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Wisdom from Bozo the Clown
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Believe It Or Not, It's A Clowns World
Published 05/14/19 by RedRum [0 Comments]

The Honkening

Evidence and proof is dead. "To reason your actions" is just a funny way of saying "To make an excuse" for them. You're guilty if you try.

Context is thrown out the window until it suits the defendant in which they will claim they need more context because they don't know the whole situation.

They happily shy away from their ignorance only when they don't want to admit their beliefs could be flawed. A good world is built upon the foundations of virtues that consider everyone in the community but Clown world is simply built upon self indulgence.

Self indulgence is a mental disease. The self indulgent cannot separate themselves from their choices. And their choices cannot be separated from how they were feeling at the time. In the moment they are the disturbance that your evidence awoken in them. They're not crying, they are the tears and sadness when you describe their hypocrisy to them. Likewise they cannot recognize your character as a whole from any heated moment, you are defacto a cruel monster.

I am Jack's tears.

Here's a quick translation guide when communicating with clown people:

Remove 'you are being ' from sentences. Replace 'This/That is [a] ' to 'You are ' in your sentences.

Some examples below.

1. This is a stupid idea -> You are stupid

2. You are being an asshole -> You are an asshole

3. That is a shitty move -> You are shit

Because their identity is tied into their feelings they must protect it at all costs. They don't just feel that they are right. They righteously believe they are right.

Why else would they feel this way?

Don't answer that. It's a trap. Explaining away their feelings is an attempt to explain away their identity and doing so sounds a lot like criticism in the process.This is how they would reply:

Why are you such a hateful asshole?

In clown world, confrontation is the sign of autism. Surely a socially calibrated person wouldn't have offended anyone to begin with. You're treading hot water. But they just called you a jerk so the heat has been cranked up a notch and you're justified to retort with a middle-school insult of your own.

Why are you being such a baby? You might say, shit eating grin on your face.

If clown people have real social skills they'd read your playful tone and body language. But that requires effort... Instead, they think you started the fight and now you've sealed your fate by retorting back; further proving to them that you are malicious and cause trouble.

Besides, if you were a good person, a good person would have bent over backwards to apologize.

Good people are simps in clown world and you have a back-bone so you do not apologize.

The nearby eavesdroppers are quickly forming a mob. Bonus points on speed if the defendant victim was a woman. White Knights get a hard stiffy at the thought of seeing this day. You cannot do anything now but walk away, pride snuffed out but self respect still intact...

Why did this happen? Let's look closer at clown world and see if we can't find an explanation.

Painted Faces

You cannot be self indulgent and still have self awareness lest you live a life of constant misery. The nature of misery requires some serious self-reflection to solve and self-reflection requires critical thinking skills. A double wammy for the average clown person. The only path left is to avoid sources of misery at all costs.

But in clown world, trying to help someone see reason is to raise a mirror to their mistakes; their ugliness.

Clown people deny themselves the right to correct themselves and so they live in denial living a life of painted faces, endless entertainment, kangaroo courtrooms featuring circus politics, unshapely bodies, funny sexual orientations, and risky cream pies; anything to stay distracted.

In a thinking man's world, it was a virtue to seek the truth and become a better person. But in clown world, trying to help someone see reason is to raise a mirror to their mistakes. They do not like what they see. And without reason, you just have an emotionally charged opinion. They do not like your opinion. So, to them, your opinion speaks volumes about the kind of person you must be and are therefore toxic.

Good vibes only bro.

Believe It Or Not

Maybe you, dear reader, have had a healthy level of apathy to never engage in a debate or headed argument. I aspire to be at your level of indifference.

I have unhealthy levels of apathy on most things, like getting into shady situations and doing things I shouldn't, but I am intellectually stimulated. And nothing gets my pistons firing like having hard evidence and proving someone wrong.

I find myself in heated situations a lot. I have a thing called a back-bone and this intimidates the average clown person. My shoes are fitted, my figure is broad shouldered and manly, I don't paint my face I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I do dope shit. I've found it harder and harder every passing year to get people on my side. These problems are walls that I must break down to get my way. At first I thought it was me. So I made more effort to articulate my points. That worked but then I find myself running into people who over-react. One wall destroyed. So I made more effort to appeal to their emotions. Another wall destroyed and I find myself juggling heated social situations with tact.

It's 2019 and I find myself at a new wall again; seemingly indestructible.

