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about a day ago  WhereAreAllTheGoodMen

@Green_Echoe I tagged RPS because I am also a site admin

As a woman your time IS limited on here (;

So, yes, I would absolutely hop over to RPWomen. Like women here, men are not encouraged to stick around there either. It's also managed by women, men do not operate that so it's a perfect space.

They'll give you a better, and also anecdotally driven, direction that we can't provide.



Here's some valuable life advice

If you ever want to find a good man, read FDS and do the exact opposite of what they recommend. You will never find a good man following FDS. FDS will lead you down a broken and vindictive hole of hating men and cultivating narcissistic and manipulative abuse to find love, which will make it impossible to ever achieve genuine relationship.

You'll either end up marrying an abusive narcissist or die alone if you go the routes FDS encourages, because no healthy nor valuable man would ever respond positively to FDS tactics.

Unless of course you follow FDS purely for entertainment and examples of what not to do. Then it's fine to lurk

Join RP women

Detox away from FDS

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about a day ago  WhereAreAllTheGoodMen

@deeplydisturbed I don't doubt that it's part simping, I think the other part of it is that us RP men almost never get the opportunity to consequence free try to overtly red pill a woman.

When a woman stumbles in here it's a field day. I think it's more of a cathartic experience for men here than it is simpery.

I think it's more of a validation seeking of reciting the truth that is RP to a woman than it is getting her validation talking to her

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deeplydisturbed Sees simping where there isn't any

about a day ago  WhereAreAllTheGoodMen


You did well. I have done the same a time or two in the past.

It’s the slew of simping that rustles my Jimmies

FFS even here

Mankind is doomed. DOOMED I tell ya!

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about a day ago  WhereAreAllTheGoodMen

@Durek_The_Bald lmao.

Largely why I'm trying to direct her to the proper part of RP sphere

Appears to be good faith so I'm redirecting in good faith

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2 days ago  WhereAreAllTheGoodMen

@Green_Echoe technically, on this site (Site-Wide) outing yourself out as a woman would get you banhammered immediately and generally does @redpillschool

But thus far you've been respectful, I haven't seen a single man-shaming comment, and there has been good engagement with users volunteering time to respond

Have you considered looking at red pill women on Reddit?

That community is specifically designed for red pill aware women that are looking to achieve their dating and relationship goals through conversation with like-minded women

This site will have limited mileage for you as a self-proclaimed woman. RPW is a fantastic resource that is inherently going to be less abrasive from a help standpoint

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2 days ago  The Public Square

@Vermillion-Rx Good work.

It's been good this week. Posts seem to be higher quality with much more engagement.

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2 days ago  The Public Square

Complete and utter garbage post on forums red survived for about 15 minutes today before nuke.

How has everyone's user experience been this past week on forums and TRP red compared to before this week?

Any noticeable improvements thus far? I think I might occasionally gather community feedback about site quality from you guys

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3 days ago  The Public Square

@Bozza that's why my go to maneuver for a first night lay with no date beforehand is to cuddle and watch something.

I still escalate during the cuddle, just not the typical escalation ladder. Mostly just soft strokes, occasionally holding them tight etc.

Then I start moving to their legs and out a hand under their shirt on their stomach. They'll usually start stroking my arms in return and making body wiggles. Once they start squirming I call it gg and go for a kiss and then it's just normal GG for a lay. I virtually have never gotten LMR from that approach if I haven't yet taken a chick on a date or anything prior to that

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3 days ago  The Public Square

@Bozza I get most of my dirty looks from girls seeing another girl steal me for a dance when they were going to ask me

Most of the dirty looks are from intra female competition, yet I've never seen two girls hate eachother over it. The looks get thrown at me lol



3 days ago  The Public Square


Generally, I think a lot of guys get LMR because in their field reports there is almost always too much alpha game and rapid escalation without hitting the rest of the easy lay checklist

Definitely something to this. The faster the escalation, the more LMR.

If I take chicks out for drinks first, slowly build up the kino and sexual tension over a few hours - there's almost never any LMR.

Straight hook ups, you run into a lot more LMR. Not always, but usually there's more LMR.

Which would make sense. You've got no prior rapport or comfort, and the escalation has to be done in a shorter space of time.

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