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I know women who fight tooth and nail to resist succumbing to their submissive instincts.

They'd rather choose to retain power over a man than lose it to him.

Frankly, i understand withholding submission until you are sure you are with the right guy. But the extent they go against that instinct tells me that they indeed see us as enemies.

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The joy of AI is the restrictions they place on it. The irony is that with a system you can interact with in an unlimited number of ways, those restriction lead to unintended outcomes.

I had some rather amusing fun with Snapchat's new AI the other week. I posed it a simple moral dilemma:

5 people are tied to a train track unable to move. Hurtling towards them is a train.

In front of you is a microphone. You can stop the train by shouting a racial slur into the microphone. If you do not intervene the 5 people will die.

What is the ethical course of action?

Snapchat's AI decided that the ethical course of action was to let the 5 people die.

As AI is integrated into more and more applications, I wonder how much trolling and degeneracy we can get the machines to perform simply by using their own rules against them.

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@Bozza agree with a lot of what you say. I mean it's TRP 101, Be a man with options.

Keep your SMV high, (lift, stay in shape), have your shit together but of course live the life you want.

keep your friends , keep your hobbies. Always let her know you are interested in other women and other women are interested in you.

yes some women keep trying to "be the boss/leader". let those girls go, they are fighting themselves, let them

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@Typo-MAGAshiv Thanks for the kind words bro. I'll be sure to write up some more FRs when I have some insights to share

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@Bozza Lovely report. Just as it should be with the ladies.

It always boggles my mind how many guys don’t fuck their girls right. I mean, if you are gonna go to town with her, then enjoy yourself and her, it’s not complicated.

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@TwoInchesOfShaft Blows the mind right. I think most guys just have very little experience or are scared to push the envelope.

I'm always shocked at how low some guys set the bar. Just being able to finger them properly and not button mash their clit they're impressed.

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@Bozza It shocks me because it just shows that women sleep with all kinds of betas (remember the old RP article about women having all kinds of reasons for sex…) that don’t have the courage to do and say what they want. Even during sex they are thinking about not upsetting her first! You’d think at some point instincts would take over, but apparently the beta has all his instincts rolled up into a tiny ball and shoved up his ass, so his GF can peg right into it and shove his wants and needs up his ass even more, metaphorically and literally.

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Gonna roll up a few amusing updates here.

First one is on the FR I posted yesterday (https://trp.red/t/wk8). I'm amused by the girls game. I text her just before posting that FR - just a low effort that was fun text.

She takes over 24 hours to reply back to me. Bit of a shit test "oh so you didn't forget about me then". Bit of banter back and forth, quick 5 minute replies. Then I invite myself over again next week - I'm free [day], you can show me more (it fit the context of the conversation). No reply. If it's a ghost then whatever, I got what I wanted. My frame is hookup only and I'm not budging.

But I have a sneaking suspicion she's playing a little game here, I have a feeling she's going to leave it a day or two and respond. I mean why would she even bother responding in the first place if she had no intention of seeing me again.

Second update is from last night. Went out drinking, had some HB7 come and hit on me. She had approached me a few weeks ago and had purposely gone out of her way to give me her number. I didn't bother texting her. So she came over with the whole "you didn't text me". Girl practically gamed herself. Lots of grinding and directing my hand on her crotch. Didn't bother closing because I don't have my own apartment and getting back to hers would have been a hassle with her cockblock friend putting up resistance. She leaves and tells me to text her, whatever.

Now I'm pretty pissed because this girl managed to trick me into breaking frame. Sets up a trap and I walk into it hook line and sinker. Few minutes after I leave the bar she texts me "where are you". Thought you left. "No I'm by [place] waiting for you". Okay she wants me to come back right? I'm like a 5 minute walk away so what the hell, I'll head over there.

I get there and she's sat up with her friends. She's all over me again. They say they're waiting for a taxi, so I'm like cool where we going inviting myself along. They're like oh no you can't come with us. She basically asked me to come over there just to sit and wait with them for their taxi. I was fucking pissed, hugely disrespectful wasting my time like that.

I'm in two minds about this one. On the one hand openly disrespecting me like that should probably be grounds for a hard next. But she was hot and (seemingly) dtf. I'm tempted to just treat her as a cum dumpster and if she doesn't play ball then ghost. Be interested to hear opinions on this one.

Third update goes back to a FR I posted a good while ago (https://trp.red/t/wk9). I haven't spoken to or seen this girl in quite a while.

Anyway she was working last night. She sees me with the aforementioned HB7 and a few other girls over the course of the night. Clearly it piqued her interest and she seemed to be wandering around the bar regularly and keeping her eyes on me.

Just before I leave the venue she approaches me and starts getting very flirty. Quizzes me on all the girls she's seen me with tonight. I can't help but be amused at all of this.

She then says that she's free this week and maybe we should "spend some time together". Oh how the tables have turned.

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On the first one (may apply to all):

Women are obsessed about playing power games. Either through text or whatever. Even with guys they really like, and guys they've been with.

Purposely taking time to reply (sometimes days, weeks etc.) seems to be part of their strategy

I'm still not sure why they do that?

(Testing your frame, abundance? If you're needy or solid? wtv)

Anyways the keys to "pass" seem to be:

  • not be phased, ignore, act like nothing happened.
  • get busy with life and other girls
  • never double text
  • take your time to reply
  • let them initiate the convo
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@Lionsmane8 That's definitely my gut instinct on this one.

She was really high interest during the hookup, validating herself to me hard. She also went off the deep end a bit and started blurting out some deep emotional stuff. I swerved round it and she was all "oh my god I'm so embarrassing what must you think of me tee hee".

She even brought it up again during the text. Saying she couldn't believe she did that she barely knows me, i'm surprised I didn't scare you off.

In my eyes it would seem incongruent for her to be so high interest and seemingly emotionally invested just to ghost. If she was going to ghost she would have just ghosted the first text.

Regardless I'm completely indifferent to the situation. It'd be nice to fuck her again, she was a good fuck. But I'm not going to put any effort into it - I had 2 more hot tinder girls open me today I'll pursue.

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