that doesn’t work with the first try – stand up again, it is better to walk around the desk and lightly exercising and give oxygen to your body and brain than wasting your time and get tired from online distractions.

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