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@Chantfire that's a really distasteful thing to ask, dude.

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Any material to read to deal with girls with such attitude ? Is The 48 Laws of Power a good one for this scenario

A) That's a book you should read anyway, no matter what's currently going on in your life.

B) it's not tips and tricks for dealing with different types of people, but rather a way to understand how power works, and recognize when it happens to you so you can adapt.

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@AFTSOV are you worried that they used to fuck? Or that they might fuck now?

Either way, you're too worried.

You do realize that she's lived a life, as in, actually existed, before the two of you met, right? You understand that she didn't just suddenly come into existence nanoseconds before you met her?

I mean, unless she lied and said she was a virgin, what would you even care if they used to fuck, as long as they're not fucking now? You don't plan to marry her, right?

But that sideways half-hug doesn't mean shit. I've done that with women I've never fucked. I've also completely ignored women I have fucked.

The only way to know if your woman is loyal is observation over time.

Stuff like this isn't a tell in either direction, and if you're so worried about it that you're asking strangers on the internet, you probably ooze insecurity, jealousy, and mistrust around her.

Even if she is planning to fuck them, the only thing you can do is drop her once you find out and understand that she isn't truly yours, and that it was just your turn.

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Either or/both

The closer you get to someone the more they’ll reveal.

Ask surface level questions about their friendship and see if it’s worth digging.



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@deeplydisturbed Thanks for your Service and I really hope we can do more for Veterans, my parents were iin the Navy I wish I woulda joined Im 32 and still think about it lol

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@The_Fawkaning you mean just in that moment or like some kind of long term espionage thing ?


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@deeplydisturbed did you ever kill someone?



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You should of “befriended” the guys to learn more about your girl.

Laws of power

More people = more potential intel

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@AFTSOV Just checking, is this still the same broad as before? Cause I’m just sayin’ that if this is sticking in your teeth then everything else must be gum disease.

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