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Russia as a society has no respect for the individual life of its members

Whether Russian government has or doesn't have respect for individual life doesn't contradict the fact that Russian society is accustomed to death and sacrifice due to historic invasions of their country.

some animals are more equal than others

The statement about not recruiting from certain regions is true. Same thing happens in Ukraine.

Putin is a psychopath

Don't forget that he's gone mad, he died a few times, he was supposed to be removed by his own generals and his regime was supposed to fall a few times already.

Everything you wrote is PiS or NATO talking points and propaganda. Didn't expect I will encounter a Wukrainiec on this site. It is pointless to argue with people like you, which admittedly I had to learn the hard way during last 2 years, so I'm going to leave you with a quote from Dmowski: "There are many Poles who hate Russia more than they love Poland".

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"Political decisions as function of how much Russian Sasha likes Ukrainian Sasha" So much for brotherhood.

You misunderstand or I didn't phrase it clearly enough: by "Russians didn't want a war" I mean common people. The rulers of the Russia made a political call for the good of the Russia, despite the "brotherhood" - this is why Ukrainians had to provoke the invasion by massively amping up the artillery strikes on the Donbas in last few days before the invasion.

This is why nations need to split,

No idea what you mean here.

It is not exactly easy to oppose central gov in Russia.

Not disputing that. That being said:

The fact whether it's easy or not to oppose it has no bearing on whether Russians had faced nation-ending historical invasions that brought massive death and required massive sacrifice to oppose. One doesn't mean the other is incorrect.

hanging on keeping people generally poor, misinformed, uneducated.

Russian economy is a long discussion, so are the other 2.

, they absolutely had a right to invade Ukraine

Yes they did. Ukraine was and is controlled by USA/NATO and was their tool used to weaken, destroy or convert Russia b/c Russia, specifically Putin, refused to join their modern version of NWO, whatever it currently supposed to be.

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More like THIS is what USSR 2.0 collapse is going to look like when Glorious Leader leaves power vacuum:

If anyone has fake nationalism, it's Russia.

Russia didn't partition in the deepest economic crisis during the 90s, it won't now when it's much more developed. On top of that Russians feel Russian, they don't feel Siberian etc. As for the "fake" - Russias history ingrained in them the "defend the Motherland" idea - which is why it's so effective right now: it is simply a historical facts that lead to developing this mentality over the course of last 800years. There's nothing fake here, they really do think like that.

Putin is NOT a nice guy.

Whether Putin is a nice guy or not is irrelevant. What matters is his actions, which, from the historical perspective are good for Russia and Russians b/c they secure their existence in a country free from predatory exploitation and assures they won't be sacrifices as proxy vs China.

Why didn't NATO want Putin to join?

NATO is a defensive pact. Let's do Europe with that in mind: defensive against what or who? Estonians? Finns? Italians? Clearly the only on-par player who can realistically threaten NATO in Europe is Russia. Thus if you have Russia in NATO - who is to going to be defending from? NATO is implicity hostile to Russia b/c lack of Russia as enemy is an existential crisis for NATO.

This will ultimately define whether Ukraine can sufficiently muster masculine energy and support (and lives) to reclaim their ancestral lands.

Can you tell me how much "masculine energy" is needed to destroy T-72? Or how much of it is needed to detect a cruise missile? Perhaps you can muster masculine energy to use instead of ammunition?

Few are shedding tears over Wagner mercenaries that died to take Bakhmut or the Storm Z's or Eurasian conscripts being thrown into the Avdiivka

You don't understand Russia at all. They do mourn them. It's just that when you move from individual level to the level of society Russians are historically used to death and sacrifice.

Ukrainians are the indigenous people of their lands

Kyiv was the origin of Slavic culture so Russians are merely confused Ukrainians

Doesn't really matter if they are or aren't. Being native in your own land is not a permission to act against the important interests of other nations especially if it's done under the auspices of hostile entity, which what NATO is to Russia.

Israel, on the other hand, is the homeland of the Jews with this caveat: the Bible claims they invaded and genocided the region 3000 years ago,

It's not their homeland if they invaded and genocided the locals. But that's beside the point. Even if they were natives (which they aren't just to be clear), it is not a permission to kill non-Jews who live there among them.

Putin laughably thinks that Kievan Rus justifies Russia conquering Kyiv

This is not the basis for a political decision of why Russia went to war. This is propaganda for normies like you. A common Russian didnt' want to invade Ukraine ("it must be ours again"), simply b/c they considered them a "brotherly" nation, many of Russians had family in Ukraine and vice versa, both countries had major economic ties linking them. You have to distinguish propaganda from the real reasons.

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I reject anybody’s assessment of me on here

No, you don't. You want to be read and you want your victim mindset validated - which you have proven dozens of times by lashing out at people who disagree with your preferred interpretation. That is both damaging to you and waste of people's time.

So let’s assume I am a narcissist - again - NOW what?

