1y ago  No Nothing November

We're a month away from NNN already.

I'll need to think of a new habit to break lol

What habits are you looking to change?

I laugh bc it all started here last Nov. I took a stand to stop spending on fast food and start cooking at home. Minus a birthday street taco and BBQ dinner, and my time in PA... I have cooked almost every single day since last November. Every week I sit down and plan out what I'll eat for the week. I'll make a list of ingredients and I shop every Tues. Being organized with my food has helped immensely with my daily structure

In March I began working out 4- 5 times a week. I started walking miles a week. I even started taking cardio classes at the Y. In April, I started cutting sugar and carbs. By June 1, I had lost 5% of my total weight. I hit my first weight goal.

A schedule change and 3 weeks in PA changed my workouts to mainly walks. I was clocking 12K- 15K a day in steps, though. Now that I'm trying to get back on track, I started with the classes again. I still walk 10 miles a week.

By Jan 1, I want to reach my next (and probably final) weight goal of 10 more lbs.

I know I can do it.

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2y ago  No Nothing November


I think there is a dozen posts of mine in the last hour missing from the The Public Square. Did they get caught in some kind of spam filter?

2y ago  No Nothing November

@Flaky_Session What field you going into?

2y ago  No Nothing November


I had an i9 and a 3080, probably could have made some decent passive income from it.

Ah well.

When I decided to stop gaming, I simply gave away my xbox, genesis, and NES to the Salvation Army. Then I bought a new HD for my computer, popped it in, bagged my old one, and installed a Linux distro OS. It was less of a headache on my end, but it's good to read that your actions are reaping you rewards. Keep at it.

cc: @TiberiusBravo87

2y ago  No Nothing November

@TiberiusBravo87 I had an i9 and a 3080, probably could have made some decent passive income from it.

Ah well.

2y ago  No Nothing November

@TiberiusBravo87 I never even considered rigging it for mining. I am unsure how profitable it would have been, however, I'm currently using this MacBook which I am using for my business (I think it will be far more profitable than BTC or ETH mining).

2y ago  No Nothing November

I had two debilitating addictions:

  1. Porn
  2. Video Games

Sold my gaming PC and used that money to buy a MacBook a few weeks ago. Haven't played any video games since.

Haven't jerked off for about 3-4 weeks ago also. Don't even get the urge anymore. Strange how such a big addiction can just go away like that...

Figured out how F'ed up my life is. Currently moving out, sold a bunch of crap that I don't need, met with some people and we're now setting up a business. This shit works guys.

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2y ago  No Nothing November

@carnold03 Don't eat white bread. Either go wholemeal or sourdough. I prefer sourdough.

2y ago  No Nothing November


is it too unhealthy though?

I was unaware bread was toxic.

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