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@deeplydisturbed Demi Moore was a total milf

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Perhaps you are under 30. Anyone older than that likely knows that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were one of the most powerful couples on the planet for about a decade.

Then Ashton Kutcher came along and Demi went with him, There's a whole series of dramas with these two.

I think Bruce Willis now has dementia.

It has nothing to do with the show. They were a couple in real life.

I just happened to be binge watching the show (never saw the whole thing back in the day) and this scene popped up and I was like....

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@deeplydisturbed the 1% were probably privileged slave owners who lived throughout the periods

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@deeplydisturbed yeah you would, considering most people likely have never seen the movie.. but thanks for spelling it out lol

But yeah, that's fore shadowing indeed. Story of 99% of every guy who could get bitches in the history of mankind

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Geez, If I have to spell it out...

The video shows Bruce Willis, the actor, getting smitten by his actual real life future wife (Demi Moore), and the chick in the elevator saying "She'll only end up breaking your heart" - which is exactly what happened in real life.

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@deeplydisturbed I don't get it. What part is the foreshadowing?

I like both the girls here. One gives thrill of the chase, the other will make her interest clear enough.

There's one more type which is the shy/demure type.

And you also got the tsundere type who hide the interest behind a bitchy facade.

That's pretty much the 4 types ways girl show interest.

Lemme know if there is any type I missed.

Unlikely though since I am such a pussy magnet

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Wow. This one is quite specific and very real.


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TV series from the late ‘80’s

Every. Single. Episode.

Full of red pills

Blue pills

Black pills

Purple pills

Very enjoyable and innovative show for its time

On Hulu

You’re welcome

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This song originally came out in the 80s when I was a love-thirsty young man, and my Blue Pill interpretation at the time went something like, "Awww, she's come to her senses and finally appreciates a good man!" From my Red Pill perspective today, it's clear that this is the anthem of a post-wall woman settling HARD.

Bridge lyrics: And it used to be for a while
That the river flowed right to my door
Making me just a little too free
But now the river doesn't seem to stop here any more...


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