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JakinJake's Blog
3 Signs You're Her Beta Orbiter
Published 02/04/19 by JakinJake [0 Comments]

The #1 thing you need to stop doing is being a girl's beta orbiter. When you show her that you're willing to walk, this will build incredible amounts of attraction.

Trust me - even if you're afraid of losing her, you NEED to show her that you can walk. This is the only way to keep her hooked.

Here's three signs you're her beta orbiter:

1. She Constantly Flakes

If she's always talking about hanging out with you, but then flakes on you every time before it actually happens, you are most likely her beta orbiter.

Now of course, there's exceptions. Sometimes flakes are actually legitimate, and she really does want to see you. I've flaked on girls I wanted to see before, simply because something more important came up.

But in general... you need to ask yourself: would she be flaking on Chad? Of course not. If she's flaking on you time after time, then leave her in the dust and focus on your own pursuits.

2. She Never Actually Fucks You

If you've been showering her in attention and giving her gifts, but she hasn't actually put out for some time, then you my friend, just got played.

Girls are very finely tuned to when a guy is willing to keep shelling out and never leave. Again, as I said, you must be willing to leave on a moment's notice if she disrespects you or wastes your time.

If you're going to be investing a ton of time and energy into a girl, she must be fucking you. No, that's not selfish, and it isn't "toxic" either. It's a simple boundary that you must put up, otherwise you'll waste your time and resources like a chump.

3. She Refuses to Be Alone With You

Girls know perfectly well what happens when they're alone with another man. They know perfectly well what goes through our heads, and what we will probably try to do if we're alone with them.

That's why, if she has no interest in you whatsoever, she will not want to be alone with you. Conversely, if girls are actually interested in you, they will make it a PRIORITY to get alone with you.

Learn to tell the difference between these two women, and your dating life will 10x in quantity and quality.

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