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assassin's Blog
Published 06/08/20 by assassin [0 Comments]

There is no millennial that doesn’t know or danced with the songs of music group “ 2 Unlimited “.

In 2020 still remember the days I danced like crazy as teenager in Disco Clubs. Sweating and deep breathing and it felt wonderful after that - the best days of my life.

There is one single of the group that is named “ Jump for Joy “. If you watch the video clip you will see Ray and other dancers doing awesome moves. They break-dance and jump around full of enthusiasm. Ray still has the moves till today and is full of life.

I found that jumping rope has similar and maybe better effects to dancing enthusiastically.

First of all you need to buy a jumping rope. I found that the cheaper the better it is. My favorite costs 5 euro.

I set a period of time of 20 minutes and that time is for my joy. I put 90’s disco music or I do it without music. And then I don’t care about anything. I start jumping rope just for having fun.

My heart is pumping blood to all my body, my lungs stretch to breath the most oxygen. I sweat and I feel incredible.

Remember I do that exclusively for my joy and for no other reason, although the benefits are huge.

This is A TRUE MILLENNIAL MEDIDATION. Then magic happens.

As another self help guru Tony Robbins says “EMOTION COMES FROM MOTION”.

The process of jumping rope has made its magic and changed my emotions.

I don’t feel lazy anymore.

I feel alive again. I have positive mood and I can sit in my office working for hours.

Set everyday 20 minutes for your joy – jumping rope. The sweating and the blood pumping will change your mood. Your brain fog and anxiety will disappear and you can think with clear mind again. This will help your overall health and your productivity tremendously. TRY IT.

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