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by not sounding like a faggot
did y'all see my fr from last night lol
did you do sec
Anyone home?

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Daily Prescription

GayLubeOil 8 hours ago
redpillschool 2 days ago

@G_Petronius You should notice when you click the envelope next to your name (top right corner) that the inbox has been dramatically updated.

redpillschool 3 days ago

@LegendaryPeace There was a bug in the uploader after our recent updates. You should be all set to upload your podcast now. Thanks!

MentORPHEUS 3 days ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment They appear to be preparing to fight in a Zombie Apocalypse so they're upping their 1/4 speed pulled punch game. That patch of lawn they use as a Dojo will become known to locals as "The Fentanyl Patch"

JohannesFactotum 4 days ago

@GayLubeOil No, you don't iron out issues with #beta s you get #beta s to do the ironing for you.

JohannesFactotum 4 days ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment I think you meant rout. Their next rout with the Alt-Right. Or is that an Alt-Brawl?

GayLubeOil 5 days ago

@redpillschool isn't that what the Red Pill is all about? Ironing out issues with betas?

redpillschool 5 days ago

We're still ironing out some issues with the #beta hold tight!

GayLubeOil 5 days ago

How to get laid like a real alpha male. https://trp.red/t/1b1

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