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Im very dominant. Especially with dirty talk and throwing her around. Maybe I just dont like blowjobs?
Maybe Im giving her poor instructions?
with all the other ONSs I just wait till the weekend to hit them up/don't' even think about it. But the one from this friday has me wondering if I should maintain some form of contact. I understand this probably sounds like it's coming from a place of scarcity/neediness/inability to ignore her beauty -- but she was the last one to hit me up and I have yet to make definitive plans w her (which I don't even know if I should)
Laxman14: new transformers was pretty dope
Who works in sales?

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Showing #RedPill4Life

dr_warlock 2 months ago


"Gotta caravan of terpers every time we ride, hittin motherfucking bloopies up every time they pass by"


"We got 4 terpers. & keyboards & neckbeards screamin 'Alpha-Life' every time they pass. All eyez on me"


Song: https://trp.red/t/1by


#TRPGang #RpThugz #RpTribe #RedPill4Life #AlphaLife