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checked for depression lol

Nah you're ok

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@Typo-MAGAshiv I was always aware of it, but for some reason I couldn't get myself to do anything about it. I remember her telling me several times that I should maybe get checked for depression lol.

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I'm 16

minor alert!

Now comes the problem, I have no feelings towards this.

How the fuck is that a problem?

I'm completely fine

You just answered your own question.

and just hung out with 2 bad bitches today.

Jawesome! So what's the problem?

The whole time, I was giving her the world and buying her shit and giving her all the love and she was going around flirting w other guys.

You simped. You put her on a pedestal and acted shocked that she looked down on you. You made yourself a doormat and got surprised when she walked all over you.

Sounds like good riddance.

What do I do to extract that sweet motivation and drive from this event??

Fuck motivation and other emotional bullshit. Discipline is far better than motivation.

[entire post as a whole]

You were with a fatty whom you treated better than she deserved, and now that it's over, you feel nothing and have two new bitches who are more attractive.

do you have an actual problem with which you need advice? Or did you just come here to brag?!

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Help. I had a breakup and now im weird?

I'm 16, dated a fat chick but I didn't mind cause I genuinely liked her. However, she was flirty with every other guy and posted stories of guys she knew and talked to guys otp at 4am while she hung up on me, didn't wanna hang out etc. Funny thing is she got jealous of my 8/10 female bsf and the fact that girls actually flirt with me and want me. She broke up because I called out her cheating and she was like "wow I can't believe you'd say that and then posted a guy 5 min after our final talk (she thought I unadded her) with heart emojis and I blocked her ass.

She's a classmate and I genuinely liked her and having to see her ruin my friend circle (2 guys have alr unfollowed me and removed me because ofc they're tryna hit so they gotta act all caring) is annoying.

Now comes the problem, I have no feelings towards this. Yeah I feel a little sad and kinda miss things but I don't feel any impactful sadness or motivation after this breakup. I'm completely fine and just hung out with 2 bad bitches today. I outrank her in looks by 20 miles, if I'm a 6/10 she's a 2/10. I know I should have some sort of motivation to suddenly become 10x better but?? I don't feel anything towards anyone at all. I am a little scared that maybe after a couple months of me processing this I'll break down or sum shit.

Everyone around me (that wasn't her friend) gave me the whole as long as ur happy dawg multiple times and I even got made fun of for being w her. The whole time, I was giving her the world and buying her shit and giving her all the love and she was going around flirting w other guys.

So, am I cooked for not feeling any emotions towards this? What do I do to extract that sweet motivation and drive from this event??

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@Amazing_Egg the fact that you even realize it's a problem is a good start

Just start paying more attention to what you do, and stop as soon as it starts. Eventually new habits replace old.

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How do I stop getting complacent and emotionally depend on women?

I've noticed a pattern with my two exes, and it's the fact that for a while after we meet I'm still the cool guy with goals and a great social life that they like, and I don't really care that much about them leaving, which makes them fall even harder for me and be loyal (that's what I care about the most lol).

However, after an undetermined amount of time, especially after some bad event happens in my life, I get lazy, complacent, and stop hanging out with my friends and instead I focus 100% of my attention on the girl that I'm dating (this happened with my current ex, if you would like to hear the full story I'll write it out in a comment below), and then she leaves.

I can't seem to break out of this cycle, and although now I am somewhat motivated by the recent breakup, I am afraid of fallng into the pit once again, especially if I start dating someone else.

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Share your personal anecdotes of soy boys guarding women from men the women are clearly attracted to.

I was 27 years old. I made eye contact with this 7.5/10 QT3.14, and when she returned my gaze with a wicked little smile and adjusted her hair, I knew it was on like Donkey Kong.

I went right into my surefire method, nailing each step in the sequence because I'm just so alphawolfsigmahawk. Just as I began to hand her the onion, I heard this effeminate voice call out:

leave her alone, you misogynistic, Shrekfan fuckboy! She isn't interested!

A group of white knight soyboys had come up behind me as I was working my magic. I responded:

there are layers to this situation, just like with this onion, and the four of you are just envious of my layers.

The one who had spoken first took a sip of his soy Chai latte, and replied:

onions are a symbol of patriarchal oppression, you cishet fascist incel fuckboy.

Normally I'd have been a bit leery of going up against 4 other dudes, but these soyboys were skinny-fat weaklings. I figured I'd intimidate my way out of this.

do you little wimps even lift, bro?

Appalled, they replied in unison:

only fascist Trump supporters lift weights, you right wing racist.

I laughed and retorted with:

racist? That word has no power, especially when all of us are white and no one even mentioned race before now. I was going to give this onion to a special lady, but I think you need it more.


I shoved the onion into the leader's mouth.

The other three pulled out various weapons, from a sock full of pennies, to a chain with a bike lock, and a grocery bag with a can of soup.

Pantifa faggots! I should have known! Oh Shrek, where are you?

I called out.

The soyboys burst out laughing (except for the first one, who was still trying to get the onion out of his throat and mouth).

Shrek is symbolic of patriarchal oppression, and isn't even real!

They replied.

I don't know if they were distracted by the laughter, or if the smell of the onion I'd shoved in their leader's throat masked the new odor of more onions wafting our way.

ey, laddie, better even those odds!

It was Shrek! And he had his trusty onionzooka!

He didn't even need to use it; the soyboys all turned and ran.

well, laddie, aren't ye going to finish making her into your tradwife?

He asked me.

Before I could reply, the QT3.14 interjected:

I choose Shrek!

...as she leapt into his massive arms.

mogged! better luck next time, laddie!

Though i didn't get laid that night, I was still grateful for the assistance.

Shrek is love.

Shrek is LIFE.

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Share your personal anecdotes of soy boys guarding women from men the women are clearly attracted to.

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@carnold03 to answer your other question when i was studying architecture i was worki g a part time job, but now i'm in a alternship work study

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i was studied architecture for 3 year and intook a year off during covid and i switched to computer science

That's interesting, but you skipped the other questions I asked and I'm not going to pry. However, no man is an island. As you're transitioning from architecture to computers, it might benefit you to make yourself available to attend computer related events during the weekends and holidays as time permits and branch outward from there. Ask your classmates and instructors how you might get that going. Try French language computer forums to find out what sites such events are promoted on of they can't help. If you've still got an interest in architecture, make yourself available to attend events touching on that as well. Even something as simple as taking a different route home once in a while is enough to start to help you maintain the momentum of pulling yourself out of the stagnant funk you're in.

As for women, consider investing into a reliable ready reference you can pick up and study to better prepare yourself for engaging the opposite sex. I'd suggest that you get yourself a copy of Doc Love's "The System: The Dating Dictionary". Doc Love, who until his passing was also known as Tom Hodges, wrote a weekly advice column that's archive is mirrored on several mens focused sites and a podcast. His media is a bit pricey, but it's a solid foundation a guy can branch out from in RP aware circles. I'd suggest you review his advice column to decide if his view on dating and relationships is aligned with what you aspire for yourself. To save yourself a search, give this scribed link a gander to find out if his book is something you'd like to add to your library. It should also be available on libgen.

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