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can regulation really do lasting damage to bitcoin though?
sure, just make it illegal to take bitcoins.
Do you have an investment/trading strategy for crypto?
I mean think of the money laundry implications right now.
yeah I stay far away from it. I did do some investing with it about 3 years back.
ah. any regret/feelings of having missed out?
with so much volatility/potential panic/euphoria in the space, isn't this the space to be in? especially as a smart guy who understands the big picture
I lost about a hundred bucks when cryptory.com imploded. I am actually quite wealthy right now (I retired at 37) so I don't care all that much about it, as long as it doesn't damage the dollar, since a ton of my portfolio depends on it.
The Rational Male User Blogs
Win and win bighttps://youtu.be/FAAeS8YT1kI
Creating Fuckbuddies isn't your choice https://youtu.be/I6C3k0Ke-lg
What's up? This audio is from me in the mall. The chick was very attractive.Keep in mind that the conversation seems to be going well, but the verbal conversation doesn't matter. The physical conversation is where the truth lies. As I got more and more physical she decided that it was time for her to go. Not DTFhttps://youtu.be/mDsSBZqFj94
Gaslighting, Stonewalling, etchttps://youtu.be/5VngZCqChCI
Here it is:https://youtu.be/c3NqOSGNpGA
here's the link https://youtu.be/NMrXexVZoPE
Had a threesome and made a video recalling it: https://youtu.be/TC_nRJZgpH0
Short story detailing what appears to be a guy that gets off on me trying to fuck his girlHere's the YouTube link
Screening is powerful. You can use it as a power play and you can use it to find interested women. Screening isn't limited to physical advances though.When you walk up to a girl, what's going on in your mind? Are you rehearsing what to say, have you noticed something peculiar about her that you're going to mention, etc? Although these things aren't terrible, they aren't natural. You're approaching...
In this post, i'll aid you in fucking all of the dtf women in your social circles, groups of girls you meet at the club, get threesomes, etc.Most guys want to have a threesome at some point. Most guys don't hit on the chicks in their social groups and if they manage to fuck one, they don't fuck any of the other dtf chicks. Most guys who go approach a group have a hard time finding the dtf chick in...

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