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I assumed you meant you drove
Grats on op Wildcatter
"science denial" does not exist. love scott adams.
he had an interesting viewpoint on the last one too. "The past does not exist"
I'm still mulling it over
I was ranting about science denial a while back: http://www.phystopia.com/index.php/2017/09/19/an-excerpt-from-a-rant-about-science-denial/
The Rational Male User Blogs
Affable psychologists and plugged in cucks alike would have you believe that deep down inside, everyone’s default mode of operation is to be “nice” and “caring” toward others. That most people try very hard to genuinely be kind and do their best to play nice unselfishly. When they do fuck up or act on their own self interest, we’re told to give them the “benefit of the doubt.” Surely...
The Power of Self-RespectAnyone who's truly swallowed the pill can tell you that fully unplugging doesn't happen over night. Each article you read, each podcast you listen to and each Blue/Red Pill example you see in your daily life snips one more wire away from your mind. It's a process. Having said that, it's understandable that a man can be what he would consider "alpha" in one aspect of his life,...
BallstotheWall Published on 10/02/17 by BallsMahonie
Like many men when they first encountered the red pill, I was hooked. Suddenly my previous questions about gender dynamics, doubts about masculinity, and confusion about why things “are the way they are” were answered by the teachings and observations of men far wiser than myself. Just like porn, they were all answered by a few clicks of my keyboard, instantly, and at any time, be it on the bus,...
Compromise is defined as an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessionsWomen and men live in two different worlds. They also handle conflicts and other every day situations differently. From birth, most men are taught that they must work for any and everything. They're taught their parents morals and they're taught their parents values. Not to mention that...
Getting the hottest women boils down to one word, but it doesn't mean what you think it means...What if i told you that you're the reason that you can't pull women. What if i told you that you constantly make mistakes in regards to women and that's why she leaves you and jumps on another dude's dick. No one will ever tell you what you're doing wrong because they're fucking up just like you are.Maybe...
In my understanding of the world, there is but one truth, one ideal that can be measured. Power I define power as the ability to influence other men and women, by means of violence, in all forms, in a way that significantly, affects their self-fulfillment, and by extension their own dimensions of influence. Power is the only ideal, that serves it’s own purpose. Freedom, justice, equality, divinity...
Steelpen's point Published on 09/08/17 by steelpen
Loyal = giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institutionMen have values and morals that they stick up to no matter what. If a man feels like cursing at a woman is wrong he most likely will never do it. If a man believes that cheating is wrong then he will most likely never do it. Women have no values. They have no morals. They only have their emotions. If society...
Some years ago when I was 17 years old, I had entered my freshman year in college. As you can guess me being billy beta, I did not get laid very often. So this girl in my math class one day stopped me and started talking to me out of nowhere. She was just decent (and not fat!), but I still thought I had no chance, especially since she was constantly mentioning his boyfriend that was studying in Germany....
Elfclan30's Blog Published on 09/04/17 by Elfclan30
With all the talk of tribes taking place on TRP, and our own interest in the matter, A discussion started on how tribes form and grow. Then Rollo came out with his book Rational Male: Positive Masculinity that delves very heavily into the topic of families and raising a child as a red pill man. It all clicked. The tribes that we are looking for are first and foremost families. In our ancient past the...
The WikiSnack Blog Published on 08/27/17 by wikisnack
Men need honor. Men need a place in which they may prove their worth, where they mind form their identities from the esteem of their brothers. They are not meant to wander the world unsure of their standing in it. It is a deep psychological need to have one's place affirmed within the group.Only there is no group left. Men cannot find identity in tribe because they have no tribe. They cannot find identity...
The WikiSnack Blog Published on 08/15/17 by wikisnack

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