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@twentycharachterlimi Did you really get a degree in CS? Either way, you could use resources like freecodecamp to brush up, or learn if you never did and become a jr dev in like a year or two. Learn a niche skill, usually via a job and save every dime and MASTER that skill. Then turn that new niche skill into a business. Everyone has problems that they are willing to pay to have solved.


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@Fawk_Face you were so right. until yesterday. but today you would be right again


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Anyone have any experience with algo trading?



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Be me, europoor Slave ass off getting a good education at UC Berkley, Major in CS Get kicked to the curb, the company hires a diversity paragon: does not know squat, but good for PR. FML

What do I do guys?



about a year ago  Financial Independence


about a year ago  Financial Independence

I am a 100% technical trader. I started on this journey over 5 years ago after getting fed up slaving my ass for someone else and just having the illusion of stability and good salary. What I really wanted was financial freedom and time to do the things that I love. The only thing in the world that gave that opportunity to me was trading, but it wasn´t easy.

I am not trying to sell a course here, I am just giving a tip if you wanna study and practice trading and don´t know where to start. If I knew what to focus on since the beginning it surely wouldn´t have taken 5 years to be a full time trader, and by that I mean that I only trade for a living, not that spend the whole day trading, which is something you don´t wanna do. But at the beginning of your journey you gonna have to, more ore less.

Anyways, after hoarding and studying and watching all trading books/courses you can find on this Earth and blowing up 3 accounts I was about to give up this endeavor when I discovered a method called VSA (Volume Spread Analysis). It is a modern adaptation of the Wyckoff method, created by the late Tom Williams, former syndicate trader.

Richard Wyckoff was a legendary trader from the early 1900´s.

It was the first time that I went "A-ha!" when finally learned how to really read a chart properly like a musical sheet.

But my story is no different than every other successful trader out there, if you read enough books you will notice a very similar journey of discoveries, a lot of losses and finally getting a hang of this thing.

Trading is the hardest way of making easy money.

What I recommend (which is what I did and still do) is:

1st - Read "Master The Markets" by Tom Williams as many times necessary to understand all principles and how to read a chart properly using HLC bars and volume only. This is the "ABC" of the method, you should know this book by heart. Grab a notebook and a pen, make your own notes, after you read the book a couple of times go to charts and try to apply the knowledge, see if you can see the stuff on the charts.

2nd - Now you can read "Trades About To Happen" by David Weis, I recommend this book for 2nd because it is more dense and if you go "green" to it you won?t absorb as much. Do the same thing you did with MTM, read as many times necessary, and keep rereading from time to time.

3rd - Now I recommend watching the Chart Reading Mastery course by Dr. Gary Dayton, it will serve as a review of everything you studied above, and if something still wasn?t clear for you, with this course it shall make sense. Watch this course as many times needed, go to charts, watch market replay, practice on demo, etc... before trading with real money.

If you did everything above then you should get a very good understanding of the method, then what is needed is practice practice practice, I mean a lot... This is a discretionary method, an art. If you don´t practice you don´t build trust in the method then you gonna hesitate to take the trades.

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I have been in the work force for 30+ years doing the standard 9-5 bullshit with nothing to show for it. Now that I no longer have the dead weight and financial vampire of a wife hanging about, I would like to start dabbling in the stock market.

I understand there are risks but no risk no reward. Does anyone have any tips or advice that would help me to not lose my shirt?


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@Fawk_Face been there, done that.


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@Fawk_Face way too volitile right now.

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