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An intriguing twist on the COVID-19 front, people who have been sick from dengue fever or vaccinated for it have some resistance to COVID-19. This has been observed in Asia and South America. This means available and safe Dengue vaccines could be a potential stop-gap before a COVID vaccine comes out. And I am very hesitant to try any COVID vaccine due to how fast they are being developed and safety protocols being ignored.




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@carnold03 yeah im a normie who spends 8 hours a day on netflix or the hypnotobox. PSYCH -- ill watch movies occasionally with my family or girlfriends. Enjoy life bro.



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Brotip #2: Serialize Your Dating




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@Pan87 There is no meaning. We are held responsible to give it one.

You guys know theres a 4th dimension right?

The universe is so abstract compared to human perception. Even Autistic Atheists are disabled when they face this reality.

If you think sex is the meaning of a mans life, then you just wanna fuk.

However to other men it is different.

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.

"Buts its science! You Rational toilet!"

Biology doesn't have meaning it has functions.

Science is not a religion.

Men fuk.

That's it. There's a drive to, yes. However so is there a drive to shit.

Is shitting the meaning of life?

Of course it is faggot.



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@Pan87 Bro, exactly.

In the Homosexual Male it states:

The true Alpha male has an DGAF mindset.

In the Book of Poop, this text states:

You should fuck her grandpa. Do it faggot.

Wow, incredible. Such profond wisdom. I will repeat these words into my head everytime I see a HB 6. Law of attraction mudda fucka

As a dark triad sigma male, I really find it enlightening.


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"Stone-Cold Killer" youtu.be/zye0af4etdq

As a reminder, please join us in our 54-day Rosary Novena in the run-up to the election, 2020nationalnovena.com/optin1598968688164

Let's cut through all the garbage and platitudes about a nation mourning a "trailblazing" jurist. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a stone-cold killer who sent tens of millions of children to their deaths before they ever saw the light of day.

All this talk about her nice, sweet demeanor is nothing more than talk. And from a theological point of view, consider this: A few days ago when she closed her eyes on this life (forever) and opened them up on the next (forever), she would have been met, in part, by that throng of millions and millions of children she was instrumental in executing.

Transcript continues here: www.churchmilitant.com/video/episode/vortex-stone-cold-killer

#2020 #TheVortex #MichaelVoris #ChurchMilitant #Faith #US #America #Christianity #SpiritualWarfare #PsychologicalWarfare #RomanCatholicChurch #CultureWar #RuthBaderGinsburg #SCOTUS #Jewish #Feminism #RabbinicalJudaism #Abortion #Infanticide #Heaven #Hell

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@AFTSOV You subscribe to tv?



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@Apollo She is a white woman with a Hawaiian tan, they didn't want another Rachel Dolezal incident. Most people don't think on that angle but it's happened often enough with Warren, Dolezal, etc. that they don't want the embarrassment since they are the party with such an overt minority racial fetish. Harris only gets by because some of her family is Jamaican black, sorta like how they gave Obama a pass for being black enough even though he claimed his Irish descent for St. Patrick's day every year.

There are so many enigmatic loopholes in these webs of lies surrounding all Democrats that I'm surprised these people are not all glitching out going "good morning, sunday morning" like Pelosi did on live TV.


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So basically a democrat.

That said, I’d still contend she was the best of them even if its just because of the anti war sentiment.

What I find funny is how the dems didn’t d ride her to kingdom come...she was a woman...and of colour.

She went on Rogans podcast and they both alluded that the only reason why she wasn’t pushed and instead slandered was because she wasn’t of the establishment and couldn’t be bought.



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Indeed. Aside playing games with women, what else is there really?

Monk Mode is all well and good (if you've been zeroed-out), but it gets boring. Especially when the twinge in your dick tempts you back out in the Dark Triad world that we inhabit.

The Meaning of Life for Man is simply emptying your nut sack over and over again.

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