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@Changecomesfromwithin (That's why I've not made a hard decision. I'm getting mixed messages. We sleep together and she's all cute when we are together. Then apart it's like distant and not engaged).

that's because she's already got another guy or busy trying to get him.

You live together? Split rent? Lease is on who's name? Focus on exiting. Sure have fun with her, with realization she's on her way out. Be ready for it.

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@Changecomesfromwithin wow, there's a lot there to unpack

There's so many red flags for a relationship there man.

selfish, impulsive, many male friends with ex's too, dress like a slut at work, down with you, and basically daring you, "when something is missing, I'll move on". She doesn't admit when wrong, doesn't really apologize.

Why do you want to stay with this woman? You need to have standards and respect for yourself. You are the prize man, not her.

She's distant, getting fit, etc. She's moving on man. Do you pay more in this relationship? She's using you.

She's going out for drinks friday? You sure that's it?

I'd rather be on my own, than with a woman like that.

That's my advice.

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@lurkerhasarisen (you can't be very witty without being pretty smart)

I'm looking at it as personality, for Casual sex/etc, it's about being (fun). cocky attitude,etc, is it witty? maybe?

I think most women want fun, versus witty or intelligence for the Casual hookup.

for RMV, intelligence comes in handy, usually comes with decent $$ also, women definitely understand that.



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@lurkerhasarisen (Intelligence does little for smv)

Agree, it has almost nothing to do for smv, it's really under the RMV area.

personality, wit,etc, doesn't have much to do with intelligence. Agree again, being too smart is a turn off for many women.

Real world example. Are male engineers considered sexy to women? probably not unless they got a six pack to go with it.

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@Vermillion-Rx (do women talk about good lays they've had from men)?

Yes, in descriptive detail.

also, if a women has feelz/in love with a guy, he's by default the best she's had.

any woman, in love, her guy is the best she's had. It's not true typically, but her hamster has to rationalize it that way, because, like, why would she stop looking if he's not that good?

Read some of the purplepill threads, like every girl on their, many admit they were total sluts going after athletes,etc, will say her current guy is the best. Like every one of them. If you tell them, this is just not possible, you will be attacked and banned for sure.



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@woodsmoke yes, a lot of what you say I agree.

women today, earn their own money, are pushed to not rely upon a man, do not submit.

In US, in 20-30 age group, women out earn men, that will continue into later decades and is increasing. They are in effect, setting themselves up for an unhappy life.

This impact on men is, they have less choices with women and the women they do have a chance with, she's always pushing to be the leader, she doesn't really submit to him. so, why should he commit to be in a LTR with her, it's going to fail.

some will say, stick with girls who want to be SAHM, etc. Well, then what, you ahve a few kids, they get to school age and she decides she wants her freedom, takes more than half of your money, gets palimony and the kids and you get an apartment. I've seen that myself.

Stay single seems to be the best. but again, with kids in the equation, it doesn't matter at that point.

But, TBH. In the older days (even before my time, way back in the nuclear family days). Many marriages were not happy, they were just taking care of the kids, sexless, dead end. I'd say most of the marriages I saw when I was young, were probably like that. The difference from today? They usually stayed together

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@Bozza agree with a lot of what you say. I mean it's TRP 101, Be a man with options.

Keep your SMV high, (lift, stay in shape), have your shit together but of course live the life you want.

keep your friends , keep your hobbies. Always let her know you are interested in other women and other women are interested in you.

yes some women keep trying to "be the boss/leader". let those girls go, they are fighting themselves, let them



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I would've agreed with you a couple of months ago.

But i feel that the issue is deeper.

Women desire power, power & control over their men.

It used to be that to get it, you had to play the damsel in distress.

Now? Why fake it? She can be a rabid cunt and still get her man to do shit for her.

In your observations, have you noticed any particular types of females who desired power and control over others, or has it been all of them?



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@Lionsmane8 (I've yet to run into one)

I've run into quite a few, but of course, I wasn't in very LTR's with them, so who knows , right?

Like you said, if they are in it for the long game, it's tough to tell. Once she gets the ring, or the kids, game's over.

I think today, what i tell my sons is, hide your money, don't show it, don't appear that you have money. See if she offers to pay for stuff and once you get into a relationship, you make it an expectation. so, in this case, she didn't see money, hopefully isn't after the money.

Vet, vet and more and don't get married. If you want kids, then that's real tough, marriage at that point doesn't even matter because she's got you by the balls

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@lurkerhasarisen (some will change as they get older)

Yes, a girl who's a feminist at 21, may not be at 25. If you first meet her at 25, you wouldn't know the difference.

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