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people come and go
good review https://youtu.be/dbwuLcAMhLc
god what a travesty
4 chickens added to my farmily
see what i did with the word there?
DaPowa: why do you have chickens
I like low cost eggs and free pest control.
And free fertilizer.
The Rational Male User Blogs
People like to ask “why”. Specifically they like to ask “why”, and “why that”, and “why that” again, up until they reach the villain they wish to blame. Then that suddenly becomes an entirely causeless, spontaneous eruption of pure evil that we all need to be very concerned about. Bullshit. Skipping over a lot of really of really boring philosophy, here, let’s just agree that no...
The Parables of The Sower Published on 05/18/19 by Whisper
Every once in a while a girl might hop on your biscuit that seems particularly hot and not like a hoe (or only a hoe for you). Maybe you think she’s better than other girls because things go so well initially. She’s sweet and submissive and crazy about you. Low N-count and all of the other things you can later use to put her on a pedestal. You slack off on reading red pill, maybe let your blog...
Yams Everyday Published on 05/16/19 by yamseveryday
The HonkeningEvidence and proof is dead. "To reason your actions" is just a funny way of saying "To make an excuse" for them. You're guilty if you try. Context is thrown out the window until it suits the defendant in which they will claim they need more context because they don't know the whole situation. They happily shy away from their ignorance only when they don't want to admit their beliefs could...
Wisdom from Bozo the Clown Published on 05/14/19 by RedRum
Occasionally we get some aggressive or persistent spammers on our board that require a heavier touch of the mod tools. In full disclosure, I want to talk about the guy "Dream" from the 21 Conventions that he puts on, and his behavior here on TRP, and how the mod team has decided to handle it.For as long as I've known about him, Dream has had a habit of drive-by posting low-effort videos and announcements...
TRP Network Blog! Published on 05/02/19 by redpillschool
Original is Here, with additional takeawaysAnd you can always Youtube some smaller tidbits while making something to eatI’ve often suggested a healthy level of narcissism is required by men, in fact I’ve often suggested it’s one of the hallmarks of the concept of masculinity itself. Healthy is a vague term that we can take to mean anything we want it to, so in the theme of this post I will look...
rian_stone Published on 04/29/19 by Rian_stone
OF DESTRUCTION! A very wise man once said "I don't wanna die without any scars!" I tore myself down to see if I had the strength to rise from the rubbish. From getting banned, to being called a creep at an ice cream shop THAT I STILL GO TO, girls don't appeal to me as much as they used to! I remember the first time I went to that coffee shop...and a few more times after that...and some other places...
The Violat0r's Revels Published on 04/24/19 by TheViolat0r
One of the most confusing, controversial, and hotly debated topics for the red-pilled woman is when and how to engage in sex. At puberty, every girl suddenly finds herself in possession of a very powerful and dangerous vagina; it is powerful because every post-puberty male wants in, and it is dangerous because it is powerful and doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Not really surprising,...
The Parables of The Sower Published on 04/23/19 by Whisper
Hi, I'm new here and I starting to get redpilled. I have nerver seen the woman as a emotionell being before. Sollitary as an emotional being. But I'm waking up. Wow it a good feeling. I have seen woman as an unreachable creature that you could not understand. But One can. I got a woman at my work that is the sexiest woman I ever seen. She is 18 years younger that me. And I do not care. She is going...
I want her to bow befor me. Published on 04/22/19 by expede
It’s really not that hard.Problems with your girl? She’s acting up? Getting all bitchy? Refusing your advances? You could talk to her about it, have a heart to heart. Rationalise and explain. Come to a mutual understanding. You could buy her flowers and apologise. Or you could ignore her. Two weeks of phone silence. Let her calls go to voicemail. Don’t leave her on “read”, don’t even...
Heathcliff Published on 04/15/19 by Heathcliff
If the red pill is really all about getting to sex, and is absolutely amoral, why are there certain strategies we don’t discuss? Why not tips for finding and dealing with whores? Why not how to make an indifferent wife compliant as an endless source of “starfish” sex? Why not, if we are totally amoral, how to commit rape? (And how to get away with it?)Does the lack of these discussions mean...
The Parables of The Sower Published on 04/08/19 by Whisper
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