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@Antelope Yea. You got it. But I don't get what George has to do with anything or why you're sending me a link to mainstream media.



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@TiberiusBravo87 The problem that I have with racism is that the whole thing is bullshit.

I don't think you're an idiot, so humour me.

There are differences between people of different races. Your diet, heritage, environment and history have a genetic impact on you.

You can just look at the demographics for athletes to see that.

But a lot of the differences that exist are also a result of the environmental and social impact that that culture and race has endured.

If I took a black kid, white kid, native kid, etc and gave them the same education in isolation. It's not like the Asian kid is suddenly going to unlock some math ability, the white kid is going to have an affinity to axes because of some Norse blood and the black kid is going to drop a sick rap beat.

That kind of nonsense is the same shit that the left seems to believe with bullshit affirmative action, privilege nonsense, and needing to protect minorities.

So, when I see a white supremacy argument that shit stinks as much as a black person demanding treatment due to the pigmentation of their skin.

It's the exact same fucking thing.

You can cherry pick all the statistical data you want to illustrate that one group is better, but I seriously doubt that you did the research into all the factors about Zimbabwe, of all places, to be able to definitely say that it's because of blacks.

It's also the same shit social justice warriors do.


Take a step back.

It's always about people controlling people. Those people are people of wealth, influence and power.

I don't care if they are black, white or blue. We're not part of that group. So they don't have our best interests in mind. I don't think Jamal from Detroit is pushing legislation in Washington.

You shouldn't either.

Also, who do you think is truly benefitting from this shit?

What I do see is a feedback loop. Racial division is pushed. More inequalities and injustice is done. One group is set against the other as more and more freedoms are eroded in the guise of progress. Whites are told they are evil. Whites get mad and attack blacks. Media spins it as a race thing. Blacks get angrier and demand more rights to protect against inflated aggression. Repeat.

So, cut that shit out of your life. You are directly contributing to this shit.

I don't care what fucking skin tone the hand that tries to put a collar on me is.

That brings me to my second point.

You're not Rambo.

Globalism and the sheer gullibility of the masses has already lost the war.

There aren't "millions of people" who are going to storm the Whitehouse and do a militant revolution.

If you believe that then you're either living in a fantasy, or I've wasted whatever time I took to write this.

Again, I'm not attacking you but trying to show you that if you think that owning your AR-15 is on par with overthrowing the US government through arms then I challenge you to punch a cop and see how that works out.

This isn't the American revolution. People don't care and are too lazy to start. Those that care aren't in any position to be a threat because they're still there.

The media controls the narrative so that IF you show up, you'll be a terrorist or labelled as a nut child killer.

There's technology that is tracking you, your family and friends constantly on you.

You don't have the connection, or influence wealth or power (see my past point).

And even IF and that's a big fucking IF, you did have anything that could move a flea off a dog's ass, you can be bought.

Your family can be bought.

People you trust will turn.

So, dial back that bravado and shit out.

You're a grown man not a teen who thinks he can kick that biker's ass because you've seen Van Damme in Lionheart.

You're the grown man barking to strangers that you'll kill other people drinking the same brand of Kool-Aid but different flavour not realizing that this fantasy war that you've idolize had come, gone and massacred everything you thought you had.

But who knows.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you're a billionaire that's living off the grid with a highly elite militia composed of a dozen army corps and supporters in all levels of the government devoted to the founding fathers. You guys have a well structured strategy and plan to restore freedom and bring justice to the land.

Maybe there's a racial hierarchy with Asians on the top for brilliance and blacks on the top for athletics and we've all gotta enjoy mediocrity.

Who knows?

Try to see that I'm not against you personally. We're all on the same planet. I'd rather have a neighbour that's objective and level headed than one that's circle jerking in a shitty fantasy while tossing more fuel into our burning houses.

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@TiberiusBravo87 Non whites aren't able to maintain technology, economy.. What?



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@redpillschool Zuck is totally a human. Did you not see the BBQ sauce on the bookshelf?

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@JamesSkepp Science requires research and evidence that is consistent. Faith just requires belief.

You can show all the reasons you want but the more faith someone has the more unlikely you are to sway them.

This goes double if they've looped in an identity central to their faith.


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@SwallowMyPill I'd start with putting more effort in how you write. It's the small things that add up. So, start there with that criticism. Your question is a step up from communicating with emojis.

Next, I'll summarize your post as "I didn't get laid".

You're not her gay best friend. This isn't a Rom com. Pull back and see if she chases.

She goes after you then you've got a shot. She doesn't then you're in her orbit. Distance further and game another chick, Romeo.


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@Kt1910 Work and save. You sound young enough to pick up a trade or can go into post secondary.

Bite that pillow, swallow your pride. Her house. Her rules.

So, you need to move out. To do that you'll have to make more than you spend and have a nest egg.

When you get frustrated, use that anger to fuel your self growth. Hit the gym and/study.

Offset it with a constructive hobby.

Limit escapism to as close to nothing as possible.



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@Dazzling-Knowledge14 Honestly, sometimes I think it is.

Aside from sex and starting a family, there's not much else that a woman brings to the table that you can't find elsewhere but better.

Assuming your self sufficient, you can cook, clean and take care of yourself better than a woman since you know what you want. You should be self reliant

If you're looking for comradery and friendship, you've got men that will be more grounded than any female counter part. You'll deal with less drama, similar tastes, and masculine men bring out a healthy competitive side that's sorely lacking in today's men.

If you're looking for companionship and loyalty, you've got man's best friend for that. I've never heard of a dog leaving a man when he's unemployed, going through trauma, or cheating on him. Dogs are bread for loyalty. Hypergamy isn't.

And being honest, when you look at a woman, your main thought isn't "I'm really looking forward to watching 90 day fiancée with her or hearing about her day." You want to have sex. The relationship is the byproduct of that sex. However, it's been romanticized to the main reason these days to pursue a relationship since most men are looking to fill that fantasy of having a maid/mother/bestfriend/sex doll. The problem is that doesn't tend to work out to well since fantasy =/= reality.

That's not to say that there's no benefit to having feminine women in your life. There's a certain feeling that you get from having a woman depend on you, want you, comfort you, and follow you that you can't really dismiss.

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@Dazzling-Knowledge14 You're probably fine. I wouldn't think too much into it. Women do stupid little tests (shit tests, comfort tests, etc.) to see what kind of guy you are. Messing up one or two shouldn't have an impact overall unless she's not sure or has options. The more attractive you are the more leeway you'll get.

Only suggestion that I have is to see if you can get another 1-2 girls that you can hit (abundance) up and to try to escalate towards sex by date 3 (Fclose) with the current girl. Going on numerous dates without a payoff is just putting you in a beta provider and inviting you to get more tests. I have a 3 day rule, and I'm not shy about it.

Being upfront about your wants/needs will weed out a lot of time wasters and money sinks. You'll lose some women but the ones that stay know that you're a man with options and will default the relationship to one based on your needs/frame.

So, you don't need to force her to be alone with you and be aggressive but you can be masculine and say shit like "Sexual compatibility is very important to me and I can't see myself in a long term relationship with someone who doesn't have chemistry."

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Welcome lone wolf.

Holding a bag is a bitch move but it's not going to be a silver bullet against you.

Tons of questions though for context.

  1. How old both of you?
  2. How many dates have you gone on?
  3. Does she act in a feminine, sexual and submissive value?
  4. Did you fuck?
  5. How objectively attractive are you?
  6. How many other women are trying to get your D?

We'll start there and that's a solid frame of reference.

As for where to start, check out the book of pook. Search it up, consume that content and you'll get a good idea on what to do next.

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