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@redpillschool What's the point of it if it won't protect you from those who are sick?



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@redpillschool repeat this to most folks and watch their eyes as their brian twists trying to prove you wrong

Of course no coherent explanation will follow. Just a barrage of insults.

In the history of respiratory viruses nothing has worked other than everyone getting the bug

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@redpillschool Mental illness is no laughing matter. If you or someone you know is suffering from Communism please call 1-800-273-8255. There is a brighter life ahead.


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Okay so i'll use my HIGH AF I.Q to tell ya'll what's going on...

We got a thing called Covid-19 (A virus) attacking the human population.

The united states rushed out a vaccine to help people develop immunity.

However, since they rushed it out, the vaccine has been forced to mutate and now the previous RUSHED out vaccine is now useless thanks to the new delta variant.

Here's what's going to happen...

The delta variant will continue to spread.

Some states will issue another lockdown next year or later this year. and the united states will issue another vaccine.

Now, every citizen of the U.S will be asked to get their regular "Prove you're a good Samaritan shot" every 6 months.

I do not believe this is an issue of "Establishing control".

No, no, no....

I believe the world is ran by idiots who overestimate themselves.

We humans are bitches to nature.

Nature, anytime of the week can be like "Ya'll some dumb hoes" and pimp slap humanity.

One could only imagine if a REAL deadly threat came.


Can't imagine how fucked we'd be.

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@redpillschool From Ascetus



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@Typo-MAGAshiv If the masks worked, we wouldn't need vaccines. If the vaccines worked, we wouldn't need masks.

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Typo-MAGAshiv One (Virtually) Rich Asshole and Kloi's long-lost dad

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@redpillschool neither do these particular vaccines, it seems.

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CDC just updated their guidelines to say vaccinated people need masks.

Masks, of course, don't work.

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