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How To Kill A God
Published 01/14/21 by RedRum [1 Comments]

If you could make God bleed, people will cease to believe in Him

If you have followed me for a while and listened to my podcasts, you know I have been missing. This post will go into detail why and how I also propose how mere mortals can kill a malevolent god.

Around the time of e-podcast popularity, banks started recording your calls so you could have a voice recognition match to access your account for "more security". I do not believe in coincidences.

Bullshit. Big Tech wants to own everything about you: your thumbprints, your retina, your voice, your fears, your innocence, your dreams, search histories, friends and family, and complete control of your life. They want everything about you. And at the time, I saw the left and the powers at play pushing to crack down on the Alt-Right threat they are afraid of.

Fast forward a little bit and Trump is now voted for impeachment and AOC has a literal hit-list for anyone supporting him. The Trump Accountability Project has an online doc where a plethora of people have ratted on others who were for him and the republican party.

Anyone who disagrees with the establishment is now a terrorist or a terrorist-sympathizer. You're a fool for not believing the media and falling for its gaslighting tricks. Which is exactly what this last several years have been: an abusive relationship with the media. And no one has been man enough to bitch-slap it and tell it to shut up and sit down, the men are home.

My next series of podcasts were going to continue about day-game and have guests on with me. In light of the fact my bank started doing the voice-recording thing I opted to shutdown the podcast without explanation. I scrubbed my internet accounts (which was easy to do) and backed my TRP docs into a physical hard drive that I now have in my closet- nothing "sensitive" stored on my computer anymore. Also, day-game has been done to death around here and the forums. I'm sure a series on my suggested day-game routines would help some and be funny but there are other more important things going on right now.

The time has come that I do not believe I can and should be quiet. My voice is on the web and I'm sure my search terms and behavioral patterns are picked up as well. If you don't believe that's a concern, IBM Watson (released several years ago) could pluck personality traits out of your style of writing. And very accurately I must say. I used their library to create an at-home project I ask my friends to submit text. With a little work I could create a hash of personality traits a percentile probability of matching to my friends based on their previous entries. And that was back when it came out.

Point is if they want to make an example of me, they can already. I'm fucked. So I might as well go out standing up for something I believe in and maybe make a difference.

But I won't be doing this online.

If I'm eventually picked out I'll be out here in the real world where it matters more than ever. Why do I think that?

Because The Internet Is For Losers

The internet "home" is and always has been for the basement dwellers and miserable no-bodies. But now there's so many that they have a real-world impact. We need to go back to the way the internet used to be: for research and sharing digital mediums.

I use social media for marketing. And if you're on twitter or any social media platform for that matter, there has been a 4-year internet campaign to slander Trump, incite riots, hide the fact rich pedophiles had a private fuck island run by Jefferey Epstein, and basically tell you what to think.

We have hundreds of thousands of people with no real life experience circle-jerking and agreeing with each-other and the media gives them imaginary good-person points for doing so. These people have little real value in their input yet these are the same people telling you you're a misogynist, sociopathic terrorist. They sit on their ass playing pretend and feeling intellectually superior for it. They are arm-chair theorists.

The internet is controlled by ISPs and Big Tech. Parlor is being taken down and their databases are being handed over to search for these "insurrectionists".

There's nowhere safe to hide on the internet...

But in real life not only can you hide in plain sight but there are game-changing resources around us: people.

So How Do You Kill A God?

Morpheus in the Matrix said it best, and I'm paraphrasing, that some people in it cannot be saved because if you try to unplug them, they will fight for their false reality and they will die.

In my previous article, I talk about the "Wall of Believing". The media's psy-ops is doing really well in polarizing its people and reinforcing their beliefs- something they will fight for. Humans have a natural tendency to fight for, or defend, their reality; real or imagined. They have an army.

But a belief founded on lies is a house of cards ready to be knocked down. So how do you kill a god? You plant doubt. You poison the well of his followers by showing a simple flaw. For if god bleeds, how can he really be a god? Small, constant seeds of doubt is enough to turn a believer into an ex. And anyone who feels cheated for so long will be righteously angry at their previous faith. Now you have not only a follower but a warrior ready to undo what was did to him.

Politics is now a religion. People believe in their politicians and false narratives. And they will fight for them. They will even kill you to defend what they believe is right. And as I said in my article, a belief cannot be fought with reasonable proof or evidence. Cuckservatives tried being reasonable too long and they lost us the culture war. You cannot reason with the unreasonable.

