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@redpillschool thank you Sir, you have been put on the guess list for Trance Party with models, free psilocybin included.

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I ca tell you there is plenty of hard work ahead of you. You can improve at the gym your physique, you can improve your speech and confidence taking course with TV presenters and Olympians and invest your money to earn quick return.

Fortunately our company host many parties where celebrities come to wind down. Except sports people and TV personalities, you will be able to meet @redpillschool that we have just invited to our annual Trance Party with Models. Guest DJ will be Mark Manson.

TO improve you finances quick, our portfolio will give you quick return on investment in our tax-heaven.

Protection is being provided by army detachment under @deeplydisturbed

Guest list spelling will be checked by @Typo-MAGAshiv

Safe quantities of psilocybin will be distributed by @woodsmoke

If you feel like talking about thigs out of this world @Acela_nextel will be giving a TEDtalk about space relationships with big headed aliens

AT the end of the night @carnold will be joining us for some meditations and mind relief

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A photo of me and a hot ex.

You know the golden rule: Girls love guys who are loved by other girls. Be careful with this ploy, you’ll need total plausible deniability. If she suspects that you intentionally left an ex photo in full view for

for that reason paintings and auto portraits work better, piece of art has inert plausible deniability.

Although random article I have just realised I have semi erotic picture of my ex on my wall, and nice painting of the other one.

One of them have a chance to become raging guerrilla feminist in Greece and maybe then it will be worth millions.

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Thank you Sir. You have also been put on the guess list now.

Please use code from this picture to book private apartment with 50% discount.

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First enquiries for new products start to come to our Cust Services.

This man requires something to keep his family healthy.


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I have prepared [cooked] 2 types of chicken meals - they are prepped exactly the same way.

1) fresh breast - it came out super dry, almost cant swallow without drink

2) frozen breast - it retains quite a bit of moisture and is comfortable to eat

is that expected?

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Pleaae find first dividends paid to your accounts following your payments.

We are going strong and on the course to pay out 27% interest at the end of financial year.

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@DonDripp chicken breast will have a lot of variation, and is really easy to go from done to overdone if you don't time it right. This is especially true if the skin is off.

I recommend switching to thighs. More flavor, and more testosterone-building nutrients like zinc.

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@Typo-MAGAshiv I use breast for simplicity. Drop 2-3kg in the pan, drop some tomato, herbs, cover. Leave to simmer in the water that gets released - stir once. IDK can I do the same with thighs?

Testosterone boost stuff is interesting.


I want it to be tasted in #intergalactic canteen.

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I can see another depth to it.

Vs can't be traded but can influence...

After all I have ties with United States Securities and Exchange Commission, that let's me have some insight on how trading works.

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