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She was with him for 2 years, getting off birth control made her end it
Anyone do marketing here
Is it even worth dealing with lol
I wanted to keep trying new things. This guy wants me to come down and check out his diigital publishing place. Offering me a job to do marketing.
sure why not
That's what I'm saying. I'll check it out after the gym.
The Rational Male User Blogs
When women go to a night club they want the night club experience and the guy who provides it best is the stereotypical night club guy. Women don't go to clubs to have intellectual conversations, political debates or learn about the historical significance of your double lightning bolt tattoo. They go to have fun with Night Club Guy.The problem for most Red Pill men is that they are not Night Club...
GayLubeOIl Published on 05/19/17 by GayLubeOil
If you could take a magic pill that made you disciplined, would you?1 in 3 college kids say "fuck yes". That's the proportion of university students who admit to using stimulants to help study (warning: PDF). Chief among those stimulants is, of course, Adderall.For the few who've never heard of it, Adderall is an amphetamine-based prescription drug officially used in the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy,...
Satyricon Published on 05/11/17 by G_Petronius
We live in a society where women are denied a very important right that cripples them: Women are denied the right to fail. Women are predisposed to avoid risk. This biological advantage dates back to ancient times, because women get pregnant and have babies. So women dying in large numbers meant bad things for large populations of humans. This is why ancient women cowered in the herd, learned how...
The Asshole Published on 05/05/17 by Archwinger
I keep coming back to this same dilemma. Which is the better choice? The angel or the devil?On first glance, the answer is obvious. Who wouldn't want a loving, kind, considerate wife that takes good care of you and your kids?The problem is that if I marry a woman who is a good maid, my son's will inherit traits to be good butlers. On the other hand, a backstabbing and scheming woman will produce sons...
Every subject matter has a certain threshold beyond which people of average intellegence, can no longer participate easily. Let's use Math as an example. Almost everyone can master multiplication addition subtraction and division. Simple algebra isn't a problem for most people and niether is geometry or trigonometry. However, things start to get dicey at around calculus. Calculus is when the university...
GayLubeOIl Published on 04/25/17 by GayLubeOil
Charm is universally applicable and it can be learned, here's how.This post is primarily about how to be a charming man for the purposes of persuading pretty female things to press their girl bits against your boy bits.This is partly in response to the following article: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/65zuu... archived here: http://archive.is/GRNFdDon't overdo the listeningDale Carnegie...
mattyanon's musings Published on 04/18/17 by mattyanon
I hate it when people try to oversimplify pick-up, but if I had to boil down pick up into one principle every man should understand, it is this: The woman must be more emotionally invested in you than you are in her at every stage of the relationship. I call this the IRON LAW OF SEDUCTION.Understanding and correctly applying this law will solve 99% of the problems men have with women. She’s not responsive...
Woujo's Blog Published on 04/11/17 by Woujo
One of the oldest Manosphere traditions is to write a laundry list of things men need to do in order to become Alpha. Lift! Be Confident! Abundance Mentality! Game! Hygene! Here's an interesting thing to think about: Who is the intended audience for your list?Well let me answer that question for you my dear gentilesir, if you are posting your magic list to the Red Pill your audience is the 18-23 year...
GayLubeOIl Published on 04/05/17 by GayLubeOil
One of the most common mistakes in the field is guys trying to impress girls through entertainment, when the girls give nothing back in return. Going out and getting zero return is soul-sucking, and you'll burn out pretty darn quickly.It's time to learn that your amusement is your job.Go out, enjoy yourself, and forget the value you wish you received from others. Instead, learn how to be entertained....
Become A Man Published on 03/24/17 by BecomeAMan
If you're small, your new workout routines have undoubtedly changed how your body metabolizes food. If you're too big, skip to section 2 of this article. Section 1. You're scrawny. A lot of ectomorphs out there have trouble putting on weight, and they come up with lame excuses to cover their shortcomings: "I work out a ton and don't put on weight!" "I eat a lot but don't put on weight!" The truth...
Become A Man Published on 03/24/17 by BecomeAMan

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