In order to fight back, we cannot rely on the internet. Most twitter users that screech Trump needs to be held accountable for acts of terrorism had their accounts created early to mid 2020 and have numbers in their name like @KatieThinksBig1234. The internet can easily be flooded with bots and AI that vomit propaganda and have auto-generated arguments with users trying to reason with them. You're talking to a wall.

But in real life we do not have bots, we have people. And people are fallible, irrational, and emotional. Weak minds can be easily broken. But their belief system is on high alert. Instead we must plant doubt in their way of life.

Show them your high status way of living, results of being a red-piller and living according to the natural truths of life: that men need to be strong, groom themselves, be charismatic, knows how to make money for themselves, that he can and does fuck many girls, and that he is living a better life that they are. Even if you're not really living that life 100% yet. If you're a long-time red-piller you've found that people think you drown in pussy more than you actually are even if you're getting laid more than the average person now. People have an unrealistic and exaggerated understanding of reality now use that to your advantage.

But the trick is doing all of that without triggering their belief defenses. You have to appear likeable and friendly that they don't feel threatened. It's like a guilt-trip but you've not done anything to them directly. They're just missing out on the good times you get to live daily.

Think about that one asshole dude you knew when you were a bluepill. Everyone said he was an asshole and the girls seemed to get put-off when his name was brought up but he also got around. He was at every party. People would talk mad shit about him for his dumb decisions but it really looked like people were jealous he was a free spirit and slept around with the girls. If he was such a POS why was he invited everywhere? Because he might have been an asshole, but charming and friendly. That's the kind of asshole girls love to hate and people love to be around. Dudes would start to hang out and emulate him. He was what some people would say a bad influence but an influence none-the-less.

In Summary

You kill a god by planting doubt and when people cease to believe in him, they cease to worship him, and all relics are tossed away. Simply put, the god no longer exists. Plant doubt in their political and lifestyle beliefs by being an example even if it's an exaggerated one. But you must be persistent and in their face while appearing humble. Keeping the act up is important but it's easy if you're a real Chad anyway; a goal to strive for.

I have been spending this last year offline in real life using this Covid down time to influence people around me. I rent a condo in a rich part of town (literal mansions nearby) and I've spent the last several months renovating it because it was cheap and run-down. I bought a new suit and began preaching how well my company was doing to my family. I gamed a call-center girl off the fucking phone of all places and we hooked up. Thanks Covid. I got to show her where I live and I talked-up my success and my life story and she was slobbering at my feet. A success story in a world of darkness is like water to a horse dying of thirst. Give it to them. They'll be more receptive to your bite-sized ideologies this way. Girls eat this up especially while fuck all is happening during Covid and its been easier to get girls.

My influence has prompted people to ask how "I do it". I never use red-pill words. They are programmed to spit the vaccine out. Instead I tell stories and quips that lead them in the right direction. I have managed to convert 4 members of my personal family this way. 2 of them were hardcore liberals. Now 1 is pro Trump and the other is kissing my feet. Not exactly switching sides but definitely opened more to conversation. It's because I'm living a better life than they thought possible. As a bi-product they talk about me and share pictures on social media and some of their friend's gal friends have asked for my number "if I wanted it".

I am out here applying everything the red-pill forums and philosophical literature has taught me. I am starting to make a difference out here where it matters, where the people are. You should be doing the same. Seeing how things have unfolded, it might be our last place to make a stand. If you show them the wolf that the media has described is a gentle man carrying a big stick whom they can befriend, then what was all that hubbub about with domestic terrorists subverting America?

Maybe the real domestic terrorists were the friends we made along the way. <3

Contact Gay Lube Oil today for philosophical literature before his recommended collection gets pulled from publishers for being affiliated with the alt-right.

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Comment by MGTOWKing on 07/13/22 03:54am

I love Gay Lube Oil I drown my Gods in it.

The foolishness of the jester, whether in his odd appearance or his levity, implies that he is not passing judgment from on high, and this may be less galling than the "holier than thou" corrective of an earnest adviser. One of the most effective techniques the jester uses to point out his master's folly is allowing him to see it for himself. Rather than contradicting the king, the jester will agree with a harebrained scheme so wholeheartedly that the suggestion is taken to a logical extreme, highlighting its stupidity. The king can then decide for himself that maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

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