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Meeting Women: RPS's Definitive Guide to Captive Audiences
Published 09/17/21 by redpillschool [0 Comments]

The Captive Audience

Where do you meet women? It's almost more important than talking about what to do when you do meet a woman. What good is game if you can't even get an introduction?

The new world of online dating apps have subjected women to an onslaught of infinite peen with little to no effort aside from a swipe left or right. New apps bring new tricks and gimmicks to subvert the problem that abundance creates: In a world of infinite choices, no choice is the best choice. And women demonstrate this fact thoroughly- in person and online. What need does a hot "asset" have for any of you when she has thousands of followers on her instagram that drool every time she takes a cleavage selfie? What could any of you possibly offer her that all you don't collectively already give her?

Well, of course in the spirit of human connection and intimacy, this online facsimile of a social life will only bring a woman so far. While it clouds her judgment and prevents her from making good, solid decisions, it will not bring her any long-term happiness and she is acutely aware of this. Like the fat person eating junk food, he knows it will make him fatter, but he cannot resist the empty calories of sugar and carbs.

Though all of this is ultimately a numbers game, there are ways to put your thumb on the scale in your favor by getting ahead of the trends and thinking smarter, not harder.

The online opener gambit is really only effective if you’ve got top tier looks and fitness. A picture of you shirtless will clean up better than any quip or clever one-liner ever could. But since this sub is about strategy, let’s assume that you are already working on appearances and you’re ready for the next step. How do you separate yourself from the other chodes on the online meat market?

The only winning move is not to play. Your real avenue to success lies in a topic rarely discussed on TheRedPill:

Building rapport via captive audience

Before anybody gets their panties in a twist, I am not suggesting that you kidnap women and keep them in your basement. Though you may find some success with the dark triad’s Stockholm play, I do not recommend it as becoming a fugitive for pussy is hardly worth the price of admission.

Getting a captive audience is the key to lowering the barriers of women around you. It offers an excuse for interaction and their participation in rapport building, and allows you extra time to work your charm that you wouldn’t normally get with a one-liner at a club or a sassy bio on tinder.

What is a captive audience?

A captive audience is a unique social environment in which interaction is not only expected but potentially required by norm or rule. The hallmark of a captive audience is that you have implicit permission to interact and a longer window for which the interaction can take place.

Because of this extended exposure time, you are much more likely to build rapport and ultimately utilize your entire toolkit to attract a mate. Whereas a club or online requires a very strong opener and immediate sexual attraction, longer exposures with fewer expectations allows you to use humor, game, and charm to build the same types of attraction to lower a woman’s barrier, without relying as heavily on looks.

Women keep the barrier up, even against men they would potentially end up with, as a means to sort out the weak and unworthy. It is on men to be creative on how to bypass the barrier. Obviously, immediate physicality is quickest way to lower the barrier, but as many here can attest, regardless of strength, not everybody was blessed with the best genes or most fortunate mug.

What are some good examples of captive audiences that you can exploit?


The first, most obvious captive audience is your job or workplace. One of the most common places couples meet is work. Depending on the type of job, you may spend hours a day with some hot potentials, opening the door to working your charm, and building rapport over the course of days, or even weeks. Be careful about not going too slow with this captive audience. Women like new things. You can talk yourself out of sale just as easily as talking yourself into one.

While the work environment gives you the most breathing room, you must maintain some level of sexual pretense to your interactions from a very early stage to prevent lack of interest. You must also be very careful not to cross into sexual harassment territory. Keep your jokes light but intriguing and remain overtly un-sexual until she agrees to drinks off the clock.


The next one is probably my favorite type of captive audience because it brings you a new, fresh selection on a regular basis: Flirting with your customers. Be it a bartending job, get a gig as a DJ or bouncer, or even a waiter at a restaurant, if you’ve got charisma, then you’ve got approximately an hour window to work your magic on a never ending river of pussy.

It’s a smaller window but the time-constraint ensures you take more risks and the downsides to a crash and burn are much smaller, as there will be a new selection in minutes. Be charismatic and charming when interacting with customers. If for no other reason than to get social skills practice. These environments are best when you keep it light and silly, but also allows you to introduce overt sexual tones to the conversation early.

Bartending is my favorite because you can title drinks with dirty names as an opener for overt sexual talk. Most women with at least one drink in them will engage in that conversation. They may work the room but ultimately you’re going to be the man they talk to the most. And what’s best is while they’re giving every other dude the cold shoulder, they’re giving you express permission to flirt with them as you expertly craft their drink.

Bartending gets RedPillSchool’s stamp of approval as the best captive audience of all time.


Over the years I’ve been to and hosted a number of house parties and I’ve come to a conclusion. Unless you’re extremely popular or outgoing, going to somebody else’s party is a crapshoot for getting laid.

However, hosting your own party is a different game entirely. The massive fucking social proof of having tons of people in your place at a party you’re hosting is an unbelievable aphrodisiac. As long as your party isn’t a total sausage fest, and you’ve got 15+ people and good music, you are going to clean up hard.

Women at parties are just as good at cold shouldering as any other social gathering. But as the host, you are in a unique position to not only talk to everybody who enters your house, but to offer hospitality and demonstrate your charisma. When new guests arrive, introduce yourself. Hug everyone who comes in. Introduce physicality early, and walk new guests to the drinks and pour something for you and the new guests to enjoy together as a way of welcoming them. They will feel instantly at home, and now you’ve got a leg up on conversation with the new guests before they’ve had a chance to mingle.

The party is a great way to speed-run building rapport, because as people mingle and bump into each other in different rooms at different times with different people and music, it feels like more time has passed and familiarity seems to increase quicker when changes of scenery occur. Very strong bonds with both women and men can be created at a decent house party. Use these tips to your advantage.


These are just a small handful of captive audiences that you can exploit. But this list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of other places to meet people: school, classes, volunteer programs, festivals, hobby groups, exercise groups, etc. Use your imagination and play to your strengths when deciding how you can best utilize a captive audience. Throwing a house party might not be in the cards for you if you’re new in a city with very few friends. But if you decide to bar tend for a few months, you can likely work that friends list up considerably.

If you're still in highschool, now is your opportunity to start approaching. Do it while you have the time. Your network will serve you for years to come, long after highschool is over.

What are some other captive audiences you can think of? What strengths do they serve best? Discuss.

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