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@redpillschool Evolutionary biology and psychology is a central point to the red pill. Surprised that this hasn't been created yet. Looking to expand my knowledge in the field.


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@StoicRanger A quick search for Darin or Evo shows no public tribes- you should start one!



11 hours ago

@redpillschool I think that you should find many mods of varying access levels for the main townsquare though so that you have a chance to keep it clean at all hours.


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@redpillschool For all effects and purposes the public tribe functions like a digital "Agora" in all its meaning. "TRP Agora" or "The Agora" are my name suggestions.



16 hours ago

@redpillschool just call it the public square. Whatever rules you impose will seem natural or not depending on how you brand the place and the aesthetic you chose


16 hours ago

@Caldero the main feed won't have any endorsed members. It is simply a landing place that you can use to recruit for your tribe.

We will not be imposing any of the restrictions or EC rules that we would have in r/theredpill.

My ec team and my moderation are limited to my red pill tribes.

For instance, @gaylubeoil has sole control of /t/glogang I don't have any access or jurisdiction to moderate there. Feel free to do as you please.

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16 hours ago

@Caldero there will be no tagged users in the public all users feed.



19 hours ago

@redpillschool I suggest "The Gentle and Classy PP Holding in a Circular Orientation Arena"

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21 hours ago

Some changes are in the pipeline for TRP.RED. The big ones include flairs, increased controls for tribe admins (owners) to set moderator permissions, and controls for the upcoming launch. But one big one we've discussed is changing the rules and behavior of the "all users feed."

We will be changing the main feed into a tribe in which all users are pre-subscribed. It will be moderated for decorum as it will also be the landing page for new and unregistered users. I will restate here that tribes will not be centrally moderated. Tribe owners and mods are in control of their own tribes (within our content policy). If you want a place to unleash, make a tribe and help yourself.

But our landing page needs to be welcoming to newcomers.

Other changes you will see shortly:

  • User profiles will show posts to / from user in all tribes.
  • Users you follow page (previously daily prescription) will include user posts in all tribes that you have access to.
  • All user updates will be replaced with the Public Feed

Right now my potential names for the public tribe are:

  • The Public Feed
  • The Public
  • Public Square

I'm open to suggestions for names.

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