Ancient Mongolian troupe carrying evidence and reason approach wall of Believing (circa 2019)

This new wall isn't one I can do anything about. No amount of direct action on my part will tear down this wall. This wall is the last of all walls: Believing.

A belief system is a powerful one but one built on zero evidence and personal investment is the most indestructible. People will die to protect these kinds of beliefs. There are no lengths people will go to defend these types of beliefs.

If you've ever tried proving to someone over a topic you knew more about or had evidence of someone's wrong-doings you may have encountered the phrase "there's not enough context and I wasn't there so I can't believe what you're telling me".

It's funny that these same people will assume context for you on your behalf without assessing the full situation. It's funnier when they repeal the context when it shows it doesn't favor their narrative; what they believe should happen anyway. As soon as the word context starts being thrown around, you are fighting a desperate belief system. You've reached a stalemate. Further efforts will only make the defendant double down until it becomes slander.

Once slander is on the table it's a chain reaction. Their friends will believe each-other and adopt their belief about you and perpetuate the slander until you're out numbered. Justice becomes a popularity contest that you cannot control. So if you do reach this point, be sure you have your own personal mob on standby.

This is why I say at the very beginning, rationalizing yourself or helping the other party see reason is akin to admitting guilt. In today's world, It's like digging your own grave. Except that, in actuality, it's more like them digging your grave, burying you in it, and then telling you with vindictive righteousness that you did this to yourself and you somehow deserved it.

The pigeon shits on the chessboard and walks away triumphantly.

You got the metaphor the first time.

How Belief Systems Help You In Clown World

We've talked about the traps in the system and how it intends to bury you in it. Reason and evidence is lost. Do not try it with clowns. Be wary about pseudo intellectuals who seem promising to discuss things with until you see the signs.

But beliefs go beyond having arguments and debates. With clown vision, your own lifestyle can be a mockery of their belief system and therefore your very existence is offensive. If you have a spine you're bound to run face first into a spring-loaded fist of problems.

When you're on the other side of the wall, you can exploit the same outrage that others employ against you and have some gratifying results. If you feed on that type of behavior.

If you're a man you're more interested in less petty applications. In real life I have found that mysteriousness forces others to form their own beliefs. I don't go out of my way to let people get to know me. I prefer to keep shut. That's ammo for my arsenal.

Sometimes I use straight-talk and drop bombs about things I've done. Sometimes I'm lying. But at the end of the day they may choose to believe it and I leave it at that. This is why impulsive liars are able to draw people in so quickly. Like flies to honey. They allow people the opportunity to believe or not at the drop of a hat. Today's people shy away from bitter thoughts so they choose to think positive about you. It's very polarizing.

Polarizing absolutely. But what happens when they don't want to believe you? What happens when they don't like you so they believe the worst?

The fragile thing about believing is that you don't want to give your subscribers a reason not to believe in you anymore. Think about the last time when a girl no longer felt you were your Alpha fucks. She felt deceived. Whether or not it was your fault or a logical conclusion on her part, the blame is put on your shoulders. And you never hear from her again.

Same applies to people. Some people will lead no exciting lives of their own so they will try to ruin you.

You can make efforts to avoid this. No one wants to feel fucked over and used like a cum rag. Fuck them but fuck them good so they come back for more, smiling, and eager with a bottle of liquor to share.

As long as your story sounds good and you make them feel good sparingly they'll be happy with the justification.

Beyond The Honk

With logic and reason put to rest all we are left with is fantasy and feelings. Leave the ancient relic of reason to the true intellectual man who is also just as elusive and hard to find because he too doesn't like putting up with this bullshit.

I don't know what is beyond the honk. I speculate it's more self indulgence that spawn new dark-age of belief systems.

Things can and will change.

Maybe I can see beyond the honk one day and prepare myself and others for it.

But I do not wait and hope for it.

All I can leave you with is this:

1. You cannot reason with the unreasonable

2. People will believe what they want to believe

And if it's about you:

3. If it's a positive spin on your life narrative, do not correct them. Try adopting the narrative too. It may spread like fire.

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The foolishness of the jester, whether in his odd appearance or his levity, implies that he is not passing judgment from on high, and this may be less galling than the "holier than thou" corrective of an earnest adviser. One of the most effective techniques the jester uses to point out his master's folly is allowing him to see it for himself. Rather than contradicting the king, the jester will agree with a harebrained scheme so wholeheartedly that the suggestion is taken to a logical extreme, highlighting its stupidity. The king can then decide for himself that maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

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