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Showing #LaciGreen

RuleZeroDad 11 months ago

@redpillschool Big tip to whomever plates her first. #LaciGreen

More seriously, a certain Mr. "Voice For Men" has been trotting out a definition that has nothing to do with sexual strategy. His most recent YouTube tripe is actively denigrating the true PUA roots and characterizing the "Red Pill" as some awakening to social truths. #BS

iLLprincipLeS 12 months ago

@redpillschool as for #LaciGreen , if she will parrot more extreme talking points of TRP, 2 years from now you will see her launching a book on how she was exploited by TRP

redpillschool 12 months ago

As predicted by @Rollo-Tomassi TRP concepts are picking up traction now that women have tried to enter the space. Be forewarned, they will slowly modify the purpose to suit them. #LaciGreen