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The Rational Male User Blogs
For one of the first times since I discovered TRP a year ago, I’ve been struggling to keep a clear mind about a girl. This is coming from a guy that preaches, to himself mostly, about dating multiple girls, not getting oneitis, being masculine, working towards the best version of yourself, being your own mental point of origin, etc. I pride myself usually living a "red pill life". But I’m in the...
Yams Everyday Published on 11/13/18 by yamseveryday
Prototypical, Male on the Autism Spectrum going through leaving life as an AFC behind follows. Ultra Beta Mode: Drug addict in recovery (18 months clean!)Oh brethren, I want to thank all of you for the community that has saved me from a life forever Average and Frustrated. My limitations will make a LOT of this very difficult to learn. But after all of this reading, I know one day I can achieve exactly...
sanitypanacea's Blog Published on 11/12/18 by sanitypanacea
As someone who's always been behind in terms of my social development (thx to bullying+racism growing up), for once I take comfort in my own skin and have accepted that racism will be something I can never get away from, but will never turn a blind eye to or keep my mouth shut about.But now, I find myself unable to detect "shit" I get from others. This has led me to "defending" only to be told "I'm...
The Violat0r's Revels Published on 11/12/18 by TheViolat0r
Today was day 1. I accomplished every task besides the No Nut portion which I expected to not be too hard I'll have to put more attention into that area, an idea I was that every time I think of porn or jerking off to do 10 pushups instead, which would not only improve my strength, but also help me think clearly. Besides the sadness of jacking off on the first day, everything else has gone great,...
The Journey to Manhood Published on 11/07/18 by CybeTech
The easiest thing I have ever done.Getting sixpack abs is the easiest thing I have ever done. You pick up heavy shit and put it back down, walk instead of drive, eat greens and meat instead of crap. 6 months down the line and TADA! I gotz ze abs. Now there is an archetype who posts on socialmedia about how hardcore he is, how much effort he puts into it and how "succesfull" he is. Hate to break this...
Stop being a bitch Published on 11/07/18 by JackNapier368
Backstory:Hey, I'm CybeTech also known as Daniel. I've known about TRP for a few years now and I've been afraid to take action. Afraid of what? Afraid of many things: Rejection, myself, people judging me etc. etc. However I've decided to change all of that. I'm going to go out and become the best man I can. I've been reading the book No More Mr. Nice Guy after being reccomended it back on the old reddit...
The Journey to Manhood Published on 11/06/18 by CybeTech
By this time, the only men who don't realize that marriage has mutated into [something ugly](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/2d9k75/the_redefinition_of_marriage/) are the truly stupid, or the delusionally hopeful. Since we are not Captain Save-A-Bro, either, we're not interested in preaching on streetcorners, trying to save idiots from themselves.But there is a segment of the more clueful...
The Parables of The Sower Published on 11/06/18 by Whisper
For the #NoNothingNov I failed twice with the youtube watching at least 10 minutes of something not productive. I used snapchat and facebook for probably 5 minutes, and browsed on my phone just scrolling through an article. Most of all of this happening in the morning and evening. Funny thing is, most of the time I know right before that I should not do these things, but i go ahead and do them. I just...
Crushing College and Life Published on 11/05/18 by YourRoyalSwag
I just opened a bank account. The man who helped me open it is a gentleman who everyone calls Frank, but that's not his real name. His real name is Jenchun, it's Chinese, but as an immigrant to Canada, it's easier for everyone to pronounce Frank, so Frank it is. This is a feminine man, no doubt like many that you have seen before. He has feminine gestures, a feminine vocal inflection and way of speaking,...
Brass nuts, mad guts Published on 11/05/18 by Doctordinglefuck
Let's get this shit! I'm giving up 1) porn 2) alchohol 3) cigarettes for november. My anchor activity will be the gym.
Man's Journey Published on 11/05/18 by Dan-the-man
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