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sounds good
2/2 of a trend now of that guy delivering simple messages in a very long-winded fashion
3rd time i scream
wonder if we have a term for the first time.
yup. go figure
physt: asset allocation is turning out to be a real bitch
although I do realize this is one of those "as long as it's good enough it's fine" things
The Rational Male User Blogs
Every once in a while, enthusiasm for what we call the red pill makes someone say some seriously dumb shit. Consider this particular dead hamster in the water pipe: “We can dismiss mythology as just a bunch of made up stuff and be real hard headed douchebags about this. That's what the blue pill wants you to do. You're just a standard human unit. Nothing particular about you. They're working to...
The Parables of The Sower Published on 03/21/19 by Whisper
I never wanted a relationship, you probably don't either; or Relationships are a woman’s jobI have concluded that it is bad sexual strategy to want a relationship and that it is horrible self-sabotage to look for one. What you can do is be open to one, which puts the onus on the girl to sell you on the idea of her on a full time basis. Of course, this can be a bit unnerving, as it puts your sexual...
rian_stone Published on 03/20/19 by Rian_stone
Hello fellow trpe'rs!Let's be clear, my only intention to write this is so others can learn from my mistakes and if there is any other disabled person out there, maybe it could be useful for them too.Context about myself: 30yr old, business owner, clean, dress well, not ripped, normal weight, disabled as, i use an O2 tank 24/7, so i have a canula over my face btw. My only experience with women is with...
disabledtrp's Blog Published on 03/18/19 by disabledtrp
CH posted about the recent Women's Day campaign run by Budweiser which takes old, presumably sexist, ads and revamps them for 2019's standards under the guise of equality. Of course, it should come as no surprise that women now comprise 80% of the brand's marketing team, so naturally they turn their marketing away from beer and the men that drink it, and start selling feminism wholesale. As we've...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 03/12/19 by redpillschool
The NPC meme was at an all-time high late 2018 and resulted in insta-bans from major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. The controversy made it to day time news channels. Bloopies are NPC's. What is an NPC? If you're a successful or all-natural RedPiller this term will seem foreign to you because it originates from the internet; namely from video gamers. An NPC is a Non-Player Character....
Wisdom from Bozo the Clown Published on 03/11/19 by RedRum
Dunno why, but on sunday i feel inspired to write something here. Oh well, here it goes.Let me give you some context about myself, as sustenance of the advice i'm trying to give here (if a fat guy gives you bodybuilding advice you will not follow them right? so, let's put a solid base that i know what i'm talking about).Past: disabled since born, from a third world country, coming from a extreme poverty...
disabledtrp's Blog Published on 03/10/19 by disabledtrp
It's been five months since my first and only post on this site. Failing to maintain participation on a website is normal for me, however. Due to my poor performance and deteriorating mental health last year, I'm taking a semester off to get my shit together. Instead of college, I'm working full time and taking a few classes at a local college. I feel better, but it's hard to tell if that's because...
Ceph Improvement Published on 03/05/19 by ceph
The Fuckonomics series: Discussion of dating and sexual marketplace theory and practice using business and economic models with a goal of increasing proficiency in both dating and business. Issues I see come up frequently in AskTrp and our comments include "I'm getting too many matches to keep up" and "I'm getting a lot of first dates but no seconds." It's a problem that newly successful daters...
Vermillion Man March Published on 03/03/19 by MentORPHEUS
One of the 6 rules of success of Arnold Schwarzenegger is "Give something back", so, let's post something useful for the community once in a while. A year ago went under surgery to get done a vasectomy. So i will just relate my experience at the moment and a year after, to kill some myths about it.WhyNever wanted kids. Period. On my beta dreams, i wanted a GF / Wife, but never pictured kids. Just never...
disabledtrp's Blog Published on 03/02/19 by disabledtrp
Hi fellow trper's!i will use this as was intended to, as a personal blog, just why sometimes i feel inspired to write something and this is just easy to use.My birthday was a week ago aprox. Reached 30 yrs old. It was a rough roller coaster so far, but we made it alive and that it what it counts. I purposely planned a several weeks travel to not even be at my home country at the date. The main reason...
disabledtrp's Blog Published on 03/02/19 by disabledtrp
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