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Welcome to TRP.RED
Published 03/04/16 by redpillschool [2 Comments]

Over the past year or so, I've been dropping hints about a project we've been working on behind the scenes to serve as a backup for TheRedPill if it were to get shut down.

It started when we heard about major subreddits getting shut down for their politically incorrect content, rather than content that violated reddit’s content policy. It was clear as day what the reddit administrators’ intentions were when evidence needed to be fabricated to justify the closures. "Off-site brigading" was invented as an invisible boogey man to prove that these off-color subreddits needed to go. It wasn't the content itself but they banned the content and continued pretending to be a bastion of free speech.

It was more than a year ago that we started formulating plans to ensure that TRP had a contingency put into place, so that we would not be caught off guard. This was a motto that I've always lived by: "A prudent man never leaves himself with no options."

And so today we unveil our new platform, but with a twist. Some of you caught my announcement last month where I hinted that we were going to be launching something much bigger than a backup forum. Today I am going to announce exactly what the platform is.


When the backup forums were being put together, and archive scrapes were running, the mod team and a small group of volunteers started the discussion of exactly what, how, and why the new site should operate. It was decided that since we started a subreddit, and our strength is in running a subreddit, that we would ensure that we did not leave reddit unless absolutely necessary. Because of this, we decided the backup forums would be read-only until the day this subreddit was closed. This remains our policy. We are not moving off of reddit unless it becomes necessary.

So what are we launching today?

During the development of our backup forums, a few crucial events took place that brought to our attention the state of social media today. There is absolutely no way around it, every major platform today is either run by social justice warriors, or kowtows to them when confronted.

Twitter began its crusade against conservatives, including men's rights champion Milo Yiannopoulos suggesting massive wide spread censorship and possibly reorganizing feeds so that certain people are not heard. Men face consequences when practicing their right to free speech, which would make any freely speaking man think twice before openly questioning the status quo.

Reddit has continued to demonstrate its questionable commitment to free speech, through two waves of subreddit banning based on content that disagrees with politically correctness.

Facebook and the greater social media sphere remains a stronghold for liberal views, even a slight comment that disagrees with the liberal group-think can land you without a job.

There is no question that today's Overton window does not include Red Pill ideology, and the Social Justice Warriors, Feminists, and do-gooders with their fresh liberal arts degrees are working around the clock to exclude any masculine interests from their acceptable speech list. Anything as harmless as a joke about dongles to something with more teeth (like being critical of feminism) has now become hate speech.
And the best way the SJW army has found to stifle male interests is ensuring that any form of communication that serves masculine interests is attacked, demonized, and must be destroyed along with any man who dared to possess such wrong-think.
And so we found ourselves with another niche that we wanted to address that works in conjunction with our original focus of the red pill.
TRP.RED is a new platform designed to foster growth within the manosphere via more instantaneous feedback and increased connection between men, contacts, content producers and consumers.
We provide the framework for our users to set up shop immediately and start connecting with each other, in a similar fashion to social media, but without the dark cloud of social justice censorship looming above us.
The goals we wanted to achieve include:
  • We wanted a platform that allowed members to interact on a more casual level and connect in an environment that was more socially driven and less topic driven. We also wanted the ability to connect with individuals instead of the entire community.
  • We wanted a way to elevate positive contributions based on merit rather than social standing. We brought in a board of curators who will be helping us highlight quality posts on TRP and our new platform. The Board of curators that includes Rollo Tomassi, Ian Ironwood, IllimitableMan, GayLubeOil, Private Man, and others.
  • We wanted a way for people to contribute content to our community and be able to anonymously receive thanks from the community, rather than the current setup, which rewards reddit's bank account when we purchase reddit gold.
  • We wanted to ensure security, and have spent countless hours pouring over the code and framework to ensure that everyone’s privacy will be preserved. Donations by members on our board and IRC have purchased SSL certificates, and security professionals have assisted in code audits.
  • We wanted to ensure people could preserve their reddit account if they wanted. The registration system allows you to claim your reddit account as long as you have access to it on reddit.
  • And finally, we wanted to make sure not to change the focus or topic of what got us here. This new platform allows us to expand and extend the conversation without detracting from the original purpose of /r/TheRedPill: Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.
The features of our new platform are many and growing.
  • Daily Prescription - users can post short public messages or insights with a curated few highlighted to the masses by our board of curators that includes names such as Rollo Tomassi, Ian Ironwood, IllimitableMan, GayLubeOil, Private Man, and others.
  • Blogs - users have a secure location to post ideas and thoughts on our new framework, and helps expose their ideas to the greater red pill audience through curation by our board of curators.
  • Tips - an anonymous framework for rewarding contributions to the community, you can now send tips for content that you find insightful.
  • Community - members can connect with other members directly in conversation-based interactions rather than the formal topic discussions we have on reddit. Much like a social network, this opens the doors for more community and comradery that reddit's form-based interface does not encourage.

We intend to add many features during the next few months including a fitness tracker and personalized coaching tool for members to help other members.

We aim for this medium to connect current and future insightful creators with an audience of interested followers instead of putting them in a pool of anti-male censorship and public risk, which is an ever-growing problem facing members of the manosphere today.

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