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Powerful exercise sales people use – Do the thinking and answer the following whys everyday in order to build confidence in yourself.
Published 06/27/20 by assassin [0 Comments]

Sales people are successful leaving with your money IF THEY HAVE A STRONG WHY to convince you AND ALSO HAVE A STRONG BELIEF IN THEMSELVES.

Would you considered buying a product a salesperson suggested if he seemed uncertain?

They try to be resolved and certain about their cause before they interact with their customers. They do the thinking and they rehearse a list of whys everyday for this reason beforehand.

So I modified a list of whys for you to ask and rehearse everyday in order to achieve a confident mind state when you interact with females and help you being assertive:

  • Why playing the love/sex game is funnier and healthier than being alone (for her)?
  • Why are you one of the best choices in the Sexual Market a female can have?
The goal of this exercise is to ERASE ANY DOUBT OR UNCERTAINTY that you are one of the best choices in the Sexual Market and you provide a valuable service to females and also to find some things that you need to improve.
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