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and I don't mean "shaping" in some grand sense, just any social effects/how people react to it/etc.
sure that's all neat shit, but it's not something I'd do any business around. I highly doubt If I was operating a vendor-style business I'd accept bitcoin.
like I said, that shit seems volatile as fuck to me. I don't wanna accept .025 coins for something and have it be worth half that the next day or 0.
regarding politics, what I want stopped is fucking inflation. what's really funny is if bitcoins shit themselves, we'd remove tons of currency from the market. That's be nice for the dollar lol.
I wonder if that's the whole plan of it.
Hmmm. how would that remove tons of currency?
if bitcoins all of a sudden became worth 0 because the blockchain stopped functioning properly. or if mining became worthless overnight.

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