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Before you let the Onetis sweep you off your feet, remember rule sixteen.



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@MrUnknown if youre the alpha, you need to lead.

When the bullshit starts, command the class.

If you're paying for this, you definitely need to take control of the class, in a non bitch way.

You aren't there to make friends or to gossip. You're there to train and that's it.

The girls are an unnecessary distraction, who are wasting your time and possibly money.

If trainer can't lead, the alpha needs to.

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What kind of training is it?

Just let retards be reatards.

Do what you have to do and get out.

They are acting like childern, treat them accordingly.

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Also any advice for surviving the next three weeks?


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I need to get this shit off my chest.

I'm in training with a group of girls and two guys. One of the guys seems slightly more red pilled. Still, he's still to accepting of the women's shit.

I get on alright with them. The trainer guy has lost control of the class. It's all woman speak. Woman banter. Low class, speaking about tinder, thinking the sun shines out their ass when they speak about normal stuff.

I called one of the women out because she was looking for praise for eating food. A basic body function. I lost my patience and told her "You want praise for a basic body function? The amount of food you ate is rookie numbers. If you want to be a competitive eater, you need to eat more."

Completely lost my patience with the childish shit going on. I love banter like anyone but I'm finding my ability to learn being impeded by noise. Like chickens clucking constantly.

Should I prep for a backlash? How should I play this?

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@Dr_Cockasaurus Cute rock band recommendation, your husband suggest it to you?

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You know how children believe in dumb, but kinda cool sounding shit like Santa or the tooth fairy?

Same thing here.

Women are children.


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What’s the theory behind this?


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Wait till y’all hear my 25-30 song LP.

I have too many good songs.

I’ve decided to make it my life’s work. My purpose.

The thing about the entertainment industry is money kills truth. So I’ll work my blue collar job as an electrician while working on this album that will stand the test of time.

Better than Kiss and Queen.

Going to take me 5 years though lmao. I play all the instruments.

But y’all see.

Whenever you're ready.

cc: @Initial-Glove @TYPO-MAGAshiv

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