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we were at the food court and he saw this one asian chick
took up his try and plopped it down in front of her
that was fucking hilarious
I made a gay chick angry
she was cute tho
Good morning Gents.
Tizen would've been proud of me. It's too bad he isn't able to see my shit now.
Rational Male's Curated Collection
After bingeing on cheap Tinder dick for years, used up carousel rider Alana Massey wrote: dick is cheap and abundant. And you know what? She is absolutely right. Women can get express dick delivery with about the same ease and convenience as a Domino's Pizza. The Sexual Marketplace is a buyer's market if you are buying dick.This presents a problem for the fine gentlemen of Red Pill because we are in...
GayLubeOIl Published on 02/22/17 by GayLubeOil
There was recently a man lamenting on the Married Red Pill subreddit about his wife’s sexual history. He was a virgin when he met her, and to date, she is the only person he has ever had sex with. When asked, she told him she had 2-4 previous partners. I’m not quite sure why she answered him with a numerical range, especially when there are only three integers included in that range, all three...
The Asshole Published on 02/10/17 by Archwinger
This is my contribution to Endorsed Red Pill Weekend. At the risk of this being an annoying self-help guru hippie type post (since we don't want this subreddit to devolve into that), I do think that once in a while it helps to revisit the foundational work. Foundational work which will result in more sex and money (what more do you want in life?).This post is meant to collection of a whole bunch of...
deepthrill's Blog Published on 02/04/17 by deepthrill
Everything is simple within the Blue Pill consciousness. Those guys getting laid are assholes. The women sleeping with them are confused. I am going to find my soul mate. The guys getting promoted are assholes. If I work hard the company will reward me. In the future everything is going to be great. I need a house mortgage and wife to be happy. Communication is the key to a healthy marriage. Who am...
GayLubeOIl Published on 01/13/17 by GayLubeOil
Two years ago, when their wives and girlfriends were off celebrating *Mandingo Monday* the top Reddit mods gathered for a very important super secret meeting. You see, The Red Pill had become a serious problem. It was toxic, hatefull and steadily growing day by day. The top mods came to a decision. To stop this cespool of misogeny from growing they were going to purge all mention of it from their communities....
GayLubeOIl Published on 12/27/16 by GayLubeOil
Last Week I Red Pill Superstar GaylubeOil, angered a substantive portion of the Red Pill Community. Now I'm not going to point any fingers or poke fun at the strong independent men who don't need no women. What's done is done. I'm not here to reinflame the week long Butthurt like an unsanitary Mexican restaurant. That's not what I came here to do. I belive the best thing is to use this as an opportunity...
GayLubeOIl Published on 12/21/16 by GayLubeOil
Last week I wrote a wonderful post called *Counterfeit Red Pills* which made the case that MGTOW is fundamentally incompatible with The Red Pill because MGTOW is a retreat from the Real into the Virtual and Symbolic. A belief system dedicated to embraceing painful reality is incompatible with a belief system dedicated to running from it. From a purely philosophical standpoint that should be the end...
GayLubeOIl Published on 12/11/16 by GayLubeOil
Going through something quite similar and stumbled upon an great comment thread from bodybuilding subThings aren't looking too well for me guys. Don't know what I'm gonna do. My birthday is tomorrow, turning 20. Gonna spend it alone or in gym. Feel like a failure with nothing to show for all these years of my life and with no good friends, and with no hope that the future is gonna be better. Well I...
Blue Dover Published on 12/07/16 by blue_dover
In the movie The Matrix, a man named Neo is floating around in a giant tub of pink semen while robots harvest his asshole for energy. Neo doesn't know about the energy harvest taking place, because the assrobots have sedated him with a virtual reality called the Matrix. Neo thinks that he's working in an office wearing a suit when in reality he's a naked guy floating around getting his ass drilled...
GayLubeOIl Published on 12/06/16 by GayLubeOil
The first thing that men learn about women is how much they suck. It usually happens sometime around elementary or middle school. It's recess your running around throwing snowballs at the other boys. Or maybe it's dodgeball or tag or whatever else seven year olds do when their not crammed into the shitshow that is public education. The story is always the same.You're having fun with the other kids...
GayLubeOIl Published on 12/03/16 by GayLubeOil

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