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someone should unban enderman lol
lol is right
oh the script is probably dumb and just looking at ident.
man great joke
What happened to him
we're both "bob"
lol is to temper the potentially controversial statement
The Rational Male User Blogs
Men need honor. Men need a place in which they may prove their worth, where they mind form their identities from the esteem of their brothers. They are not meant to wander the world unsure of their standing in it. It is a deep psychological need to have one's place affirmed within the group.Only there is no group left. Men cannot find identity in tribe because they have no tribe. They cannot find identity...
The WikiSnack Blog Published on 08/15/17 by wikisnack
First off I'd like to preface this by saying I enjoy the Stoic philosophy, apply it in my personal life and think that Marcus Aurelius is a cool dude. I have absolutely nothing against the Stoic philosophy and believe it to be a great fit for some people. Stoicism probably works best for those who prefer impersonal assessment to personal. In other words Stoicism is a great fit for thinkers and less...
GayLubeOil Published on 08/15/17 by GayLubeOil
An Alpha Asshole is a stone. His shape and properties are easily determined and do not change depending on his surroundings. You might not like a particular stone. It might not fit your particular stone criteria. However your assessment will in no way impact the stone. You can yell at, bite or kick the stone. The stone will remain unchanged.In contrast, a Beta Nice Guy is a moist turd. Beta Turds take...
GayLubeOil Published on 08/02/17 by GayLubeOil
The game is changing, of that there is no doubt, but the shift is subtle. It’s easy to get caught by surprise if you haven’t been paying close attention. Even since the beginning of this community I’ve witnessed the development of the sexual market. It’s changed and hardened and forced us to constantly adapt.Adapt we have. These days I hear guys talking about putting in the hard work to be...
The WikiSnack Blog Published on 07/24/17 by wikisnack
Back in university, there was this girl who told everyone she wanted to be a sheriff, like her father. So my fraternity called her as the Sheriff. Anyway the Sheriff earned her fame by coming to our house parties and sucking off two dudes at a time in the bathroom. Towards the end of the party when most of the other girls had left and weren't there to judge her, she would casually scan for the two...
GayLubeOil Published on 06/30/17 by GayLubeOil
The internet is full of articles and videos that supposedly teach how to be confident. Most of this shit is useless because confidence is an incredibly complex subject and takes sustained work to develop and maintain. There is no magic formula for confidence, and it can easily be lost. This article is my attempt, but don’t rely on it.Confidence is a complex mixture of positive thoughts and emotions....
Woujo's Blog Published on 06/13/17 by Woujo
As many of you know last April, the chief strategist behind The_Donald CisWhiteMalestrom was doxxed. However most don't know why or how it happened. So have a seat on papa GaylubeOil's thick muscular quads and let him tell you a story.The reason The_Donald became the largest Trump community on the internet is because it utilized a Red Pill publicity strategy and was run by Red Pill Endorsed Contributors....
GayLubeOil Published on 06/12/17 by GayLubeOil
If the Real wasn't an apocolyptic robot rapefest unplugging people wouldn't be a disgusting process. Instead it would be like visiting a different country. Morpheus would start of by telling Neo that everything he knows is a lie. This would still be a considerable shock. Then Morpheus would tell Neo to only drink bottled water
GayLubeOil Published on 06/07/17 by GayLubeOil
“The Handmaid’s Tale” is a novel, written in the mid-1980s by a female Canadian author of moderate renown. It's a popular book in hardcore womens' studies programs, but not too well-known elsewhere. It is a dystopian work that paints a dark picture of America’s future. The Radical Right launches a terrorist attack and assassinates the United States’ leaders, takes the country over, and rules...
The Asshole Published on 05/29/17 by Archwinger
When women go to a night club they want the night club experience and the guy who provides it best is the stereotypical night club guy. Women don't go to clubs to have intellectual conversations, political debates or learn about the historical significance of your double lightning bolt tattoo. They go to have fun with Night Club Guy.The problem for most Red Pill men is that they are not Night Club...
GayLubeOil Published on 05/19/17 by GayLubeOil

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