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JakinJake's Blog
5 Common Shit Tests Every Guy Faces
Published 01/31/19 by JakinJake [1 Comments]

What's up, guys. I just wanted to publish some random thoughts on shit tests that I think most guys need to know...

But first, what is a shit test? In short, it's a test of your frame. It's something women do to you to see if you're truly confident, or just faking it.

Here's a few random examples that come to mind...

1. "How many girls have you slept with?"

The proper response to this is: "In my entire lifetime? Or this week?" said with a smirk.

2. "Are you a player?"

The proper response to this is: "Nah, I'm a virgin," again said with a smirk.

3. "How many girls have you said that to today?"

The proper response is: "You're the 5,742,681st so far."

4. "Is that your pickup line?"

The proper response is: "Yeah, I practiced on my grandma. Is it working?"

5. "Do you say that to every girl?"

The proper response to this one is: "No, just the pretty ones." (It's kind of a neg)

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Comment by juanfuerzaph on 02/12/19 04:53pm

Simple yet helpful. Hopefully you could publish more samples brother.