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Vermillion Man March
My own Red Pill Enlightenment feels incomplete without helping others along the path
Introducing VermillionManMarch, an initiative to take back TRP's public image, push back against the Feminine imperative by uniting Manosphere activists IRL
Published 01/06/17 by MentORPHEUS [0 Comments]

The inappropriately stigmatized public image of TRP has always been a concern of mine, despite the IDGAF ethos. I've seen guys get into an "out-IDGAF about the sub we spend so much time on" contest among themselves (lookin' at you, MRP guys), which is ridiculous to me. Let's accept as a given that at some level, the Red Pill subreddit (and its heirs and successors like TRP.RED) is an investment of time and effort from all of us, with a body of effort, and a future worth protecting and optimizing. I've been thinking a lot about the problems of networking with others without diluting our message, and taking back the public image of The Red Pill and masculinity itself.

The final push for me is the exasperation of watching men complain about bad articles written about TRP after deliberately rebuffing the reporters who reached out to us, and complaining about the Red Pill Movie using MGTOW to portray TRP badly when TRP insists on never talking about fight club. Some reporters will write a slam piece no matter what, and it's understood that many men want or need to remain private; this is their prerogative. For those who think we can do better at engaging the outside world and actively steer our public image and indeed our society in the direction we want, here is the result of my thoughts.

Iterated Don't Talk About Fight Club By never talking about TRP publicly, our image is by default defined by our vocal enemies. I'm not proposing that every eager but inexperienced Joe go around spouting TRP jargon to the masses like a fool. I do believe that somebody has to speak up when we're maligned, engage reporters who enquire with us, and proactively push Manosphere issues into the public eye, whether under the TRP banner (seldom) or in their own right as standalone matters (much more common.) I see a need for a platform for TRP men to share ideas, tactics, theory, and experience regarding publicity, activism, and group management. If we're going to talk about fight club, we're going to do it WELL. It won't always go the way we hope, but we lose 100% of the fights we forfeit.

Ideological purity Vs. diluting the message for the masses This is a perennial problem in movements, causes, and coalitions. There is a whole spectrum of people affected by and interested in every given issue. Problems arise when different factions have opportunities to work together for common goals, but members find themselves conflicted by being associated with other "competing" groups. Some have strong ideological differences, such as TRP and MGTOW, and consider any association between the two as an intolerable affront to their side or compromise of their very ideals. I despair to see so many potential allies fractured and divided when we can all retain our strong, polarized identities yet work together on common ground where it exists.

To address this problem, I've devised a separate ad hoc platform to promote Manosphere issues with an unabashed Red Pill foundation, separate enough that ideological purists aren't offended from participating, cohesive enough that we can speak united as half the population when necessary. We don't need to compromise to work together, we can compartmentalize!

A soft but sure entry to The Red Pill for newbies You have to admit, the locker room atmosphere of TRP is quite a shock for new people who wander in. I'm not here to change that, but I have an idea about how to give newbies a soft, palatable entry to TRP customized to their interests. This will give them a strongly relatable first impression of TRP; a form of investment in the product if you will, before they encounter the rougher sections. My solution to the problem of bad first impressions of our sub is to curate TRP articles about various Manosphere issues for new prospects to choose from. I'm looking for suggestions on good TRP articles to link from my sidebar highlighting Manosphere issues. I've done some searching, and material is sometimes plentiful, but not really suitable for new TRP readers or is rantish over informative on the topic.

A resource for TRP men who want to work for the image of our sub I have experience with PR and organizing for various causes, even publicly stigmatized ones. Other Red Pill men bring a variety of skills and experience to the table. We can teach and sharpen one another, creating a finely honed powerhouse of positive TRP PR potential. We can coordinate across wide geographic areas for synergetic publicity value. We can respond to emerging trends and news items, injecting our memes and ideas into the mainstream more over time. We can learn from and prevent mistakes and blunders, and be proactive with the long game in mind. "Don't talk about fight club" is a safe message for the masses, because random people spouting nonsense can do a lot of harm. However, "Do nothing, so nothing ever goes wrong" isn't the way Captains live their lives. For those who choose to venture toward more public TRP activity, I have a solution wherein every other such man can share his experience and have your back.

Introducing r/VermillionManMarch

To solve the problems and dilemmas of presenting TRP more publicly, guide new people to TRP in a way they'll stick (rather than compete and divert), and working with varied and sometimes competing Manosphere groups without diluting or compromising our content, I've launched r/VermillionManMarch. This is an ad hoc platform, specifically for the purpose of helping and coordinating TRP men who want to take a more public stance. An intended side effect is to influence other groups toward Red Pill positions by attractive common interest, rather than the other way around; compromising or diluting to appease.

Basically, I am going to make myself more public on behalf of Red Pill issues and where relevant, the sub's image. I'm also sharing what I do with others who want to lead their own groups, join, follow, support, even just watch for now. I'm not here to persuade anyone who's against going public or has risk factors in their life to do so. I AM here to share my knowlege and experience with those who choose this path, and learn from others. By communicating and sharing ideas and experiences, we can challenge each other to ever loftier goals, in the manner that Men do. Rather than suffer under the Feminine Imperative, we are going to challenge and push back against it proactively. We will steer society back to a natural balance, where the sexes complement well rather than clash and compete.

Local launch pad for r/The_Fraternity Whereas r/VermillionManMarch has a more open, inclusive, and public model, r/The_Fraternity is closed, exclusive, and private in nature. The groups are complementary rather than competitive; each appeals to a different demographic of men, but both have many common goals and supporters. I intend to work together with many different Manosphere groups on various campaigns and causes over time, but consider The Fraternity my first and closest ally, with our common roots in TRP. Our first meeting is open to men who would like to lead or join a local chapter of The Fraternity, and VMM will host additional coordinating/startup meetings if needed in the future. In addition, our library of organizing resources and Manosphere activist networking platform is open for Fraternity members and chapters that find it useful.

VermillionManMarch will be hosting an initial launch and organizing meeting for Los Angeles and Orange County, CA Redditors who would like to consider joining together in person.

This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday Jan 18, 7:30pm. Readers in outlying areas who want to start their own local chapters are invited to attend. Contact u/vermillionmanmarch if you want to attend or refer a prospect.

The meeting will be held in the Lakewood/Mid-Cities area.


  • Self-Introductions
  • Discussion of goals and possibilities as organized groups
  • Discussion of membership type, goals, and obligations for The Fraternity and VermillionManMarch
  • Define regions according to distribution of members
  • Select leaders for each respective group and region
  • If necessary, each group discusses goals and plans for next meeting
  • Group reconvenes, subgroup leaders announce their upcoming plans
  • Announcements and items added to agenda during meeting or brought forth by members
  • Presentation: The Duluth Model: How a small group's ideology-driven program shaped law enforcement response to domestic violence nationwide
  • Adjourn
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