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the example that I have is people that are sold on the idea of the state being daddy provider for all things, like universal healthcare. I'll concede that it'd be a great thing if people could get 'free' universal health care, but then ask them: "how would you pay for such a thing?" - and they never have an answer
its just socialism with a new face
its pretty much all the Democrats are good for these days: sneaking in socialism at every opportunity
I'm somewhat surprised GE Trump even signed their bullshit border bill
yes, it is, but my point here is that you can't just tell them "socialism is bad, mmmkay?"
that goes in one ear and right out the other
you have to get them to a point that they question their own beliefs. they can't be told directly
right on
Rational Male's Curated Collection
Summary: In the surge of personal branding on other platforms, it is easy to re-write history and think that Rollo and IM created the Red Pill alone. This is an atempt to put the spotlight on other, not well known, users who also shaped TRP. Today I will write about /u/Clint_Redwood and present some of his posts.Body:For those of you who don't have Twitter, know that many of the more known users...
Perrolo's Blog Published on 11/29/18 by perrolo
It's been over a month since the initial quarantine, and we still have not gotten a clear answer from the administration about what the offending content was, nor have we gotten a straight answer (or any answer for that matter) on what they recommend that we change./u/Spez directed us to a male abuse denier, Michael Kimmel, as an example of positive masculinity, and quickly took that recommendation...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 10/29/18 by redpillschool
It's about what you'd expect from an administration that's cornered by reason. Ignore, deflect, and continue pushing the ambiguous rules and pretend they could actually be followed. When someone's wrong, they just keep repeating the same thing. Because what they really mean but can't work up the courage to say is: "We don't actually have a rational argument against your appeal." Thank you...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 10/15/18 by redpillschool
Quitting is a skill that people over look, people say never quit, that's not the smartest thing. Quit smoking, quit drinking, quit quitting etc. The distinction comes form what you want to quit, if you have businesses quit business school, if you hate drama quit your drama class etc. You can say one day i'll quit, or today can be the first day on your better path.So on that note here is Day one of...
LostAndFound Published on 10/09/18 by clavabot
I'll start off by saying that there is a lot of overlap with sex and politics. In a way, both are matters of persuasion. Both require a level of taking counter-intuitive steps to achieve your goals.There are some very easy to remember expressions here on TRP that serve as simple mental shortcuts which help beginners when they find themselves in tough situations. Like "nexting," "hold frame," and...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 10/08/18 by redpillschool
As I mentioned, we are making the appeal process completely open because we believe there wouldn't be fair play if it was behind closed doors. Below is our appeal to the admin:First, I would like to tell you that we’ve posted this entire appeal publicly and plan to post your replies as well. We strongly believe this system you have set up to be a kangaroo court and have evidence to support this notion....
TRP Network Blog! Published on 10/04/18 by redpillschool
A common stumbling block for men on the path from bluepill oneitis scarcity mentality, to redpill plate spinning abundance mentality, is this: How do I sleep with/eventually leave all these women without turning into "that asshole?" Turns out that correctly understood and applied RP ideas didn't require abandoning ethics and hurting women, they reinforced many aspects of my morality and made me a...
Vermillion Man March Published on 10/03/18 by MentORPHEUS
IntroductionHere at The Red Pill, we have an enduring respect for The Natural Order. We respect it because we are products of it. Far better than fighting an impossible battle against it, we explore its realities so that we can understand and fully embrace what we are. Men are nature's designated risk-takers, innovators, and pathfinders, so it falls upon each one of us to master our environments -...
HumanSockPuppet's Blog Published on 10/03/18 by HumanSockPuppet
Kitten is still struggling to come to terms with having to share my attention with FunSize, not to mention the occasional plate. FunSize, of course, is experienced at this, and has no issues, but Kitten feels threatened by her very presence, and won't talk to her for long enough to bond and stop seeing her as a threat. Since Kitten is actually Dr. Kitten, PhD, she likes to intellectualize things that...
The Parables of The Sower Published on 09/30/18 by Whisper
EDIT: Reddit admin have just recanted their endorsement of Michael Kimmel- see here. Things just got a little crazier.... 300,000 Subscribers. The Reddit Administration Tacitly Endorses Male Abuse and Denies its VictimsIf you’re reading this, you’re probably already well aware that this week we hit 300,000 subscribers and Reddit Admin decided to “quarantine” /r/TheRedPill subreddit. This means...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 09/30/18 by redpillschool
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