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TRP - The Red Pill Network FAQ
Published 10/01/18 by redpillschool [10 Comments]

Welcome to "The Red Pill Network." What is it?

The Red Pill Network is our vision for having many different online properties that would allow us to branch out into our own social media space and engender conversations that are currently at risk of being censored from mainstream social media sites.

Currently we have two major properties that are running (or being finished): TRP.RED and FORUMS.RED

Our goal with TRP.RED was to emulate the style and light-hearted nature of conversation of Twitter. While places like Reddit have very topic-specific threaded conversations, TRP.RED allows for more loose, less structured conversation and tidbits of information.

Within TRP.RED you will find TRIBES. (Read more about tribes here). Tribes allow groups of like-minded individuals to congregate in public or private to discuss topics of their choice. This means groups of friends can start a small area to coordinate without fear of Facebook overlords censoring their conversation if the memes get too spicy. It also means people who want to talk about a particular topic can start a public tribe where anybody with interest in the subject can chime in.

TRP.RED is not for everybody and not for everything- for instance, our Content Policy specifies that we're not a platform for pornography, among other things. Our goal is to embrace the philosophy behind "the red pill" and embrace conversations which reveal the TRUTH that is rejected by the mainstream and sits outside of the overton window. Read more about allowed topics here.

Originally "red pill" was specifically referring to sexual strategy and the truth behind sexual dynamics. Since then, many other communities with forbidden ideas have adopted the phrase, as it appears that there are many things that many cultures outlaw as forbidden to think about or speak about - including political, biological, and cultural ideas.

We are using TRP.RED and FORUMS.RED as a life-raft for the original subreddit /r/theredpill as we have clearly overstayed our welcome on reddit. But along with us are ideas and other tangentially related groups who need a place to land.

Forums.Red will be a replica of Reddit's forums. You can view our archives there right now. We are currently undergoing a huge redesign and will be opening the forums soon.

What is the Public Square?

The Public Square is the first tribe new members will see and be automatically subscribed to. We expect members to follow decorum in this tribe and be welcoming to new members. This tribe is moderated by TRP.RED admin, however if you feel you want a topic that is less polite, you are free to join one of the many tribes or make one yourself.

Can I follow people?

Yes, you can. The main feeds on our site are "All User Updates" and "Daily Prescription." If you click the green plus symbol on somebody's status, you can follow them, they will appear in your "Daily Prescription." You can also click follow/unfollow on their profile pages. The Daily Prescription also includes some of our EC team and others who are big voices on TRP today. (You can unfollow them if you choose).

What is Rational Male User Content?

The User Blogs and User Podcasts are community-submitted content. You can add your own blogs and podcasts, under My Content.

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Comment by StrongWoman on 01/31/24 06:03pm

I am new to this site and totally confused, as to what this is supposed to be. I have no working model in my head as to what I am looking at and interacting with. I don't even know what I am commenting on now. Where to start when you are new here?

Comment by swoosh on 06/12/23 04:52am

why is every post displayed weirdly? can't see threads properly

Comment by Khonarik on 08/24/21 08:36pm

How to ask questions to forums?

Comment by urlkill on 08/05/21 07:43pm

I really like the design. Nice job.

Comment by Sword7 on 06/24/21 10:41pm

How many forums are there? I only can find theredpill and asktrp. Really miss the forum set up.

Comment by Future on 06/08/21 04:39am

How to i verify my reddit?

Comment by DrillMaster on 10/01/19 08:07am

Dude. Just fucking clone an existing model (Reddit). Why would you change a winning team?

Comment by Thedoctor on 10/05/18 11:15pm

Will there be an app for the and forums?

Comment by campfire451 on 10/03/18 05:27pm

So far I'm really liking the blog interface to the content and don't really care about the forum functionality. Is there a functionality similar to "favorite" or "save" for individual blog posts to store them later viewing? Do we use tipping for that?

Comment by autodidact on 10/01/18 08:54pm

Thanks for clearing it up. There is indeed confusion on how to get best out of this blog