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congrats new ops.
oh man, think I'll buy that debate this weekend.
grats jotenko
Hey guys
I work at two jobs, one is phsyical labor intensive, the lattter is calm.
The first 9 months, the latter 4 months
In the last 2.5 months I've been intensely studying for the SAT's so I had to cut shifts which put me in an inferior position.
I wish to quit the first job for the latter. What's the best course of action you suggest?
Rational Male's Curated Collection
CH posted about the recent Women's Day campaign run by Budweiser which takes old, presumably sexist, ads and revamps them for 2019's standards under the guise of equality. Of course, it should come as no surprise that women now comprise 80% of the brand's marketing team, so naturally they turn their marketing away from beer and the men that drink it, and start selling feminism wholesale. As we've...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 03/12/19 by redpillschool
The NPC meme was at an all-time high late 2018 and resulted in insta-bans from major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. The controversy made it to day time news channels. Bloopies are NPC's. What is an NPC? If you're a successful or all-natural RedPiller this term will seem foreign to you because it originates from the internet; namely from video gamers. An NPC is a Non-Player Character....
Wisdom from Bozo the Clown Published on 03/11/19 by RedRum
One of the 6 rules of success of Arnold Schwarzenegger is "Give something back", so, let's post something useful for the community once in a while. A year ago went under surgery to get done a vasectomy. So i will just relate my experience at the moment and a year after, to kill some myths about it.WhyNever wanted kids. Period. On my beta dreams, i wanted a GF / Wife, but never pictured kids. Just never...
disabledtrp's Blog Published on 03/02/19 by disabledtrp
First and foremost, if you've stumbled upon this blog, Welcome. I want to make it clear that I am not a professional writer, nor do I wholeheartedly enjoy it. I'm more of a 'discuss things in person' type of guy. So bear with me.I named this post "The Midwest Manosphere" for the lack of a better name, or even the lack of effort put into making a name. A close friend also suggested "The Toxic Revengers"...
Summary: In the surge of personal branding on other platforms, it is easy to re-write history and think that Rollo and IM created the Red Pill alone. This is an atempt to put the spotlight on other, not well known, users who also shaped TRP. Today I will write about /u/Clint_Redwood and present some of his posts.Body:For those of you who don't have Twitter, know that many of the more known users...
Perrolo's Blog Published on 11/29/18 by perrolo
It's been over a month since the initial quarantine, and we still have not gotten a clear answer from the administration about what the offending content was, nor have we gotten a straight answer (or any answer for that matter) on what they recommend that we change./u/Spez directed us to a male abuse denier, Michael Kimmel, as an example of positive masculinity, and quickly took that recommendation...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 10/29/18 by redpillschool
It's about what you'd expect from an administration that's cornered by reason. Ignore, deflect, and continue pushing the ambiguous rules and pretend they could actually be followed. When someone's wrong, they just keep repeating the same thing. Because what they really mean but can't work up the courage to say is: "We don't actually have a rational argument against your appeal." Thank you...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 10/15/18 by redpillschool
What is a shit test?Female attractiveness is clearly obvious to even the most casual of observers. Beauty, femininity, and approachability, the three pillars of female SMV, are all on display in any girl you can see, hear, and speak with. Male attractiveness, being basically a rubric for "how useful would this guy be during a riot or zombie apocalypse?", is less evident from casual interaction. While...
The Parables of The Sower Published on 10/11/18 by Whisper
Quitting is a skill that people over look, people say never quit, that's not the smartest thing. Quit smoking, quit drinking, quit quitting etc. The distinction comes form what you want to quit, if you have businesses quit business school, if you hate drama quit your drama class etc. You can say one day i'll quit, or today can be the first day on your better path.So on that note here is Day one of...
LostAndFound Published on 10/09/18 by clavabot
I'll start off by saying that there is a lot of overlap with sex and politics. In a way, both are matters of persuasion. Both require a level of taking counter-intuitive steps to achieve your goals.There are some very easy to remember expressions here on TRP that serve as simple mental shortcuts which help beginners when they find themselves in tough situations. Like "nexting," "hold frame," and...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 10/08/18 by redpillschool
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