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Desperate for a flair


Oh good lord what did I just see

Someone, quick! Eye bleach!!!

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Are you mateguarding your friends?

Let's address the issue of *who's dick is it?

I just got a new plate. She's got this trashy goth thing going on. Tattoos all over, died hair, weird makeup. My LTR isn't trashy so I like the contrast. It does it for me. I like it. And that's all that matters.

Now if you ask the spergs on here, their heads would nearly explode.

"She's got Tattoos bruh, and her hair isn't natural. She probably has a body count of more than two. Red flag bro! Red flag! Next her now."

Sorry to ruin your homoerotic fantasies of a torrid bromance gentlemen. If you care more about what makes you happy and have low key disdain about what makes your boys happy, you're a shitty friend. They should revoke your bro card. Everyone has different tastes, the numbering system is for morons and incels. Be happy that your friend is getting laid.

I like fir women and chunky chicks. A little cushion for the pushin'. I own it and it makes me happy. It's my dick.

So many newbies come here and play "are you proud of me daddy"? Don't date what you think strangers on the Internet will approve of. Most of them are neck beard larpers. Date the girls that make you happy. Get yourself a slump buster in a dry spell if need be. And pipe that shit with joy! Remember who's dick it is.

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She's got Tattoos bruh

The manosphere's seething hatred for all tattoos drives me nuts. They don't allow for any shades of gray, thinking that any ink = ruined forever!!!1

My wife and I both have a little ink, and it's all easily covered by normal clothes.

Oh, and the two biggest sluts I ever got with were both ink-free and had their natural hair colors. The only readily-apparent sign without getting to know them was their tongue piercings.

Be happy that your friend is getting laid

Caveat: if it's just sex, fuck yeah I'm happy for him. However, if he's offering commitment to an unworthy hobag or losing himself by kowtowing to one, I'll try to talk some sense into him.

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I'm happy to be older and wiser at this point. I know that all women are capable of fucking up my life no matter what they look like and also how to protect myself.

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This is a judge a book by its cover situation. I don't think anything is sus about a guy liking what he likes.

Do you know what I like about an LTR? It's not a marriage and your not obligated to stay.

This is a purely sexual situation. But I have had a goth slut girlfriend in the past. Those are nice memories.

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@deeplydisturbed bruh, Fiona is almost as hawt as Shrek himself!

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@Vermillion-Rx This sounds awesome.

A lucky dip feature would be fun. Eliminate all that swiping hassle and just smash with confidence. For a fee, you get matched to someone the app scores as having equal SMV to you. You will not see your match's face until they appear at your door ready to smash. Then you have to go through with it but you can rate them afterwards, so you had better not be crap.

If you have had a few beers with your mates, you could all get a lucky dip and see who gets the fattest girl -he will be the biggest minger.

You could also add in a paid enhancement feature to lucky dip. Someone can agree on their profile, that they will smash someone else of lower SMV if they get half the enhancement fee in return. So say a 5 wants to smash a 10, he might pay $500 and the slag keeps $250. Its not pimping or prostitution if you are paying for an upgrade on the app is it?

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or dig in and absolutely fuck up your life.

The ones who seem so normal at first can do that too

Wahmyns, amirite?!

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Maths like a woman


On the one hand, I know damn well I'd have no more success on Smash than I do on the other apps.

On the other hand, the idea is so beautifully simple and brutally honest in its utility I really want it to be a real thing regardless.

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Damn this crazy horse is proving mighty difficult, but what a ride!

That's exactly what everyone says about your mom.

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