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Content Policy
Published 03/03/16 by redpillschool [2 Comments]

Our Goal

TRP.red is based on the idea that we can foster growth within the manosphere via more instantaneous feedback and increased connection between providers and consumers.

We provide the framework for our users to set up shop immediately and start receiving bitcoin payouts for their contribution. The same goes for our Daily Prescription feeds; users can post short public messages or insights with a curated few highlighted to the masses.

We aim for this medium to connect current and future insightful creators with an audience of interested followers instead of putting them in a pool of anti-male censorship and public risk, which is an ever-growing problem facing members of the manosphere today.

Because of this, we have a Content Policy outlining the sort of content would best be suited for our services, in order to best serve our content creators and readers material that is relevant to masculine interests.

Content Policy

  • No illegal images, nor images depicting illegal activities. This site is based in the USA and users are expected to follow both federal and any state laws.
  • No copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or have permission to share it. DMCA requests may be filed with our contact email: dmca@trp.red
  • No suggestions, incitements, or records of breaking federal or state laws in any form.
  • No discussion or imagery depicting or suggesting minors under the age of 18 in a sexual context.
  • No threats, physical or otherwise, directed towards anyone or any group.
  • No promoting violence or injury. This includes encouraging others to commit suicide.
  • No racism. Discussion of ethnicity and culture is allowed, however prejudicial and discriminatory language or slurs is disallowed.
  • No pornography. Pictures depicting nudity must blur out or otherwise obfuscate nudity on both men and women. This is not a hosting service for porn, camwhores, or fantasy fiction.
  • No doxxing. Revealing the identity of somebody who uses a pseudonym for anonymity is expressly prohibited.
  • No spam. Linking to your own blog is okay. Sharing blogs you find interesting is okay. Spam is not okay. You know who you are, don't do it.
  • No links to malware or viruses. This should go without saying.
  • No Overt Nazi Imagery or Trolling. Yes, we want to be a platform that recognizes the free exchange of ideas as the most important ideal. However, if you are here to "shock" other users with Nazi trolling, you will be removed.
  • No profanity or slurs in usernames.
  • No nudity in profile pictures.

Men in today's culture have found that is that there is no place for masculine interests. TRP.RED exists as a place for shared masculine interests. As such, if your goal is to stifle or shame masculine interests, you may find a more suitable home on an alternative site, such as facebook or twitter. If you abuse our hospitality and are outwardly aggressive towards our shared goals and users, you may be asked to leave.

Notification: Reports of prohibited content can be made by using the reporting mechanism provided on the site, or by contacting TRP.RED administrators at admin@trp.red directly. All reported content is screened in a timely fashion and, if deemed necessary, removed in Our sole discretion.

This content policy may be updated in the future, make sure to check back often.

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Comment by gio00 on 11/21/22 05:43pm

Wow It's very cool.

Comment by Chaddeus_Rex on 10/13/18 05:42am

disappointing to see 'hate speech' on here as part of the content policy, considering that we all known 'hate speech' is a code-word for censorship