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Hi everyone. I have created a new discord server to chat and discuss and exchange ideas and experiences!! There are options for voice chat as wellHere is the server https://discord.gg/wUQjUy
Luciofrancosi's Blog Published on 01/17/19 by Luciofrancosi
A closer look to the golden ruleFound here
Attalos 's Blog Published on 01/07/19 by attalos
Do you remember your parents telling you, “treat others how you want to be treated”. This was supposed to be the Golden Rule. While it seems like a nice maxim, it’s generally not the case. This is something we were told by people who had no idea what the fuck they were talking about. Unfortunately, it carries over in even our most basic interactions. This is detrimental to beta husbands that...
Yams Everyday Published on 01/06/19 by yamseveryday
Turning thirty lends one quite a bit of perspective. It's not quite the nuclear event that having a son is, but it certainly makes one look back. Here's a few things I've managed to figure out (usually the hard way) by surviving my 20s.Never try to compromise with a womanNever sacrifice for her benefit. She will not appreciate it. She will not return the favor. She will not meet you halfway. Most women...
Thorgil Bjornson's Blog Published on 01/04/19 by thorgilbjornson
How do you want me to come to your apartment when I only met you once?She is a model and has a massive wall to breakrhrough. But, i want to break it. Piece by piece ^^
Eurm's Blog Published on 01/02/19 by Eurm
I'm from a Reservation in Ca. and I've become one of those people who doesn't believe in coincidences. That maybe things happen for a reason and it's so easy to let reality slip away in an instant. But events like my headphones breaking on me and then ending up with a free pair of headphones shortly after or having TRP fall into my lap to finally embrace what I've been feeling the majority of my life...
The Violat0r's Revels Published on 12/17/18 by TheViolat0r
The western world is full of mediocre people wasting their time debating about other mediocre people and normie problems. Whether it’s the cuckservaties sucking tranny dick or libtards preaching their mediocre egalitarianism. Society, politics and the media are intertwined; serving a materialistic agenda. In the arab world this doesn’t really happen because we’re too busy praying on our carpets,...
Osamasgoat 's Blog Published on 12/15/18 by Osamasgoat
M. 27. Toronto.More than halfway finished a trade. Net worth: 125kHome, car, LTR.Building a cottage.Where I want to be:End of 2019:Net worth of minimum 165kFinished concrete pour on cottageHad drum lessonsJoin a MMA gym, upgrade from standard FitForLessFinally break 180 lbs. Upward Long Term:Financially Independent by 40.Scuba/Ski/Golf as hobbies.2 Kids.Goals are important to write down. By writing...
Money Matters Published on 12/13/18 by LosingMoneyAllDay
FreedomYou are ideally free when only your decisions determine your actions.The more circumstances, emotions and other people can influence your actions, the less free you are.NeedsYou have certain needs which you MUST meet. I think the most important ones are:Food, Warmth, Rest,Self-Respect, StimulationThe first three ones are obvious.What I call Self-Respect here is often associated with Serotonine.It...
Hello all, and welcome to my blog. I have been meaning to start one for quite some time now, but I was introduced to RP philosophy just 6 months ago, and wanted to wait until I had a firm enough grasp on its tenets before I started contributing my two cents. Hopefully, however, in time those two cents grow ever more valuable as they compound with action. I want to start this blog with an observation...
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