The point is not to get you to admit it

The point is to get though the truth behind your statements. Just as we deconstruct female speak and meaning behind it. The point is to explain to others who are they dealing with and thus take it into account when interacting with you. For example I can clearly see that you toned down the outbursts - but I see this not as improvement but as adaptation, you went too far and it became too obvious. I think you didn't grow or make progress, you adapted your victim mindset and narcissism, dialed it down to the levels that are not obvious as before. If that is the correct explanation - why not just actually be like that, if you can?

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@AndrewTatesPancreas Classic narcissis:

you can get as many upvotes as you want

"I don't care that multiple people told me the same diagnosis and gave me the same solutions. You can tell me this as many times as you want (which agreeing with Durek via upvotes is). "

Narcissists avoid the truth.

but you ignoring my dms

Worst thing you can do to a narcissist is to ignore him or ignore, don't acknowledge and don't validate his stories.

making blanket judgements based on one’s rants on here

He made judgments based on more than 6 months of YOUR rants (and other behaviour), meaning YOU could have chosen and to not write rants at any point.

Narcissists always attack the people who invalidate their stories. The fact that someone told the truth about him instead of validating his fantasies is a personal attack of highest order.

You are making diatribes

Any of Durek's posts is a few times shorter the any one of your posts from askTRP. He is concise and to the point in his diagnosis.

as if your judgement on a situation has been proven correct

His judgment is the same as mine and not that dissimilar from a dozen other guys here. The upvotes don't validate his post as true - instead the upvotes mean people agree with him, they share similar opinion.

with a crumb of the full picture

Another classic: "don't judge me you don't know the full story".

You had at least 6 months to tell the full story, but instead every time you do the same spiel: "my vile exgf, I was held hostage, all women are whores, will this pain ever end, woe is me" or some combination of it.

It’s like me taking 10 comments you’ve posted on here and diagnosed your personality type and told you you have a disorder.

6+ moths of your posts, comments and general behaviour, not 10 recent comments.

Quite frankly it is arrogant.

Another classic "How dare you (invalidate my story)!"

Everybody has narcissistic tendencies.

You latched on to Destraht's explanation that Western culture makes people act like narcissists. Even if that theory would be true (and it isn't) - nobody on Western society acts like you do, nobody but narcissists anyway.

I drop mine in a month

No you won't.

and you’ll diagnose me with something else.

I told you you won't drop it. "I could stop my behaviour but you would call ma a different name so I wont stop it". You rejected the possibility of change a priori, on the basis of lack of reward, without realizing that the change IS the reward.

This seems to be a very American thing

Your bahavior is very American. Zero self reflection, only externalizing the blame onto something you have no control of, which removes the need for action on your part.

it’s all very lazy and non intellectual

There is no need to be an intellectual to see tough your pattern. Secondly, you don't need a 10 page long intellectual discourse, that would only validate your worldview.

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I'm becoming increasingly convinced you're just a vulnerable narcissist needing his fuel.

He is, he has all the classic behaviours.

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@JamesSkepp While I agree that the "5% of rape accusations are false" figure is low, it's important to remember in processing this study and when developing public rebuttals not to get the underlying reasons twisted. In logic, it's difficult to conclusively prove a negative. Also, the legal system doesn't even pretend to try to reach an affirmative finding of "innocent." Cases are determined to a level of "guilty" OR "not guilty" and that's all. Thus, the next figure in the chart "case did not proceed" reaches almost 45%.


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According to their own description, a claim can only be described as false if it made it to the prosecution stage and was then proven to be incorrect (...)

A full 45% of cases did not even make to the prosecution stage because of insufficient evidence. These claims may not be considered “false” under the legal definition, but they are certainly unsubstantiated under any common-sense framework.


From conversations with a number of officers, it emerged that there is an apparently fairly widespread opinion that the number of false reports of rape is very high. Several of the respondents believed, among other things, that there are "quite a lot" of fake reviews. Some said "half" - and a single person expressed it in the conversation as follows: "You know that almost all reports of rape are false, right?". Conversely, there was one officer who expressed that he definitely did not think there were many false reviews.

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How Many Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are False?
An Anonymous Guest Post |
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First video for reference of who the guy is, RP wise.

Second one is the joke, translated it goes like this:

  • Do you know why most of men's shirts have buttons on the right side?
  • Why?
  • Because most men are right handed.
  • And do you know why most women's shirts have buttons on the left side?
  • Why?
  • Because most men are right handed.
Polish MEP launches sexist tirade in EU Parliament
Polish conservative politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke left the European parliament aghast at a debate on the gender pay gap in Europe when he insisted that "wom... | YouTube


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What's even worse is that apparently the current Israeli government and a major part of it's population believe that they are fulfilling eschatological prophecy of literally summoning their Messiah. This means we moved from "we do it b/c we want the land" to "we do it b/c our religion tells us to".

This is one reason I (atheist) bristle to hear religious people of any faith labeling atheists as things like amoral and nihilistic.

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