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Wisdom from Bozo the Clown
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Bloopies Can't Meme And Why That Matters
Published 03/11/19 by RedRum [0 Comments]

The NPC meme was at an all-time high late 2018 and resulted in insta-bans from major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. The controversy made it to day time news channels.

Bloopies are NPC's. What is an NPC? If you're a successful or all-natural RedPiller this term will seem foreign to you because it originates from the internet; namely from video gamers.

An NPC is a Non-Player Character. NPC's follow hard-coded scripts and, unlike the Player, cannot make decisions for themselves.

This insult was coined to describe the political Left by 4 Chan and was wildly adopted by other internet sub cultures. "The Left" is a loosely interpreted category to describe the groups that affiliate with extreme Liberal agendas: LGBTQ+, Socialism, Anti-Capitalism, Feminism, Open borders, Antifa, Diversification, the lot. These groups are led by the hardest of blue pill individuals and they cannot meme.

In 1976, Richard Dawkins published a book titled The Selfish Gene. In it, he proposed that culture and ideas are simply genetic code for the brain, swimming in primordial soup called "ideas"; they mutate, grow, and spread from mind to mind. Like their physical counterpart the gene, only the strongest and best meme will dominate the meme pool.

Fun Fact: The word "meme" was picked by Dr. Dawkins from the french word "même" which here means "similar" or "reflection of" because it best described the analogous behavior of it's physical cousin, the gene.

You've likely heard of an internet meme by now. Average memes are usually dumb shit like rehashed jokes or pictures that have items and messages that attempt to be highly relatable to a target demographic. However, the meme as originally proposed by Dawkins is an idea or string of ideas such as "God exists", "We worship God", followed by a string of contiguous memes "God exists so we go to church on Sundays to worship Him". Another example of a cultural meme would be "nuclear family: a man, wife, and 2 children". These ideas can stand alone by themselves but have also come together to stand the test of time. These tropes are still familiar today, as good memes do, they embed itself into or has directly influenced our culture.

Bloopies cannot meme because they are not original. Bloopies cannot meme because they have no culture. They are a rehash of ideas paved by monetary interests. Zombies, robots, NPCs, blue pill, etc identify the group of people exhibiting identical behaviors and traits. They are plugged in, fed a script, and rewarded for doing so.

Quality memes are funny... for the most part. The funniest jokes are funny because there is some truth to them. the picture above is funny because it accurately depicts the way Donal Trump would talk in an absurd scenario like playing DnD with a bunch of nerds. It takes a creative mind, one that can identify and acknowledge truths, to fabricate a good joke. Good jokes stick for a reason.

In a world of increasing political correctness, humor is being killed. People are experiencing a personal lobotomy from their own feelings, putting the social script above their own interests (see virtue signaling). Humor and appreciation for humor comes from within, it's a free joy that nature has gifted us with. PC humor is canned and must be accepted by the masses before you allow yourself to laugh. This is important to the blue pill world because context no longer matters. If you laugh at something that is not considered correct, it implies you support or want the opposition to win. It's treason.

Humor is the acknowledgement of the absurd. Humor is to entertain a falsity to its logical conclusion. Humor is making an unorthodox comparison that accurately depicts the subject at hand. Like an orgasm, laughter is uncontrollable and can be spontaneous. Humor is one of the many natural reflexes for a healthy growing mind.

The bloopie groups are not allowed to exercise their mind. They're not allowed to entertain such absurdities, question juxtapositions, and come to their own conclusions. For this reason they are underdeveloped and infantile. They can only relate to fiction and childish cartoons.

In the 1999 movie, The Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo that [paraphrasing] "some people are so plugged into the matrix they cannot be saved, because if they were unplugged, reality would kill them". These plugged-in souls depend on the Matrix. They don't want to be unplugged. Even more so, they will DIE if they are unplugged. Like perpetual babies to a weaning mother, they will starve if removed from the tit of political correctness. Their bodies underdeveloped to accept any other form of nourishment and the truth is too hard for them to chew.

TL;DR Why It Matters

It dawned on me recently that the primary attempt at humor that bloopies use is strictly to mock the opposition. While they are terrible at memeing (remember good memes can come from anything as long as it aligns with the truth), when they do meme it is only used as a weapon to mock those who disagree with them. As if jokes can only be used as weapons to verbally hurt someone. For the record plenty of jokes are told without a victim, just watch any stand up comedian. This aligns with their "everyone I don't like is a bully" mentality.

The whole social landscape of "Leftists vs Rightists", "Bloopie vs RedPill", that we see and experience every day in the media can be summarized as follows:

"I know you are but what am I?"

The most childish, school-yard banter of all time, "No, you" is the current essence of media-fed bloopies creating false caricature equivalencies and the other side trying to convince and persuade them with facts. Like trying to get a 3-year old to comprehend anything that isn't drawn in crayon, you are wasting your time. Just look at any online thread (Reddit front page) and see how bloopies talk about literally any other group. They're all "alt right extremists" like boogie men hiding under the bed. There is no course of discussion about their opposition because they come in swinging hard. They leave no room for misunderstandings. They close their ears, mocking everything else said going "LA-LA-LA-LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU..."

NPCs cannot meme because they have no original thought, are infantile, deprived from real world experience, and fed a common social script that has no room for humor unless used as mockery. Humor is the natural ability to process both truths and untruths. To be able to meme well is to align with some form of truth. Because there's no room for them to grow to achieve these abilities, they cannot meme. It matters that they cannot meme because memes are a reflection of culture. A culture made of lies cannot and will not stick unless fueled by an outside economy. It has a time limit. It has a wall it will reach. Real memes stick, grow, and evolve into better and more unstoppable ideas. Perhaps this is why the media doxxes kids for posting internet memes. Censorship can only prevent evolution for so long. And the thing about evolution is that an organism will find a way to thrive in the environment it is in. Mother nature dictates what memes will survive; not people.

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The foolishness of the jester, whether in his odd appearance or his levity, implies that he is not passing judgment from on high, and this may be less galling than the "holier than thou" corrective of an earnest adviser. One of the most effective techniques the jester uses to point out his master's folly is allowing him to see it for himself. Rather than contradicting the king, the jester will agree with a harebrained scheme so wholeheartedly that the suggestion is taken to a logical extreme, highlighting its stupidity. The king can then decide for himself that maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

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