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we were at the food court and he saw this one asian chick
took up his try and plopped it down in front of her
that was fucking hilarious
I made a gay chick angry
she was cute tho
Good morning Gents.
Tizen would've been proud of me. It's too bad he isn't able to see my shit now.
The Rational Male User Blogs
After bingeing on cheap Tinder dick for years, used up carousel rider Alana Massey wrote: dick is cheap and abundant. And you know what? She is absolutely right. Women can get express dick delivery with about the same ease and convenience as a Domino's Pizza. The Sexual Marketplace is a buyer's market if you are buying dick.This presents a problem for the fine gentlemen of Red Pill because we are in...
GayLubeOIl Published on 02/22/17 by GayLubeOil
There was recently a man lamenting on the Married Red Pill subreddit about his wife’s sexual history. He was a virgin when he met her, and to date, she is the only person he has ever had sex with. When asked, she told him she had 2-4 previous partners. I’m not quite sure why she answered him with a numerical range, especially when there are only three integers included in that range, all three...
The Asshole Published on 02/10/17 by Archwinger
Maybe I'm on Reddit far too much, but it's the side effect of having easily-accessed internet while working and working for a place where surfing the internet isn't frowned upon as long as work is getting done.I wonder if I'm retarded because I keep answering these cucks and I'm just being trolled or if I'm simply retarded because I actually think I might help one slob recognize that it's not ok for...
the-ban-hammer's Blog Published on 02/09/17 by the-ban-hammer
This is my contribution to Endorsed Red Pill Weekend. At the risk of this being an annoying self-help guru hippie type post (since we don't want this subreddit to devolve into that), I do think that once in a while it helps to revisit the foundational work. Foundational work which will result in more sex and money (what more do you want in life?).This post is meant to collection of a whole bunch of...
deepthrill's Blog Published on 02/04/17 by deepthrill
One of the most overly hyped schools of thought currently floating in the Manosphere is Machiavellianism. This is not to say that we should be generous and nice, but rather the fact that Machiavellianism is ineffective.The hype around Machiavelli is similar to the hype around Satan. For all the hype around Satan being evil and dark, his actual job is to imprison bad people and send good people to heaven....
I have a habit of an Over-involvement with hobbies, a sexual addiction to PMO and, the sexual dysfunction of the inability to get or maintain an erection. The 1st step of this path to freedom is to admit what is wrong and to be public about it. I trust the red pill the most so I will put it here. I have great shame and fear because: I have not been getting my needs met in a timely, healthy manner....
Fallen Angel Published on 01/25/17 by onewingedangel
This post is going to be a super short story of my journey through TRP, followed by a longer analysis and conclusions. The story part is only necessary to provide context for the basis of my analysis. I don’t wish to accidentally dox myself, so my personal description will be a little vague. Skip right to analysis if you are short on time. I am completely open to criticism of any of these ideas....
There's no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equal as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that is that. I am not talented, I am obsessed. — Conor McGregorUntil recently I thought I suffered from depression. Perhaps that explains all my failures: why it took me 8 years to finish college, why I failed...
TomFoo's Blog Published on 01/18/17 by TomFoo
Sit your fat ass down -and welcome to the first installment of the Abusive Food Network™ where I share with you some healthy meals and snacks even you can put together without ruining your diet or breaking the bank. I'm your host, RedRum. Today, we will be making protein bars from your own kitchen since you love Monk Mode so goddamn much and you never leave the house, fucking loser. Without you wasting...
Wisdom from Bozo the Clown Published on 01/17/17 by RedRum
Everything is simple within the Blue Pill consciousness. Those guys getting laid are assholes. The women sleeping with them are confused. I am going to find my soul mate. The guys getting promoted are assholes. If I work hard the company will reward me. In the future everything is going to be great. I need a house mortgage and wife to be happy. Communication is the key to a healthy marriage. Who am...
GayLubeOIl Published on 01/13/17 by GayLubeOil

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