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NormalAndy about an hour ago

@LOTS Abundance mentality would suggest that you focus on the things you want to do instead of time sinking on the phone. Focus on what you "will" rather than what you "won't" to harness willpower.

ascending 2 hours ago

@LOTS point of failure here is you, not your techniques. While you can minimize triggers for your temptations, you required self discipline, willpower and good mission, so short term pleasures pales in comparison.

LOTS 2 hours ago

@StrikePrice Willpower is great but a finite resource, changing your surroundings (in this case making it harder to access time-sink apps) brings better long term results.

StrikePrice 2 hours ago

@LOTS Oooor, you could try willpower.

LOTS 2 hours ago

@YellowHat Great suggestion, and alongside that blocking all notifications except from calls.

I've tried installing simple operating systems with only basic functionality on Android but they seem geared to oldies and are buggy. There's demand for a good one, perhaps a good business idea

Taiino 7 hours ago

@redpillschool will Video content be made available to this platform or strictly audio

StrikePrice 8 hours ago

@Rpdub I’m interested in this. My profile pic is Vader, but I’m a Palpatine Sith Lord. I live by Law of Power 38. It should be #1 IMHO. I only show the blackness in my heart when I must. I have had people who’s careers I have ruined thank me for being such a good friend. I may appear weak when it suits me, but I am never vulnerable.

StrikePrice 8 hours ago

@Rpdub Yes. Source of money.

YellowHat 9 hours ago

@LOTS Try setting your phone into grayscale or black&white mode. It'll squish a LOT of social media use while leaving the camera and maps still available.

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