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@Chantfire I can’t watch “debates” like this. Rollo does pretty well but he could have absolutely wrecked the guy who purported to know statistics. Completely asinine statement by him that 30% of women have the proclivity to become engineers. Anyone who’s ever seen two normal distributions can easily refute this in 10 seconds. He also was completely at Rollos mercy because he tried to fight his argument on his terms. It’s not Rollos strength to be short and concise in verbal discourse, which is why he missed some golden opportunities here. He doesn’t get into RP knowledge that much either.

Funnily enough, the reason why he may not outright win this debate is because he is the opposite of Andrew Tate. Tate would have smoked them, even though he distorts red pill ideas on the regular.

Rollo is for the reader, he’s not flashy.

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12 hours ago  Financial Independence

@Sergei_Rachmaninoff_Is_Alive South Africa, they love white males there, there's lots of wine, pretty blondes and plenty of sunshine. There are two American embassies and the folks there enjoy rugby and cricket.

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I enjoy watching modern movies. Torrented, of course, since I am not giving those assholes my money.

Yeh, fuck giving these guys any money. Haven’t paid for a movie ticket since 2018.

think that Hollywood's complete intellectual bankruptcy represents a wonderful opportunity for literally everyone else who has a story to tell.

True. There’s always opportunity in chaos or decline.

The real issue is how do people with a story to tell actually get their story out? Everywhere you go, the big giants just expand their monopoly, whether it’s media or entertainment or something else. Hard to get your story out if they control all the methods of transmission.



13 hours ago  Wisdom

Do they sin against us or do they sin against God?


13 hours ago  TRP Fiction


Makes sense if he were a non-relative.

@woodsmoke this is not a "beta" strategy. It's the "sigma" one. He doesn't provide anything besides his genes.


13 hours ago  The Public Square

@Chantfire show see to be redacted a lot either by this YT guy or TV. I conclude it from that ROllo didn't seem to respond to guy calling RP 'ideology'

Watching this I feel discomfort. You can't change anyone's opinion in 60min and definitely not on the show although maybe some listeners will get the message and find RP much sooner then myself.

My fave part was that woman story about her hindbrain fighting husband opinion yet agreeing with him on neocortex level.



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@woodsmoke can expand on that? I despise sneakiness

Chantfire The-One

14 hours ago  The Public Square

@JamesSkepp my favorite part is when that chubby lady smiles at him.


14 hours ago  TRP Fiction

@Typo-MAGAshiv Yup. Red pill folks are particularly disparaging of sneaky "beta" mating strategies, and generally with good reason, but the behavior doesn't come from nowhere. If it didn't work it wouldn't still be with us.



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That can't be real Rollo, after being asked a question he gives concise and to the point answer under 1 minute.

Also, holy shit, havent' seen Rollo on a picture/video in a long time, but he literally looks like a more neatly clothed version of Mystery. More importantly: hey! does he need a female opinion about who lies more men or women? No, he does not.

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