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man i gotta get to a big company
hardcore jobhunt begins now
of course getting a degree isn't a bad thing, unless it is. lol
I was a dick
or uh, I wasn't always this bastion of hope and light... the model of pure benevolence you see before you.
I'm pretty happy I started this degree
yep, they aren't bad unless they are bad lol
The Rational Male User Blogs
Sit your fat ass down -and welcome to the first installment of the Abusive Food Network™ where I share with you some healthy meals and snacks even you can put together without ruining your diet or breaking the bank. I'm your host, RedRum. Today, we will be making protein bars from your own kitchen since you love Monk Mode so goddamn much and you never leave the house, fucking loser. Without you wasting...
Wisdom from Bozo the Clown Published on 01/17/17 by RedRum
Everything is simple within the Blue Pill consciousness. Those guys getting laid are assholes. The women sleeping with them are confused. I am going to find my soul mate. The guys getting promoted are assholes. If I work hard the company will reward me. In the future everything is going to be great. I need a house mortgage and wife to be happy. Communication is the key to a healthy marriage. Who am...
GayLubeOIl Published on 01/13/17 by GayLubeOil
We are the ultimate rationalists. We don't care precisely what psychological studies say about certain topics in controlled conditions. We use that information, sure, but what we really hold credence to it unless it benefits our own experiences."Isn't that anecdotal? Is it statistically valid?"Sure, I guess. Does it matter, rationally? What I do know for sure is that prior to consuming red pill knowledge,...
deepthrill's Blog Published on 01/09/17 by deepthrill
The inappropriately stigmatized public image of TRP has always been a concern of mine, despite the IDGAF ethos. I've seen guys get into an "out-IDGAF about the sub we spend so much time on" contest among themselves (lookin' at you, MRP guys), which is ridiculous to me. Let's accept as a given that at some level, the Red Pill subreddit (and its heirs and successors like TRP.RED) is an investment...
Vermillion Man March Published on 01/06/17 by MentORPHEUS
I was inspired today by our resident Superstar Gaylubeoil and decided that the new year is as good a time as any to try to make the world a better place.In the womb, we’re all women for about 60 days. Boys are technically male on account of having a Y chromosome in the fertilizing sperm, but all babies follow the same developmental steps, regardless of sex, for the first two months. Male fetuses...
The Asshole Published on 12/28/16 by Archwinger
Two years ago, when their wives and girlfriends were off celebrating *Mandingo Monday* the top Reddit mods gathered for a very important super secret meeting. You see, The Red Pill had become a serious problem. It was toxic, hatefull and steadily growing day by day. The top mods came to a decision. To stop this cespool of misogeny from growing they were going to purge all mention of it from their communities....
GayLubeOIl Published on 12/27/16 by GayLubeOil
I read some interesting stats: "In the UK there were over 400,000+ marriages in the 1970s (80 marriages per 1,000)- there are now around 230,000 (20:1,000), even though the population is increasing! Marriage is basically a D.E.A.D. institution." For how bad the situation really is: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunit... Currently gay marriage is the latest debate about Marriage. Many...
Limekill's Blog Published on 12/26/16 by Limekill
Last Week I Red Pill Superstar GaylubeOil, angered a substantive portion of the Red Pill Community. Now I'm not going to point any fingers or poke fun at the strong independent men who don't need no women. What's done is done. I'm not here to reinflame the week long Butthurt like an unsanitary Mexican restaurant. That's not what I came here to do. I belive the best thing is to use this as an opportunity...
GayLubeOIl Published on 12/21/16 by GayLubeOil
EDIT: Thanks to dr_warlock's comments, I realized that this was not the shit test that I assumed it was, it was actually the girl looking for validation/excuses to leave me and that she already had her mind made up. Here's a post on this: http://www.redpilldoctor.com/by-the-time-youve-had...I also realized while thinking about the comments in the shower that single root cause of all of my mistakes...
HOODRICHBITCH Published on 12/15/16 by hoodrich
The path to getting laid is actually pretty simple when you break it down into its fundamental parts. 1- Look hot. Get yourself some muscles, dress well, have awesome hair. That way, you don’t get shooed away two seconds after walking up. 2- Escalate. Actually say flirtatious things and touch her and gauge her response instead of sitting there chatting like one of her girlfriends. 3- Don’t...
The Asshole Published on 12/15/16 by Archwinger

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