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@Apollo @tchower @AFTSOV

Yeah, like dudes I realise how sad it looks me posting back and forth on Reddit with simps and soyboys. Let me acknowledge that.

It was SO quite at work, I saw the chick's pic and thought I'd just make a joke.

I was cringing. Yuck, man. The level of white knight virtue signalling. Lmao, for what? Cuz a guy said he'd smash a chick???

I was pissing myself. It's funny actually watching where some men are at. So ignorant. 'Live better dude'. .

I had to post it here to get some sanity back. That was like a trip to the twilight zone.

Imagine being so fucked in the head that an expression of male sexuality causes you to take up arms...on Reddit.

And I saw the dude's post history. Pale neck beard soy boy.

Not that I care. The whole thing was hilarious. Only a red pill aware guy would see the funny.

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Just browsed the comments...were some of these DMs?

I checked a couple profiles and....

One of the commenters was a neck beard soy boy and the other one was poster on one of those really virgin gamer type of games (team fortress I think).

Imagine my shock.

That’s not what’s “wrong with society”. That’s society evolving and becoming less tolerant of your trite self-serving objectification of women because society realized it was fuckin up by treating women as objects without agency.

Live better dude, and you’ll live more

One of the biggest problem with Reddit is that most of the users are midwit losers who think they are part of the intelligentsia and are your moral superiors.

And then to top it off, they have to always add some gay generic platitudes like live better.

downvotes and replies should be a wake-up call for you.'

Only soyboys genuinely care about their fake internet points and use that to determine what to think.

Soyboys are bona fide beta males who need to be told what to think, that’s why they rely on UPDOOTS and expect others to rely on them.

Never forget, vast majority of Redditors outside any reputable self improvement/manosphere subs are cringey liberal soyboys wasting time on vidya subs, circlejerking on political subs or wasting time looking at random pics/memes.

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Conversative Inc (your Ben Shapiro/Charlie Kirk) becry cancel culture but yet cancelled that woman because she supported nick Fuentes one time.

These are also the same people that say:

muhh Twitter/Facebook/Reddit is a private company go build your own one if you don’t like it.

What’s that? You can’t because your service provider banned you?

Go build your own server provider then.

What’s that? You can’t because you need a loan and the bank refused your loan?

Go build your own bank then.

Part of the reason why people seek refuge on places like here, voat etc is because Con Inc (ie your mainstream conservatives) at best did fuck all and at worst complicity or explicitly, in the case of Alex Jones, supported the very censorship that later came for them.


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It’s honestly the worst circle jerk I’ve ever lied eyes upon.

The worst thing is the people on there (not the bots) genuinely think they are the righteous free thinkers on the right side of history and everyone who votes trump is automatically a bad person.

May the gods, allah, zeus have mercy on them.



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Just rewatched dictator (Made in 2012) with a fwb and some things really stood out to me.

Look up the plot if you haven’t seen it but I’d like to focus on Zoey the human rights activist who offers Aladeen a job at her socially progressive, alternative lifestyle co-op after aladeen is betrayed and replaced.

Bear in the mind this is a film made in 2012, but all the talking points/characteristics of Zoey seem to be well ahead of its time:

1) Let’s shoot the obvious points first. Zoey doesn’t shave her armpits and has short hair like a typical feminist. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

But here are the points that I don’t recall existing in 2012:

2) in one scene, she calls the police fascists. Another scene, she calls a chain grocery restaurant fascist.

3) In another scene, she asks the police officer where did they get their “diversity and sensitivity training from” and also proudly admits she has a degree in “fem lit”

4) She has very pro-masturbation /pro coomer views where she not only teaches aladeen to masturbate but also when aladeen almost tries to shame her for masturbating by asking does she touch herself, she doesn’t register the shame at all and instead says “I think most healthy people do”.

5) In another scene, since aladeen has no clothes and has to scrounge around through donation bins, he is seen wearing a t shirt saying “menstruate with pride”. Something vice/buzzfeed would have said maybe around 2016/2017.

6) Zoey claims her store operates in “a non oppressive, non racist framework for all or no genders”.

7) She also mentions how “she’s the furthest thing from a racist” and that she “hasn’t had a white boyfriend since middle school”.

Now I know liberalism has been seeping into the west for decades now (idk when exactly it started, would love to know when though) however I thought until say around 2015 things were relatively normal.

I thought we only recently (say 5 years ago) went full clown world order and into late stage liberalism of calling anything fascist, taking diversity training, being vehemently pro masturbation and very open/prideful of menstruation, believing in many genders and white guilt.

Does anyone know when exactly did we go into this clown world order, it seems to be earlier than I thought.

And when exactly did the right start losing the cultural war? 1950? 1960?

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He dindu nothang!


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Okay so it seems like you are conflating testosterone therapy and test boosters.

Testosterone therapy is injecting roids (synthetic testosterone) to give you normal or above normal testosterone levels.

TRT= steroids but at normal doses.

Test boosters are different. Some are snake oil, some are real deal but all they do is boost your NATURAL testosterone levels.

Test boosters aren’t forms of synthetic testosterone.,%2c%20concentration%2c%20and%20muscle%20mass.

Do you honestly think people are suffering from high test these days?

Test levels have been decreasing 1% EVERY year for the last few decades.

Since 1950, t levels are almost halved. Many factors here at play.

Some obvious and some not so much. Eg obesity, environmental toxins, plastic, sedentary lifestyle compared to our grandads who had to do a lot more labour based work.

Our grandads at age 20 had more test than we do at 20.

Just like there’s a societal war on men, there is a Chemical war on men as well.

The medical field, similar to how feminists demonise men, have demonised testosterone and exaggerate the negative side effects of it.

They have moved the bars of healthy testosterone down from 309ng/dl-1200 Ng/dl to 200ng/dl-900ng/dl.

These doctors lie to young men and say their low levels of testosterone is normal.

And the educated men have to fight tooth and nail to get put on TRT when they clearly need it. And then if the doctor gives in, they still need to fight to get a good level of test rather than just average or below average.

Tons of stories of this shit happening.

Many test doctors are shit, they don’t want to help their patients have solid test levels.

Research testosterone on trp, r/testosterone as well.

Even give illimitable man’s last post a read.

He made a post on going on testosterone therapy and how many doctors don’t know their shit when it comes to this.

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@Elvis bruh wtf you talking about?

Natural t boosters don’t shorten your lifespan, that would be roids.

@Aftsov most t boosters are just snake oil.

But some supplements do help increase t.

Zinc and vitamin d.

Idk about Boron and copper specifically helping T but they are useful in other things.

Also, eat your vegetables. They contain anti estrogens which decrease estrogen (indirectly increasing test).

Estrogen and test have an antagonistic relationship. When t rises, estrogen decreases and vice versa.

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Welcome to 2020 where people believe in girl dick, men can have periods and saying only women have cervices is wrong.

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