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staring at me.
i left her the fuck be, because i have pussy on tap.
if you told me this story, and you told me you didnt say waddup and hit her with the gimmedemdigitsma routine, i'd be railing you.
fwiw, i thought about asking her name and pursuing a friendship since it takes a hell of a ho to be at the gym at 1200 on a friday night by herself.
guys is the_donald down for anyone else?
the whole rest of reddit seems to be up but the_donald is down for me
where anteros at

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Daily Prescription

redpillschool 14 minutes ago

Hey @Rollo-Tomassi, hoping to hear back on my latest email. We're quickly approaching.

redpillschool 12 hours ago

@RedRum I don't think that's an accurate portrayal. There's a small number of whiners that we ban every week but I don't think it's much different. We remove hundreds of shit posts a week.

JohannesFactotum 16 hours ago

Virulently deplorable. Niiice.

redpillschool 17 hours ago

@Runawaygrain Bad idea, but slightly better than giving her a real tan (and cancer).

redpillschool about a day ago

@GayLubeOil It's been a while since we were used as a measure for evil. #feelsgood

GayLubeOil about a day ago

Hope you like new subscribers. FiveThirtyEight just mentioned the Red Pill by name https://trp.red/t/155

GayLubeOil about a day ago

How I picture the author of every motivational TRP post

Rollo-Tomassi 2 days ago

New post tonight. Wear your headgear and arm pads: https://trp.red/t/154

dr_warlock 2 days ago

@blue_dover I've got a good one in the works.

dr_warlock 2 days ago

Most relationships aren't bonds, just boners and oneitis.

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