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it's tragic how men are turning out these days
DocObvious: don't forget about insurance for liability type issues
yes rain
i need you
im glad you're here
my birds hate it
I have heard rumors at work that my boss only promotes Indians. Haven't been around long enough to know the politics. Should I pay any attention to this?
I have an opportunity to switch teams in the next week before getting locked into a project. I like my team other than that possibility
The Rational Male User Blogs
Lots of guys have approach anxiety. In fact, if you're a human male, you've probably had approach anxiety before.But the truth is, there's really only one cure for approach anxiety... and here it is.How to Get Over Approach AnxietyThe rule is simple.Anytime you see an attractive girl, don't wait any longer than 3 seconds to approach her.3 seconds. That's it.Any longer and you're going to start making...
JakinJake's Blog Published on 07/12/19 by JakinJake
Reddit has recently shadowbanned "The Redpill" group on their site by placing them into quarantine. This means that the redpill group will be removed from search results on Reddit and demoted in google search results to near disappearing. When you google "Reddit Redpill" nowadays, the first results are alternative groups like "Ask the Redpill" and "Redpill Women", and if I have a nickel for every time...
WarmPotato's Blog Published on 07/05/19 by WarmPotato
Introduction: How to Get Laid FastWhat's up, guys. I've een lurking for a while, and have been involved in red pill stuff for a while, so I wanted to make a quick post on how to get laid fast. Same night lays and same date lays all come from these three principles.How to Get Laid Tip #1 - Look For IOI'sThe biggest mistake I see guys making when they're trying to get laid fast, is they don't look for...
JakinJake's Blog Published on 06/29/19 by JakinJake
What's up, guys. I've banged over 150 girls in the past few years, and here are my rules for text game.They're short, simple, and sweet. Do this and your results will 10x, I promise you.If you want to read more on how to text girls, check out that article.Anyways, let's get started.Rule 1. Keep It SimpleGuys freak out over all this complicated shit. "Should I wait 3 hours to text her back?""How long...
JakinJake's Blog Published on 06/26/19 by JakinJake
Iron Rule of Tomassi #8Always let a woman figure out why she wont fuck you, never do it for her.Interpretation:Do not mold yourself in any woman's "ideal alpha." Doing so will put you near the end of race instead of the front. Most men do this already. This is where try-hards and fake-alpha's come into play. They'll get all hyped up on booze and drugs and proclaim to the world, or their inner-circle...
The Red Soldier Published on 06/24/19 by RedPillLegion
Iron Rule of Tomassi #7It is always time and effort better spent developing new, fresh, prospective women than it will ever be in attempting to reconstruct a failed relationship. Interpretation:What would your neighbor's, family and friends think if they saw you digging through the garbage on the curb?You put it there for a reason. Leave it and move on with your life. Women are no different. If you...
The Red Soldier Published on 06/24/19 by RedPillLegion
Iron Rule of Tomassi #6Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way that a man expects to be loved.Men are the true romantics. Women, or "War Brides," are capable of only loving a man to the extent of value he can provide her. If another man comes along, of higher value, she'll begin evaluating a potential branch swing.Remember the fundamental law of any friendship; it's always a transaction....
The Red Soldier Published on 06/24/19 by RedPillLegion
Iron Rule of Tomassi #5NEVER allow a woman to be in control of the birth.In this day and age, it's almost a safe bet to just simply never trust any woman with contraceptives. As the man, you're the one on the line for 18 years to pay for this kid. That's a long time based off a few minutes of fucking. Is it really worth it, man?Don't blame alcohol or drugs. This is always on you to show up, wrap up...
The Red Soldier Published on 06/24/19 by RedPillLegion
Iron Rule of Tomassi #4NEVER under any circumstance live with a woman you aren’t married to or are not planning to marry in within 6 months.The rule should just state, "never get married!"However, there will always be the subset of men who have a strong desire to try this lopsided game. Ensure you have a good prenup, gents!By living with a woman, you relinquish all control and privacy in your own...
The Red Soldier Published on 06/24/19 by RedPillLegion
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