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isn't that what price is all about -- the price would move down until there are buyers?
yeah i'm very worried about that exchange hackery fiasco scenario
that's what I think will happen. and it will be a disaster. I mean what if BTC goes up to 100k per coin. Think of how much money an exchange will have in cash.
How could it be the case that bitcoin loses not evne half its value, but no one would be willing to buy your coins? every day there's bils of BTC exchanged
That's true
what happens if there is any sort of legislation passed regarding BTC. I'd give it about a month before the FTC becomes involed in some way.
i wonder if that's how this whole thing comes crashing down?

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Showing #happythanksgiving

-Anteros- 3 weeks ago

I'm thankful for the message from Rollo, Roissy in DC and Jordan Peterson being out there for everyone to see. #happythanksgiving