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You just proved TRP is indeed a collective.


Collectives typically are hierarchal...and so is TRP. With ECs/mods/vanguards.

There may be no exact leader, but there is a structure where these individuals are given more credence over others.

If you didn’t have people telling you what to think when you first came (ie no sidebar no ECs), you’d be left to piece it yourself.

To think:

Which bits are important and which aren’t.

Which bits are true red pill and not purple.

Which bits are foundational and require internalising first and which bits is the last 5% to get.

Who is credible and who is not.

That’s where ECs/mods/vanguards and the sidebar (written these guys) come in.

ECs tell you exactly what you need to know and from then and only then can you make your own mind

Mods remove bad posts preventing the blind leading the blind.

The EC system also does that, you give more credence to them than someone else for exactly this reason.

At first, you must be told what to think (with a hint of skepticism).

The death of trp won’t come from feminists and us hanging up our capes saying you know what you are right.

It will come from lack of more knowledgable guys ie ECs and vanguards giving their input.

That’s exactly why asktrp has declined recently. Fewer and fewer ECs are there; it’s only Vas and maybe written on there regularly (without his shit posts) with the odd visit from nightwing, Heath and Keffir and McGill.

Last year, those guys were posting more often and we had another 2 regulars posting Fereally and Cain.

Now it’s becoming more blind leading the blind.

Think, what are your favourite bits from the red pill? The sidebar? Certain posts? Certain ECs?

You can name way more ECs/vanguards than normal users. And your favourite posts will be heavily skewed towards EC/Vanugard/pointed users or the sidebar (ie towards the top of the hierarchy).

Removing the top guys like ECs/mods etc won’t be the literal death of trp because as you said we could still band somewhere else, but it would be the metaphorical death because it would be blind leading blind.

Skepticism/free thinking only comes after being told what to think

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And what do we all have in common?

We are all from one collective place.

Even if it’s an online one.

And with it, we have learnt more than we ever could by ourselves.



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about a week ago  The Public Square


UN has globohomo agenda.

And...they are pedophiles.

You should look into how many leaders of their children charities/programmes have been arrested for child porn and shit like that

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Liberal politicians care more about the black vote than black people- Thomas Sowell



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6th grade response of “I know what you are but what am I”

Very gay.


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Collectivism is how you got here in the first place.

TRP started with vanguards like hsp/bsutansalt/whisper on r seduction.

These guys found they were not welcomed/couldn’t get their message across with blue pilled PUAs and women giving their unneeded 2 cents.

So what did they do?


They setup something bigger than each of them were individually.

What is TRP?

A collectivisation of men.

A collectivisation of men trading notes.

Part of the why reason why trp got so popular and was at its peak during 2013-2016 was because of the culture war back then.

During that time, the biggest part of the culture war was the gender war (feminism and the metoo movement.)

The peak of metoo/feminism coincides with the peak of trp.

Men had a COLLECTIVE enemy, and so collectivised.

(Not saying feminism or the metoo completely died out but now the culture war changed to trannies/lgbt/nig nogs).

Then, we found ourselves here on trp.red.

Despite our differences, what is the common denominator for everyone on here?

We all came from a collective (trp) and have a collective set of ideals/opinions.

We are not a echo chamber but we agree more than we disagree with each other.

By collectivisation, the vanguards created something much better than any of them could do by themselves.

Hell, they built something so big, that trp/asktrp combined has more people online than r seduction despite the latter letting girls in, having been here for longer AND are not quarantined.

With a collectivised trp , you can learn much more than you could by yourself.

Without collectivisation , you’d be relegated to just seeing the odd scattered comments on r seduction by these vanguards at best.

Much less effective.

There are plenty of things trp taught me that I don’t think I’d ever have figured out myself, I’d probably subconsciously know it but I wouldn’t know it with clarity.

Collectivisation isn’t without fault. I’m not saying it’s perfect.

As you said, it does promote herd think, you see it with liberals and with trads and even glogang.

Glogang hardly, if ever, had their own guys debating each other and questioning each other.

You’d think for a fringe group, there would be a variety of fringe ideologies present like fascism, state capitalism, monarchism or national capitalism but there aren’t.

They all somehow believe in the same shade of the same ideology.

But there comes a point when an enemy is bigger than one person (cultural Marxism, feminism or whatever you want), you yourself must become greater than one person.

You must collectivise to bring about great change.

That’s what the vanguards did.

That’s what the Spartans and romans did.

You can’t defeat everything as a single man.

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You are a fag.

But you are more right than wrong when you say collectivism> individualism.



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MLD is such a fail.

Top viewed video on his channel...25k views.

But these days, per video the channel only gets a couple thousand.

A couple vids can’t even break 1k views.

The market has spoken.

Your product is shit.

And if anyone would buy it, it wouldn’t be people on here.

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Fuckkk copy and paste doesn’t completely work, it cuts bits off randomly.

You got any quick ways to archive saved stuff?

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