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Wisdom from Bozo the Clown
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Levels of Game in Terms of Batman
Published 08/17/16 by RedRum [0 Comments]


While on a HIIT cardio session, I noticed a correlation between the levels of game competence and the main characters of the Batman universe. What's hauntingly similar is the quote by Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight Rises "You either die the hero or live long enough to become the villain". In a feminized SJW society, this can be translated with Red Lens as "You either die a beta or live long enough to become the alpha". Both hated by betas and white knights, the alpha male is demonized in a society of sheep and accurately reflects the social doctrine troped in the movie quote. Just as batman is demonized by the citizens he so desperately seeks to protect.

A former blue pill man can grow into intermediate alpha archetypes as social awareness and game increases that also reflect what is depicted as the main characters, both protagonist and antagonist, in the Batman universes.

The Bat

"she's probably taking care of homeless people or somethin idk"

Young blue pill men start out as Batman, the hero, the Do-gooder. With an iron will, these men hamster their beliefs that they can individually make a difference and bring order back to the world. After all, they have the best intentions and wholesome ideas if only everyone played by the same rules Bruce Wayne polices himself with.

But even Gotham City wants to detain the bat. The majority thinks Batman is up to no good himself and he is simply charading as the hero. In a juvenile perspective, Batman might as well be putting on a public display pointing fingers at the other masked individuals hopping up and down swearing "he is nothing like them".

The Clown

With enough IDGAF mentality or a natural cause of enlightenment, the young men grow into the Joker archetype. Aloofness and social trolling akin to not talking anything seriously. These clowns are fun to be around but only in small doses. They do not have the social calibration yet but may pull in some DIG.

Borgore in his debut Flex"Girls with daddy issues just love when you don't care" - Borgore, Flex

A lot of young men stop growing at the clown for quite some time. If drive and aspiration to achieve something bigger than themselves comes up, they learn when to separate work from play.

The Hustler

With a new grasp of social awareness, duplicity is growing men's new ally as they attempt to smooth talk their way through what used to be impossible situations. These men fill the role of Two Face. They do not have the social calibration (yet) to avoid tripping over themselves and exposing the ugly face of their intentions. Regardless of how noble and true their intentions are, the deception alone is enough to turn others away indefinitely. These men bag some women they never thought they'd be with but also slip up and get labeled as a fake, fuckboi, loser, and all those cute nicknames.

"It's not what it looks like I swear!"

The Player

Once young men start playing life on their terms and boldly stepping into the unknown, they get burned and learn from their success and eventually transcend into the Riddler archetype.

Pimp Status

These men spot when people are Shit Testing, or traps in the form of innocent questions. They realize that people are not ready to learn what they have learned to become the type of man they have become. The inner monologue may sound similar to "what game are you playing at?" They are tested in the form of questions much like political interviewers do on TV with hidden implications. They begin to master giving empty or ambiguous answers and dodging sketchy situations in public with both men and women alike and keep interactions open ended.

The Game

Gotham city doesn’t want to be saved (clearly). All of Gotham's citizens want to be comfortable and have everything stay comfortable. And from the inside, trouble brews causing Gotham to be in another state of victim-hood. Gotham City reflects modern society. These archetypes that men fill create the 'conflict' the citizens see and cannot comprehend. They only see agents going against the hedonistic fallacy of perpetual comfort.

End Notes

This article was mostly for fun and derives from my experiences as I've improved in game. I have some end notes of related content that could not be made relevant to the Batman analogy. I'll pose them here:

  • A man must first fail at becoming the man he was raised to be in order to become the man he wants to be; the man that he feels in his gut that he is supposed to become
  • The Blue Pill: where being socially aware makes you an evil sociopath
  • Likewise The Blue Pill: where knowing too much means you’re up to no good

You either die a beta or live long enough to become the alpha
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The foolishness of the jester, whether in his odd appearance or his levity, implies that he is not passing judgment from on high, and this may be less galling than the "holier than thou" corrective of an earnest adviser. One of the most effective techniques the jester uses to point out his master's folly is allowing him to see it for himself. Rather than contradicting the king, the jester will agree with a harebrained scheme so wholeheartedly that the suggestion is taken to a logical extreme, highlighting its stupidity. The king can then decide for himself that maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

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